Hedrich, Heyderich, Heydrig,
Heydrich, Heidrick, Eydrick,
Headrick, Hedrick

Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 ©1996, Judy Parsons Smith

The Hedrick family came from along the Southern Rhine River (Palatinate) in Germany .

Gotman Heyerich

Gotman Heyerich, b. Germany; d. Germany; m. in Germany to Margarathen (unknown) , b. 1617; d. 4 Aug 1667, Heuperteweiler, Germany.  Gotman & Margarathen (unknown) Heyerich  had four (4) children of whom:

Johann Adam Heyerich

Johann Adam  Heyerich, son of Gotman & Margarathen (unknown) Heyerich , b. 9 Jul 1654, Ulmet Pfalz; d. 17 Jan 1730, Oberalben; m 1st  unknown; m 2nd 27 Nov 1693 to Elisabetha Fausten.  Johann Adam & Elisabetha (Fausten) Heyerich  had ten (10) children of whom:

Johann Peter Heyerich O

Johann Peter Heyerich , son of Johann Adam  & Elisabetha (Fausten) Heyerich , b. 17 Apr 1710, Ulmet Pfalz, Germany; d. ca. 1788, Lebanon Co., PA; m 1st 18 Mar 1731 o Anna Otilia Blum ; m 2nd unknown ; m 3rd unknown.

On 11 Sept 1738, arriving at the port of Philadelphia, among the Palaines imported aboard the Ship “Robert and Alice”, of Dublin, Walter Goodman , Master, from Rotterdam, but last of Dover in England, we find:

Gerit Hedrick  
Abram Hedrick  
Jan Jurich Hedrick
Pieter Hedrick  
Christopher Hedrick

$ In this listing of passengers only the list of men is provided.  There were also on the ship 53 women.

Revolutionary Service:

            Peter Heyerich  served during the Revolutionary War as a Lt. Colonel.

 Johann Peter & Anna (Blum) Heyerich had six (6) children, of whom:

1.   Johann Peter Heyerich Jr.,  b. 17 Dec 1732, Ulmet Pfalz, Germany, d. 24 Jan 1798, Rowan Co., NC; m. 30 Oct 1730, Lancaster Co., PA to Margaret Herchelrodt
2.   Adam Heyerich , b. 18 Oct 1741; d. 16 Mar 1816, Rowand Co., NC; m. 30 Jan 1769, Rowan Co., NC to Barbara Hagney , b. 18 Mar 1843; d. 18 Dec 1832.  In 1778, Adam Hedrick was in Lopp’s Districk, Rowan Co., NC.

Johann Peter Heyerich , Jr. O

1.  Johann Peter Heyerich , Jr.  son of Johann Peter & Anna (Blum) Heyerich , b. 17 Dec 1732, Ulmet Pfalz, Germany; d. 24 Jan 1798, Rowan Co., NC; bur. Beck’s Graveyard; m. 30 Oct 1730 (??), Lancaster Co., PA  to Margaret Herchelrodt , d. 1800, Rowan Co., NC (will dated 17 Jul 1800).

Sometime before 1766, Peter & Margaret Heyerich  settled on Four Mile Branch near Beck’s Church in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Revolutionary War Service

Peter enlisted in the American Army at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.  Johann Peter Heyerich  was known as Captain Peter Hedrick .

While away, a band of Tories raided his home.  They took all provisions except for a little salt; drove off all the choice horses and attle and shot the remaining animals.  They then burned all the buildings.  Peter returned home shortly afterwards and took his wife and children to Virginia to stay for the duration of the war.

At the end of the war he and his family returned to Rowan County, North Carolina.  Peter Hedrick acquired a large quanity of land in Rowan County, NC by purchase, entry and grant.

Johann Peter & Margaret (Herchelrodt)  Hedrick , Jr. had ten (10) children, their birth order is not exact:

1.1.      Peter Hedrick, II , b. 12 Jun 1761, PA; d. May 1833, Wythe Co., VA; m. Barbara Meyers
Casper Hedrick  
1.3.      George Hedrick  
1.4.       Jacob Hedrick  
John Hedrick  
1.6.       daughter Hedrick , m. Roland Sheppard  
daughter Hedrick ; m. Cornelius Peppinger  
1.8.       Francis Hedrick  
1.9.       Elizabeth Hedrick  
1.10.   Adam  Hedrick

$ One of the married daughters was named Elizabeth.  She is mentioned in her mother’s will.

Peter Hedrick, II

1.1.  Peter Hedrick, II , son of Johann Peter & Margaret (Herchelrodt)  Hedrick , Jr., b. 12 Jun 1761, PA; d. May 1833, Wythe Co., VA; m 1st to Barbara Meyers , b. ca. 1740-1750.  Peter Hedrick m 2nd to Anna (unknown ) .  There were no children by the 2nd marriage.

Peter & Barabara (Meyers) Hedrick, Sr. had nine (9) children:

1.1.1.       Elizabeth Hedrick , m. Jacob Reader  
1.1.2.    Jacob Hedrick ; m. Susannah (unknown)
1.1.3.   Peter Hedrick, Jr.  
1.1.4. Mary Hedrick , m. Abraham Steffy  
1.1.5.    George Hedrick  
1.1.6.   Joseph Hedrick ; m 1st Dianna (unknown); m 2nd Catherine (unknown).
1.1.7.  Christian Hedrick, m. Polly Corvin.
1.1.8.  Anna Hedrick, m. Granville Ward  
1.1.9.   John Hedrick, b. 1797, Wythe Co., Va; m 1st Elizabeth Davenport ; m 2nd Sarah Ernest .

Jacob Hedrick

1.1.3.  Jacob Hedrick , son of Peter & Barbara (Meyers) Hedrick, Sr., d. 1832; m. Susannah (unknown) .  Jacob & Susannah (unknown) Hedrick  had seven (7)  children:    Rufus Hedrick , m 1st 30 Mar 1832 to Jane Wilson ; m 2nd Lucretia (unknown ) ; m 3rd Mary J. (unknown) .     Sarah Hedrick ; m. Jermiah Lambert .  They moved to Logan Co., KY.     Nancy Hedrick ; m. William Lambert    Mary Hedrick , m. Charles Poff     Jemima Hedrick , m. 5 May 1825 to James Robinette .  They moved to Russell Co., VA.      Wiliam H. Hedrick, m. Evaline Wisely    Letitia Hedrick , m. 2 Nov 1837 to Daniel Perkey .

Joseph Hedrick

1.1.6.  Joseph Hedrick , son of Peter & Barbara (Meyers) Hedrick, Sr., m 1st Dianna (unknown ) ; m 2nd Catherne (unknown).  Joseph was living in Tazewell County, Virginia in 1850.

Christian Hedrick

1.1.7.  Christian Hedrick , son of Peter & Barbara (Meyers) Hedrick, Sr., d. before 1862; m. 30 May 1851 to Polly Corvin .  Christian was in Wythe Co., VA in 1850.

John Hedrick

1.1.9.  John Hedrick , son of Peter & Barbara (Meyers) Hedrick, Sr., b. 1797, Wythe County, VA; d. between 17 Feb 1875 and 5 Dec 187 5[viii]; m 1st before 1820, Wythe County, VA to Elizabeth Davenport , d. Indiana; m 2nd Wythe County VA to Sarah Ernest , b. 1805, Wythe Co., VA; d. bef. 1876.

After the birth of one or two of his children the family moved to Indiana for a short period of time.  Later returning to Wythe County.  The family stayed in Wythe County until after the death of Peter Hedrick, Sr.  Then moved on to Lee County, Virginia.  He settled in the present area of Ben Hur.

John Hedrick  donated the land for the Corinth Baptist Church and cemetery.  He becam a leader in the baptist Church and in community affairs.  On 17 Feb 1873, John & Sarah Hedrick  made a deed to the Trustees of the Regular Missionary Baptist Church in Lee County, Virginia - giving land to the church with the stipulation that should it permanently fail or neglect ot keep it up, the land would revert back to the lawful heirs of John& Sarah Hedrick.  He spent the remainder of his life in Lee County.

 John & Elizabeth (Davenport) Hedrick had four (4) children:    Peter Hedrick, b. 15 Jun 1822, Wythe CO., VA; m. Sallie Smith .  They settled in Harlan Co., KY.     William Hedrick, d. 5 Feb 1856, Lee Co., VA; m. Thursey (Theresa) Jayne .  No issue.     Elizabeth Hedrick , b. 9 Dec 1824, Indiana; d. 6 May 1899, Knox Co., TN; m. 1 Nov 1849, Lee Co., VA to Joseph Clark Bishop .    Anna ‘Ann’ Hedrick , b. 1826, Indiana; d. Lee Co., VA; m. Charles Harber .  See Harber.

John &  Sarah (Ernest) Hedrick  had five (5) children:     Mary Hedrick , b. 1830, Wythe Co., VA; d. Lee Co., VA; m. 29 Dec 1853 to Henry Milton Harber .      Letitia Hedrick ,  b. 1832, Wythe Co., VA; d. Texas; m 1854-1855 to Samuel R. Muncy , son of Francis A. & Lovey (Randolph)  Muncy , b. 17 Feb 1834, Lee Co., VA; d. Texas.  They had six (6) children.    Jefferson ‘Jef’f’ J. Hedrick, b. 1835, Lee Co., VA; m 1st Leah (unknown ) ; m 2nd 24 Sept 1895 to Patience Harber , a widow.  Jefferson Hedrick  and his family lived in the Ben Hur area.    Jane Hedrick , b. 1837, Lee Co., VA; m. 7 Nov 1861 to Job Wynn , b. abt. 1835.       Jemima Hedrick , b. 1839, Lee Co., VA; m. 31 Jan 1869 to Benjamin Sneed , son of Jane Sneed , b. abt. 1846.

Peter Hedrick  Peter Hedrick, son of John & Elizabeth (Davenport) Hedrick ,  b. 15 Jun 1822, Wythe Co., VA; d. 12 May 1898, Harlan Co., KY; m. 1852 to Sallie Smith , daughter of Noble Smith , b. 19 Mar 1834; d. 17 Mar 1922.

Anna ‘Ann’ Hedrick  Anna ‘Ann’ Hedrick , daughter of John & Elizabeth (Davenport) Hedrick , b. 1826, Indiana; d. Lee Co.,  VA; m. prior 1850 to Charles Harber , son of Elias & Elizabeth (Reynolds) Harber , b. 1827; d. 15 Mar 1883.  Charles & Anna (Hedrick) Harber  had five (5) children:   William M. Harber , b. 1850; d. 26 May 1877.   Sarah Harber , b. 1853   Elias Harber , b. 1855   Virginia Harber , b. 1858; m. Alexander Nathan Pennington   Charles J. Harber , b. ca. 1876; d. 10 Oct 1883 (7 years old)

Mary Hedrick  Mary Hedrick , daughter of John & Sarah (Ernest) Hedrick , b. 1830, Wythe Co., VA; d. Lee Co., VA; m. 29 Dec 1853 to Henry Milton Harber , son of Elias & Elizabeth Harber , b. 1828; d. 28 Aug 1893.  Henry & Mary (Hedrick) Harber  had at least three (3) children: Emily Harber , b. 1855 Julia A. Harber , b. 1857 John Harber , b. 1859

Letitia Hedrick  Letitia Hedrick , daughter of John & Sarah (Ernest) Hedrick , b. 1832, Wythe Co., VA; d. bef. 5 Jan 1884, Texas; m. 1854-1855 to Samuel R. Muncy , son of Francis A & Lovey (Randolph) Muncy , b. 17 Feb 1834, Lee Co., VA; d. after 5 Jan 1884, Texas.  Samuel R. Muncy and his children were living in Runnels Co., Texas as of 5 Jan 1884.

Samuel R. & Letitia (Hedrick) Muncy had six (6) children:    William H. Muncy    J. L. Muncy    M. E. Muncy ; m. (unknown ) Burk    S. J. Muncy ; m. (unknown ) Cotton    E. C. Muncy ; m. (unknown ) Burk    M. L. Muncy

Jefferson ‘Jeff’ J. Hedrick P  Jefferson ‘Jeff’’ J. Hedrick, son of John & Sarah (Ernest) Hedrick , b. 1835, Lee Co., VA; m 1st Leah (unknown ) , b. 1835, Lee Co., VA; m 2nd 24 Sept1895, Patience Harber , a widow.

Civil War Service:

In 1861, Jeff Hedrick  enlisted in the 64th Virginia Infantry Regiment to serve for four (4) years.  He served as a private in Co. A of the 64th Virginia Infantry Regiment, under Captain Joshua E. Hobbs .

According to Loulee (Stapleton) Lawson ’s memory, her grandparents, Jefferson & Leah Hedrick , came to Lee County by covered wagon.  Jefferson Hedrick  and his family lived inthe Ben Hur area.

Jefferson & Leah (unknown) Hedrick had six (6) children:   Rebecca A. Hedrick , b. 1854, Lee Co., VA   William Z. Hedrick , b. 1856; m 1st 27 Oct 1884 to Euncie Astrop , b. 1867; m 2nd to Vic Vansant .  No issue.   Jemimah J. Hedrick , b. 1859, Lee Co., VA   George L. Hedrick , m. Liza (unknown )   M. J. ‘Jim’ Hedrick , m. Doris (unknown )   John P. Hedrick , b. 1863, Lee Co., VA

George L. Hedrick  George L. Hedrick , son of Jefferson & Leah (unknown )  Hedrick ; m. Liza (unknown) .  George L. & Liza (unknown) Hedrick  had one (1) child:  Jeff Hedrick

M. J. ‘Jim’ Hedrick  M. J. ‘Jim’ Hedrick , son of Jefferson & Leah (unknown )  Hedrick , m. Doris (unknown) .  Jim & Doris (unknown) Hedrick  had one (1) child:  Maude  Hedrick ; m. (unknown ) Woodard

John P. Hedrick  John P. Hedrick , son of Jefferson & Leah (unknown )  Hedrick , b. 1863; m. 27 Oct 1884 to Minerva Kirk , b. 1867.  John P. & Minerva (Kirk) Hedrick  had five (5) children:       Roy Hedrick      Ted Hedrick       Earl Hedrick      Bonnie Hedrick       Elias Hedrick , m. Carry (unknown )       Mary ‘ Molly’ Elizabeth Hedrick , b. 1856; m. Elbert Stapleton.