Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 ©1996, Judy Parsons Smith

According to family tradition, this line goes back to John Hancock , signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Hancock  (uncle)
Father of John Hancock

John Hancock

John Hancock , adopted by his Uncle Tom Hancock , b. 1737, Braintree , Massahusetts; d. 1793, Massachusettts.

 John Hancock  was educated at Harvard College .  He was a member of the Massachusetts General Court and Boston town Committee.  He served as the presideent of the first (1774) and second (1775) Provincial Congress.  He ws the leader of the patriot party.  Being a wealthy individual, he was able to make many contributions to the cause of the Revolution.  The British march on Lexington & Concord on 18 Apr 1775, was for the purpose of arresting John Hancock and Samuel Adams .  Paul Revere ’s warning allowed them to escape.  He attended the Continental Congress from 1775 to 1780, as a delegate from Massachusetts .  He commanded troops from Massachusetts during an expedition against the British in Rhode Island in 1778.  He served two terms as Governor of Massachusetts,  1st 1780 - 1785, and again from 1787 to 1793.

(female) Hancock

(female) Hancock, m. Brad “Big Red” Brady .  She later m2nd aft 1865 to (male) Manis .  Brad & (female) ( Hancock )   Brady had at least one (1) child:

John “Bud” Hancock Brady

John “Bud” Hancock Brady , son of Brad & (female) (Hancock)  Brady, b. bef. 1863; d. 1940; m. Cumberland Co.,  NC to (female) Pridgen.  See BRADY