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Daniel E. Atkins

Daniel E. Atkins[i] , m. 9 Mar 1829, Amelia Co., VA to Mary Walthall .  Daniel & Mary (Walthall) Atkins had:

Thomas S. Atkins

Thomas S. Atkins , son of Daniel E. & Mary  (Walthall) Atkins , b. 1835/36 (29 in marriage records), Amelia Co., Virginia; m.  29 Nov 1865[iii], Amelia Co., VA to Margaret “Maggie” Steger, daughter of Thomas & E. Steger , b. 1843/44, 21 at time of marriage[iv], Amelia Co., Virginia.

According to the Amelia County Marriage Records, Thomas S. Atkins was a farmer by occupation.  Thomas & Margaret Atkins lived in Seigh Township in Amelia County during the years that their children were born.

In the 1880 Census, Amelia County, Virginia[v] we find:

Atkins, Thomas        45 (b. 1835) VA
Margaret        37 (b. 1843) VA
Willie              14 (b. 1866) VA
                12 (b. 1868) VA
Thomas         10 (b. 1870) VA
Roger                8 (b. 1872) VA
Blinco                6 (b. 1874) VA
Rose Jane       4 (b. 1876) VA

Thomas & Margaret (Unknown) Atkins had ten (10) children:

1.  Willie Atkins, b. 7 Feb  1867, Amelia Co., VA (unnamed in birth register)
2.  Mary
Atkins, b. 1868, VA [vi]
3.  Thomas T.
Atkins, b. 1870 [vii].  Has a son T. T. Atkins  who is a Colonel in the U.S. Army.
4.  James
Atkins, b. 7 Jun 1871, Amelia Co., VA (d. bef. 1880 Census?)
5.  Roger Jackson
Atkins, b. 1872, VA [viii]
6.  Charles Blinco
Atkins, b. 31 Jan  1877 (b. 1874[ix] - Census); m. Lillie May Farley .
7.  Rose/Rosa Jane
Atkins, b. 1876, VA[x]; m. Albert Moser Pryde .
8.  Emma
Atkins, b. (aft 1880); m. ______ Farley.  They had four sons???
9.  Fitzhugh Lee
Atkins, b. (aft 1880) No children.
10.  G. G.,
Atkins b. (aft 1880) (could be a nickname for William or could be 2 different people).

Roger Jackson Atkins

5.  Roger Jackson Atkins , son of Thomas & Margaret (Unknown) Atkins, b. 1872, VA (1880 Census); m. (Unknown).  He was known to family members as “Uncle Buck”.  Children of Roger Jackson Rogers are:

5.1.  Erma Atkins
5.2.  Virginia Atkins; m. Mr. Ellis.
5.3.  W. Miller Atkins
5.4.  S. Earl

Charles 'Blinco' Atkins

Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins6.  Charles ‘Blinco’ Atkins , son of Thomas & Margaret (Unknown) Atkins, b. 31 Jan 1877 (b. 1874 according to 1880 Census), Amelia County, VA; d. 23 Mar 1955, Richmond, VA[xi]; m. to Lillie May Farley, daughter of A.D. & Caroline (Walker) (Buck) Farley, b. 9 Oct 1882, Richmond, VA; d. 24 Feb 1954, Richmond, VA[xii].

After their marriage Charles & Lillie May Atkins resided in the Church Hill area of the City of Richmond, Virginia.  At that time, the Church Hill area was thought to be a very upscale are in which to live.

Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins had six (6) children:

6.1.  Violet Louise Atkins, b. 17 May 1903, Richmond, VA[xiii]; d. 3 Feb 1978, Richmond, VA; m. Renza Claude Garton .
6.2.  Hazel Atkins, d. 2 May 1977 [xiv]; m. Robert White .
6.3.  Charles Herbert
Atkins, d. 28 Jun 1975[xv].
6.4.  Pearl
Atkins, d. 17 Mar 1963[xvi]; m1st to Carl Hite ; m2nd to Lee Butler .
6.5.  Marguerite Atkins, d. 18 Aug 1971[xvii]; m1st to Clinton Wallace Griffity; m2nd to Ted Hall .
6.6.  Dorothy
Atkins, d.  Oct 1979[xviii]; m1st to “Bud” Vick; m2nd to Frank Edward Barr .

Rose/Rosa Jane Atkins

7.  Rose/Rosa Jane Atkins, daughter of Thomas & Margaret (Unknown) Atkins, b. 1876, VA[xix]; m. Albert Moser Pryde .  Albert & Rosa (Atkins) Pryde  had at least one (1) daughter:

7.1.   Eleanor Agatha Atkins, d. ca. 1981, Richmond, VA at 71 yrs of age.  She left no will and her estate was administered by Conway Moncure, Atty , in Richmond, Virginia.

Violet Louise Atkins

6.1.  Violet Louise Atkins , daughter of Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins, b. 17 May 1903; d. 3 Feb 1978, Richmond, VA[xx]; m. Renza ‘Claude’ Garton , son of Hugh & Mattie (Richards) Garton, b. 25 Sept 1900, Greene County, VA; d. 3 Feb 1978 (p.m.), Richmond, VA[xxi].

 Violet Garton died on the morning of 3 Feb 1978.  Claude Garton , after making the funeral arrangements and informing his daughters of where all the important family papers were located died peacefully that afternoon.

Claude & Violet (Atkins) Garton had two (2) children:

6.1.1.  Renza ‘Louise’ Garton , b. 4 May 1924, Richmond, VA; m. Ralph Lester Smith .  
6.1.2.  Violet Maxine “Max” Garton, b. 21 May 1926, Richmond, VA; m. Raymond Elder Thompson

Hazel Atkins

6.2.  Hazel Atkins, daughter of Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins, d. 2 May 1977; m. Robert White.  Robert & Hazel (Atkins) White  had two (2) children:

6.2.1.  Robert G. White
6.2.2.  Howard B. White

Charles 'Herbert' Atkins

6.3.  Charles ‘Herbert’ Atkins , son of Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins, d. 28 Jun 1975.  Herbert Atkins  had two (2) children:

6.3.1.  Charles R. Atkins
6.3.2.  Ronnie D. Atkins

Pearl Atkins

6.4.  Pearl Atkins , daughter of Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins , d. 17 Mar 1963; m1st to Carl Hite ; m2nd to Mr. Butler.  Carl & Pearl (Atkins) Hite had one (1) child:

 6.4.1.  Betty Hite Atkins, m. Mr. Stagg .

Marguerite Atkins

6.5.  Marguerite Atkins, daughter of Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins, d. 18 Aug 1971; m1st to Clinton Wallace Griffith; m2nd to “Ted?” Hall.  Clinton & Marguerite (Atkins) Griffith had one (1) child:

 6.5.1.  Clinton Wallace Griffith , Jr .

Dorothy Atkins

6.6.  Dorothy Atkins, daughter of Charles & Lillie (Farley) Atkins, d. Oct 1979; m1st to “Bud” Vick; m2nd to Frank Edward Barr.  Bud & Dorothy (Atkins) Vick  had one (1) child:

 6.6.1.  Russell Wayne Vick

Frank & Dorothy (Atkins) (Vick) Barr  had two (2) children:

6.6.2.  Frank Edward Barr, Jr.
6.6.3. Bernadette Barr, m. Mr. Howell

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