One of my great past-time is genealogy, both my own and others. I enjoy corresponding with those who are working to get their family trees together. This little "passion" of mine has turned into many, many, many, many printed pages and more are definitely to come.  I did not ever intend to write a book, let alone the eight that have appeared.  The original volume was solely for family distribution, I had been carrying around bunches of paper every time I went to the library and never having the right piece that I was looking for to reference.  So I got the bright idea to type up everything that I had at the time and bind it up for easy transportation to and fro.  So began my little series, each volume builds upon the first, combining some portions from the previous to show where changes and additions have been made.  On occasion, with their posting on the internet I have been contacted with loads of information from a "new" cousin to expand upon the information that I already have.  Thanks to all those cousins, Volume 8 has become a major supplemental issue.  I am working on indexing of all the volumes and hope to "finalize" them sometime soon.

The Windows Into Our Past series consists of eight volumes this point.  Volumes 2-4, each have a section that contains updates from the previous version.  It seems that when I think I have come to some sort of stopping point, that a fresh batch of correspondence will arrive to start things up again.  It's a vicious cycle. But a truly helpful one to those doing genealogical research. The more information that is out there and available the better.

I have made available each of my works on the downloads page.  They are in Acrobat (PDF) format.  To view the Acrobat files click on the name of the document that you wish to view.  To view the Acrobat files you will need to have the free  Acrobat Reader installed.  As these are extremely large files in most instances you may want to download them to your computer first.  Should like to have a complete set on CD please contact me directly regarding price.  Please feel free to use any of the information in their pages, however, please cite the appropriate "Windows Into Our Past" volume as your source.

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