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Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 ©1996, Judy Parsons Smith

The Allen family is of English origin.  The surname was used in England , Wales , North Ireland, and Scotland.  The Allen family for the most part is of the Protestant faith.  The Allen family hold some prominence in the British Empire .  It has also held prominence in America since its colonization.  There were many prominent Allen families living in around Augusta County , Virginia.  The Allen Families of Eastern Tennessee and Lee County descend from one of the families.

James Allen O

In the "Birth Records of Augusta County, Virginia ", a James Allen is found as having (5) children[i] this must be Major James Allen's father.  The only son listed James must be the same as Major James Allen due to the dates of the births listed.  The children are as follows:

1.  Rachel Allen, b. 19 Oct 1740, Augusta Co., VA.  
2.  Margaret Allen, b. 12 Mar 1742, Augusta Co., VA.  
3.  James Allen, b. 18 Mar 1744, North Mountain Meeting Hold, Augusta Co., VA; m. Polly Young
4.  Isabel Allen, b. 20 Apr 1746, Augusta Co., VA*
5.  Isabel Allen, b. 20
 May 1747, Augusta Co., VA.

*Since the name Isabel is used twice, I would assume that the first Isabel , b. 20  Apr 1746, died prior to the birth of the second Isabel in May of 1747.  Otherwise the family would have had problems identifying the correct Isabel .

Revolutionary War Service:

From Virginia Publick Claims[ii]:

“A copy of the certificates given by [He]nry King Depy. Commisr. for Augusta County for provisions from ye 28 Feby. to ye 13th of Oct 1781.


James Allen  Sen., 1 beef.

Major James AllenO

3.  Major  James Allen, son of James Allen, Sr. and his wife, b. 18 Mar 1744.  He **m. 21 Feb 1788 to Polly Young (TBP).

Revolutionary Service:

James Allen , Jr. -- 1st Battalion, 32nd Regiment[iii].  

From Virginia Publick Claims[iv]:

“A return of grain, forage purchased and impressed by Henry King . Dep. Commr. for Augusta County from Feb. to Oct. 1781.

James Allen , 6 bu corn

Memod. of Property procured for public use by Jos. Bell  C. P. L and returned to the auditors & now to Col. Chas. Cameron  Comd. for Inspection1780.

James Allen , 52 days waggon in service £30.

Provisions purchased by Henry King  D. Commr. for use of Col. White ’s Regt. of Light Dragoons July to Sept. 1781.

James Allen , 570# flour.

Also found are the following Young’s, perhaps one is the father of Polly Young  or they are her brothers.  We find[v]:

15 June 1784:  James Young  5 days collecting cattle

“Acct. of Provisions purchased and Impressed by Henry [illeg] Commissr. for the County of Augusta being for the use of Col. White ’s Regt. of Light Dragoons, the prisoners of War and [illeg] in Staunton, also the militia...of whom collected from 28 Feb. 1781 until the 23rd June 1781.

William Young  143# pork £514-16.

A copy of the certificates given by [He]nry King Depy. Commisr. for Augusta County for provisions from ye 28 Feby. to ye 13th of Oct 1781.

William Young  143 # pork.  
Wm. Young
, 1 beef.  
John Young
 1 beef.  
James Young  1 beef.

Provisions purchased by Henry King D. Commr. for the County of Augusta for the use of Col. White ’s Regt. of Light Dragoons July to Sept 1781.

Wm. Young  1 beef [no allotments].
John Young
 1 beef.”

James Allen  was in Montgomery Co., VA in 1782. [vi]  Found is a listing for a James Allen m. 23 Sept 1787, Orange County, Virginia to Patsy Woolfolk , bondsman, Thomas Woolfolk, Jr.   Perhaps this is his first marriage and the 1788 marriage to Polly Young  is his second.


From The Douglas Register[vii], we find the following families:


James Allen, m. 14 Dec 1755 (date of 1st child’s birth) to Sarah Crowder .  James & Sarah (Crowder) Allen had nine (9) children:


*  Richard Allen, b. 14 Dec 1755; bp. 11 Jan 1756.  
*  Elizabeth Allen, b. 6 Jan
 1759; bp.  4 Feb 1759.  
*  Susannah Allen, b. 4 Jun
 1761; bp. 19 Jul 1761.  
*  Mary
Allen, b. 16 Oct 1763; bp 20 Nov. 1763.  
*  George Allen, b. 29 Nov
1766; bp. 15 Feb 1767.  
*  James Allen, b. 28 Mar
1769; bp. 23 Apr 1769.  
*  William Allen, b. 29 Apr
1772; bp. 31 May 1772.  
*  Martha Allen, b. 22 Jan
1775; bp. 5 Mar 1775.  
*  Sally Allen, b. 14 Apr 1777; bp. 1 Jun 1781.

James Allen, m. 23 Sept 1787, Orange Co., VA to Patsy Woolfolk.  James & Patsy (Woolfolk) Allen had a son:  


*  John Allen, b. 10 Jul 1788; bp. 10 Sept 1788.

James & Polly (Young) Allen had several children:

3.1     James Allen , b. ca. 1789; d. 22 Aug 1839, Stickleyville, Lee County, VA.  
John Allen , possible child, there is a John Allen in Lee County, VA in 1815 - he was in the possession of one farm on the Powell River on the northside, adjoining the lands of C. Hamblen , 150 acres valued at $500.[viii]

James Allen

3.1.  James Allen , son of James & Polly (Young) Allen , b. ca. 1789; d. 22 Aug 1839, Stickleyville, Lee County, VA. On 10 Oct 1808 a marriage bond was issued to James Allen and Hannah Hanger .  James Allen married on 10 Nov 1808[ix], in Augusta County, Virginia to Hannah Hanger. The ceremony was performed by William Wilson [x].  She was born 1790; d. 3 Jul 1872, Lee County, VA..

He came to Lee County, VA from Claiborne County, Tennessee prior to 1809.  In 1809, James Allen  had moved into Lee County, VA where he deeded a negro man and woman, named Bob and Sally , on the 29th of September to his son John Hanger Allen  (who was around two years of age) for the sum of one dollar.  In 1815[xi], he is found with in Lee County with a farm on the north side of Wallings [Wallen] Creek, 100 acres, valued at $300, and one tract of land on Wallings [Wallen] Creek, 196 acres, valued at $539; one female slave between 12 and 50 years, valued at $375. 

James Allen  was active in early county politics.  He served two terms in the Virginia House of Delegates as a delegate from Lee County, beginning in 1824[xii].  He attended the following sessions[xiii]:

p. 324     General Assembly Session Nov 29, 1824 - Feb 18, 1825  
Lee                         James Allen
 & Gabriel Chrisman

p. 334     General Assembly Session Dec 4, 1826 - Mar 9, 1827  
Lee                         Andrew McMillian
 & James Allen

p. 344     General Assembly Session Dec 1, 1828 - Feb 17, 1829  
Lee                         James Allen
 & Andrew McMillian

p.360      General Assembly Session Dec 5, 1831 - Mar 21, 1832  
Lee                         James Allen

p. 385     General Assembly Session Jan 1, 1838 - Apr 9, 1838  
Lee                         James Allen

In 1833 he was granted a license to keep a house of private entertainment.  In 1834, he was the High Sheriff of Lee County, Virginia.

James & Hannah (Hanger) Allen had (13) thirteen children:

3.1.1.  John Hanger Allen, b. c. 1809, Augusta Co., VA, (possible twin of Francis C. ).  
3.1.2.  Francis C. Allen, b. 1809, Augusta Co., VA, (possible twin of John Hanger).  
3.1.3.  Elizabeth Evans Allen, b. 12 Feb 1811, Augusta Co., VA;  m. 16 Sept 1831, Lee Co., VA to John Larmer
3.1.4.  Margaret M. Allen, b. 24 Feb 1813, Augusta Co., VA; d. 8 Sept 1814.  
3.1.5.  Catherine Hanger Allen, b. 28 Nov 1814, Augusta Co., VA; m. Thomas Larmer  
3.1.6.  Sarah C. Allen, b. 8 Jan 1817, Augusta Co., VA; d. 2 Jan 1847, Lee Co., VA.  
3.1.7.  Mary
 (Polly) H. Allen, b. 22 Feb 1819, Augusta Co., VA; d. 11 Sept 1890; m. Mr.  Lee  
3.1.8.  Rebecca M. Allen, b. 13 May 1821, Augusta Co., VA; m. bef. 1850 to Lincoln A. Hamblen
3.1.9.  Minerva Allen, b. 26 Jul
1823, Augusta Co., VA; d. 19 Apr 1906; m. 1853, Lee Co., VA  to John Calvin Barr of Terre Haute, IN.  
3.1.10. Evelina H. Allen, b. 19 Dec 1825, Augusta Co., VA; d. Jul 1889; m. Mr. Burk
3.1.11.  George Washington Lafayette Allen, b. 21 Jan 1828, Augusta Co., VA  
3.1.12.  Peter Hanger Allen, b. 22 Jan 1830, Augusta Co., VA; d. 24 Aug 1916; m. 17 Apr 1862 to Mary
 Katherine Lloyd, d. 1931.  
3.1.13. William M. Allen, b. 15 Jun 1832, Augusta Co., VA; d. 8 Jun 1862 (Confederate Soldier); m. 6 Jan 1859 to Lurinda McClancy

John Hanger Allen

3.1.1.  John Hanger Allen, son of James & Hannah (Hanger) Allen, b. 3 Aug 1809; m.1st- 1835, Augusta Co., VA to Jane Martin; m.2nd-18 Nov 1853 by A. Crabtree  in Lee Co., VA[xiv] to Frances Yeary , daughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Yeary, b. 1829.  Children of John & Jane (Martin) Allen:  John Allen Jr., b. c. 1843 ; d. 2 Oct 1861, Pocahontas, Virginia (now West Virginia), from measles while serving as a Confederate soldier. (He is listed in the death records as being 18 years, 3 months, 9 days at his death).  He never married. 
James Allen, d. as a Confederate soldier.  William
Allen  Martin W. Allen, b. ca. 1845.
1.5.  Matilda Allen  Elizabeth
Allen  Darthulia

 Children of John & Frances (Yeary) Allen:  Rebecca Jane Allen, b. 1854, b. Lee County, VA; m. John Haburne
Elbert S. Allen, b. 1857, Pennington Gap, VA; d. c. 1921; m. Elizabeth Phipps Oakes .  Lafayette M. Allen, b. 14 Jul 1858, Pennington Gap, VA; m.26 Mar 1885 in Peoria, Illinois to Marie Ella Brown, daughter of William & Mary (Smith)  Brown, b. 16 Mar 1861, Ohio.  Hannah Ann Allen, b. 1860, Lee County, VA; m. Hugh Hodges  Albert
Allen  Orley Allen, b. Lee County, VA.  Leana Allen,
b. Lee County, VA; m. Joseph Hebert

Francis C. Allen

3.1.2.  Francis C. Allen, son of James & Hannah (Hanger)  Allen, b. c. 1809; m. 9 Sept 1834, Eliza Cloud, b.1815.  Francis & Eliza (Cloud) Allen  had (12) twelve children:  John M. Allen,  b. 1835; d. 1864; m. 1 Jan 1862, Sarah Jessee.  Rebecca
Allen, b. 1836  Martha
Allen, b. 1838; d. prior to 1860.  Mary
 M. Allen, b. 1841; m. 14 Feb 1865, John N. Wynn.  William C.
Allen, b. 1839.  James D.
Allen, b. c. 1842-1843.  Alexander P.
Allen,  b. c. 1844; m. 15 Oct 1874, Minerva Young  Benjamin F.
Allen, b. c. 1846.  Susan E. N.
Allen, b. c. 1849.  Ann Eliza
Allen, b. c. 1848.  Arthur C.
Allen, b. c. 1851.  Margaret J.
Allen, b. c. 1853.  

*$ In 1779 there was a Peter Cloud living and tending stock for James Thompson in the Lee County area.

Peter H. Allen

3.1.12.  Peter H. Allen, son of James & Hannah (Hanger)  Allen, b. 22 Jan 1830; d. 24 Aug 1916; m. 17 Apr 1862, Mary Katherine Lloyd.  Peter was a country doctor. Peter & Mary (Lloyd) Allen had (10) ten children:  Rose (L.R.B.) Allen, b. c. 1863-1865; m. 30 May 1887, Thomas T. Moore .  Lillie M., Allen b. 15 Jan 1869; d. 26 Dec 1955; m.1st- 19 Jan 1889, James H. Wilson; m.2nd- M. J. Pennington .  James M. Allen, - may have been the second child.  Hannah Lucille
Allen, b. c. 1871; m. 13 Jan 1899, Joseph T. Lefler .  William Patton Allen, b. c. 1873 ; d. 1961; m.1st- 8 Nov 1899, Mary Ely; m.2nd-Mattie (Larmer) Daugherty  Charles Washington
Allen, d. 15 Jan 1951; m. c. 1906, Lillie Margaret Pennington .  Kittie L. Allen, b. 6 Jan 1879; m. Senator John C. Noell  Maude Lee
Allen, b. 23 Dec 1881; d. 7 Jan 1962; m. 24 Sept 1910, William J. Hobbs  Claude H. Allen, b. 7 Sept 1882; m. Kate Witt  Golden C. Allen, b. 5 Apr 1887; m. 25 Oct 1905, Fred S. Shanton.  

Elbert S. Allen  Elbert S. Allen, son of John & Frances (Yeary) Allen, b. c. 1859; d. c. 1921; m. Elizabeth Phipps Oakes (Phipps was most likely her maiden name), d. c. 1941-1945.  Elbert & Elizabeth (Phipps/Oakes) Allen had children:  Cora Ann Allen, b. 20 Dec 1887/88, Union County, TN; d. 24 Oct 1959, Lee County, VA; m. Roy Ellison Parsons .

Cora Ann Allen  Cora Ann Allen, daughter of Elbert & Elizabeth (Oaks) Allen, b. 20 Dec 1887/88, Union County, Tennessee; d. 24 Oct 1959, Lee County, VA; Cora Ann received a teaching certificate from the State of Tennessee on 3 Apr 1903.  She married on 12 May 1912, Knox Co., TN[xv] Roy Ellison Parsons, son of John & Mary (Smyth) Parsons, b. 11 May 1889, Lee County, VA; d. 1 Apr 1945, Lee County, VA..

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