Evan Bledsoe is my Great-grandfather. I have lived all my life with-in 50 miles of Blackwater, VA, and have been exposed to many member's of this family. I have heard the story of the death of Evan Bledsoe from many source's. I can assure you the one you have printed on the internet is not "family tradition." My Grandfather, legitimate son of Evan, told many times of the death of his father but it certainly was not the same as your story. I happen to know who started this untruth and would appreciate you removing this from your site. The truth is, Evan was meeting a single woman who lived across the mountain from Blackwater toward Jonesville. She knew her brother's were planning to kill Evan. She wrote Evan to tell him not to come and to inform him of their plan. Evan was very powerful and active in the political arena of Lee County and had made some enemy's. One enemy being the postmaster who intercepted the letter of warning and held it until after the postmaster was sure Evan Bledsoe was dead. Evan always traveled with his dog who tried relentlessly for three days to awaken Evan. The dog had chewed the laces from Evan's shoes in an attempt to get him up. After the letter was delivered to Evan's home, a search was made and he was found on the north side of Powell Mountain close to a large rock near Hunters Gap. He had been ambushed and shot in the head. I assure you Evan Bledsoe did have at least 3 children outside the bonds of matrimony with 2 women but he did not have children scattered all over the county as is stated. I have told you the story of the death of my Great-grandfather as it has been told to all of us inside and outside the Bledsoe family. The lady who got the other story started died in 2000. She was not a member of the Bledsoe family but enjoyed exposing any information that would be degrading and did not think it an injustice to exaggerate to make a story more interesting. I would appreciate you removing the story all together or state the source of your information. I think it is a pity that the incorrect information floats through cyber space copied and copied again and again with out checking it out. I happen to have been personally aquatinted with the original source (deceased now) of the list you have of Evans Bledsoe's legitimate children. She also was one of his children and very old at the time she listed their names for her niece in KY. The last child is not Pansy but Tommie and is my Grandfather. I have not intended to offend you but rather want you to know I think the story is an injustice to the Bledsoe family.
Debra Roller Price