Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 ©1996, Judy Parsons Smith

Lewis Green  I

Lewis Green  I , b. ca. 1630, Prince George Co, VA.  Lewis Green had:

Lewis Green  I I

Lewis Green  I I , son of Lewis Green I, b. ca. 1650, Prince George Co, VA; d. ca. 1730, Prince George Co, VA; m1st unknown; m2nd Susannah Grigg .  Lewis Green II & his first wife had children, the total that are attributed to each wife is unknown however Frances is known to be the daughter of Lewis & Susannah Green .

Lewis Green , II was a lawyer in Prince George Co., VA.  In 1704, we find Lewis II , purchasing land in the area of Hopewell , Virginia .

“Lewis Greene, 203 Acs., C. C. C., at the head of Wm. Ditties, which sd. W. D. bought of James Warradine called high Peake on the S. side of Baylys Cr. Run(n)ing into the woods S. by E. of mr. John Georges Land 130 po. & E. by N. along the woods 250 po.  The land was due:  formerly granted to james Paddon by Patent 10 Mar 1662 & deserted & to L. G. by orders of the Gen’l . Court, 22 Oct 1701 & fofr trnas.  Of 4, not maned, 25 Apr 1702.  Note at foot of the Patent:  four rights paid for the Wm. Byrd , Esq. Auditor.” 

Lewis Greene , 97 Acs., Pr. Geo. Co., Viz., beg at a maple on the S. side of Jones hole, thence along the lines of William Jones Sen’r. N. 24 deg. W 102 po. To a maple oake, thence W. 23 deg. S. 71 ½ po. To a hickory being the corner of Mr. Tho . Wynn , thence down the same Jones hole, thence down the same according to the several meanders thereof to the beginning.  The sd. Land was due by trans .  Of 2 persons, 2 Nov. 1705

                        Sam . Burefoy              Thomas Hooper

Lewis Green and his son-in-law, Ephriam Parham (husband of Frances ) owned a mill on a tributary of Bailey ’s Creek called Easterly Run.  Easterly Run I later known as Manchester Creek (Prince George Co., VA).  They also had interest in a mill located on Stoney Creek .  1722, finds Lewis deeding land to his children.  He gives land to Lewis Green , III for “love and affection”, reserving a life right to the property and stipulating that the land could not be sold until 2 or 3 years after his death.  Lewis Green purchases 50 acres of land from his brother (in-law???) William Grigg .

Lewis Green had a total of eleven (11) children:

1.       Lewis Green , Jr. (III) , b. 1680
Mary Green
child Green
child Green
child Green
child Green
child Green
child Green
child Green
child Green

Lewis & Susannah (Grigg) Green, II had a daughter:

11.   Frances Green , b. 1672 ; m. Ephriam Parham

Lewis Green III

1.  Lewis Green  III , son of Lewis Green II, b. ca. 1680, Prince George Co, VA; m1st to Sarah (unknown) ; m2nd unknown; m3rd unknown. 

Lewis Green , Jr. (III) purchases land in 1704 in the area of Hopewell , VA.   He is mentioned in the Surry County, VA records as being appointed as guardian ca. 1709.  In 1722, he receives land from his father, Lewis Green , II.  He is found in the Bristol Parish Church (across the Appomattox River ) registry ca. 1722 as a vestryman.  Lewis Green , Jr. (III) was the Sheriff of Prince George County in 1749.

Lewis & Sarah Green , Jr. (III) had at least three (3) children:

1.1.       Lewis Green (IV) , b. 1710
Burrwell/Burwell  Green
Sarah Green, b. ca. 1712 ; m. Miles Thweatt

Lewis Green, Sr. (IV)  - LONGHUNTER

1.1.  Lewis Green , Sr. , son of Lewis & Susan Green , b. ca. 1710-1724, Scott Co, VA; d. Oct 1786, on the Blue Springs Road, near Glasgow, KY on his way to Nashville, Tennessee; m. in Virginia to Susan (unknown) .

There is a survey for Lewis Green recorded on 4 Oct 1742 for 400 acres, the exact location is unknown.  A Lewis Green is on the tithable list in Lunenburg Co., VA in 1749.  Lewis Green was a one of the unique individuals known as longhunters, as was his son Lewis Green (V).  Lewis Green, Sr. settled near Porter’s Fort, in the Clinch, about 1772.  He is shown in early Court records, as of March 1774, as owning 41 acres of land adjacent to Porter’s Fort.  Lewis Green, was a vestryman in the church at Kilgore Station in Scott County, Virginia, before Lewis Green, Jr., came to Harlan County.  In his will he mentions only his son Zachariah, by name but the estate is equally divided among his children.  The will was probated 16 Aug 1783.  His estate is appraised in Hardy Co., West Virginia.

From the Draper Collection of Manuscripts:

1881  Twitty, W. L. of Brittain, NC               Feb 16 (7DD109)  Major Green’s Escape

Lew is Green served in Captain Robert McKenzie 's Company during the French & Indian War.   He enlisted in Dinwiddie County in 1754.  In the enlistment information for Lewis Green he is described as:  30 years of age; 5’ 10” tall; his occupation – Carpenter.

Lewis Green and the Bear

In the collection of Draper Manuscripts, transcribed by Charles A. Barker the name of Lewis Green’s hunting companion has been cited as a brother-in-law, a man by the name of Stone, and Daniel Boone.  The incident took place on what is now the Lewis Fork of the Yadkin River in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

During the winter of 1773-1774, Lewis Green  and a hunting companion went out a considerable distance into the mountains to hunt.  It was here that they selected a good hunting range, erected a cabin, and stored dried meat (jerked) bear meat.  One day while he was alone at the camp, his companion was out giving chase to some game, a large bear appeared near the camp.  Green shot and wounded the animal, who was near a sort of sink hole at the base of a hill.  Green began circling around to get above and ahead of the bear, but the ground was covered with a slight snow with a layer of sleet on top.  This condition caused Green to lose his footing and he slipped down the embankment into the sink hole with the bear.  The wounded bear flew at Green, who had tore and mangled in a shocking manner, totally destroying one of his eyes.  Green, who apparently passed out due to the pain, was then gnawed on by the bear.  When the bear was satisfied he departed, leaving the unfortunate hunter in a helpless and deplorable condition, exposed, with his clothing torn in tatters, in the severity of the winter.

His companion, who returned sometime later, found and took him back to their camp.  His hunting companion having no idea of his living, left him n the pretense of hunting for fresh meat.  In truth he unfeelingly abandoned Green, leaving him for dead.  His companion returned to the settlement and reported that Green had been killed by a bear.

He was left at the camp with a small supply of water and wood.  Green, alone at the hunting camp, had a little fire that soon died away, due to his inability to provide fuel for it.  Digging, with his knife, a hole beside him in the ground of the cabin which he filled with some wild turkey feathers that had been saved.  This provided him a quite comfortable bed.  He then fastened his knife to the end of a stick, so that he could cut down  a bit of dried bear meat which hung overhead.  He was able to melt bits of snow for water.  His recovery was slow, but after a time he was able to manage to get about.  He remained in camp for the remainder of the winter.  The feathers from his bed adhered to his wounds, which began to heal.  The flesh grew over some of the feathers, causing them to stick out from his flesh.

In the spring, a hunting part that included in it's numbers, Daniel Boon e , set out from Blackmore's Settlement to bury Green's remains.  The hunting companion of Green, was the guide.  To the utter astonishment of the group, they met Green plodding his way towards home.  It was from Green that they learned the sad story of his sufferings and desertion.  The party was so indignant that they could scarcely refrain from laying violent hands on a wretch, guilty of so much inhumanity to a helpless companion.  Green, though an ugly Cyclops, badly scarred and greatly disfigured, lived until 1786.

Lewis, Sr. & Susan Green  had four (4) children:

1.1.1.      Zachariah Green, b. 1749, VA; d. 12 Aug 1840, Sumner  Co, TN
Lewis Green, Jr. (V), b.  5 May 1751, VA; d. c. 1835, Harlan, Harlan Co, KY; m. 1782, Washington Co, VA to Ester/Easter Kilgore
James Green, Sr. , b.  9 Sep 1761, Culpepper Co, VA; d. 31 Dec 1782, Pound, Wise Co, VA, scalped by Old Chief Benge ; m. Jane Porter
Sarah Green, b. 1761; d. 1814, Davidson, TN; m. Josiah  Payne

Lewis Green Jr. (V)

1.1.2.  Lewis Green , Jr. (V) , son of Lewis & Susan Green , b. 5 May 1751; d. ca. 1835; m. 1782, Washington CO, VA to Ester/Easter Kilgore, daughter of Charles & Jane (Clark) Kilgore, b. 1750, Washington Co, VA . 

The Meetin’ House Branch was a log church, built on the land of Lewis Green and his wife Easter/Ester Kilgore Green, in Harlan County, Kentucky.  Lewis Green was one of the unique individuals known as longhunters, as was his father Lewis Green, Sr. (IV).  It is believed that Lewis Green preached at this church.  The graves of both Lewis & Ester (Kilgore) Green were marked with a slab, as were practically all graves at that time.  In 1933 a government regulation tombstone was erected on the grave of Lewis Green, Jr., Revolutionary soldier.

Revolutionary War Service:    Soldier

Lewis & Ester (Kilgore) Green  had ten (10) children:      James Green, b. 15 Mar 1783, Washington Co, VA or Culpepper Co, VA; d. Dec 1782, scalped by Old Chief Benge.
2.      Elijah H. Green [Colonel] , b. 3 Oct 1786, Russell Co, VA; d. 15 Apr 1854, KY
3.      Mary Rutha Green, b. 1785, Washington Co, VA; m. 15 Dec 1806, Knox Co, KY to Richard  Wilson
4.      William Green, b. 1791, Washington Co, VA ; d. 1869, Harlan Co, KY; bur. 1869, Tanyard Hill, Harlan Co, KY.
5.      Elisha Green, b. 1794, Washington Co, VA; m. Jun  1813, Knox Co, KY to Nancy Bingham
6.        Sarah/Sally Green, b. 1795, Knox Co, KY; d. Harlan Co, KY; m1st  21 Nov 1815 to William Bingham ; m2nd a Hendricks
7.      Elizabeth Green, b. 1780, Breathitt, KY; d. 7 Jul 1855, Breathitt, KY; m. James  Howard
8.      Ester Green, b. 1801, Davidson, TN ; d. after 1850, Harlan Co, KY; bur. After 1850, Harlan Co, KY.
9.       Lewis Green, Jr. (VI), b. 1804, Bell Co, KY; m.  Letty Arnett; m2nd? To Talitha
10.   Robert Green, b. 1808 , Harlan Co, KY; m. Ely Ann Drake

James Green, Sr.

1.1.3.  James Green, Sr. , son of Lewis & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 15 Mar 1783, Washington Co, VA or Culpepper Co, VA; d. Dec 1782, scalped by Old Chief Benge ; m. Jane Porter , daughter of Patrick Porter .  Although he was not one of the longhunters his death was of interest.  While on a hunting trip with Johnny McKinney  and Charles Kilgore , James was scalped by Old Chief Benge.  His companions although wounded were able to escape.  They returned later to bury him in the hollow of a big chestnut tree.

James & Jane (Porter) Green, Sr. had one son:  James Green, Jr. b. 12 Feb 1783, Washington Co., VA a few months after the death of his father; d. 6 Oct 1851, Harlan Co., KY; m. Ducena Stallard, daughter of Samuel & Jael (Duncan) Stallard, b. ca. 1781, Dungannon, VA.

James Green, Sr.  James Green, Sr., son of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green.  He is the Executor of his father’s will dated 10 Jun 1835, Harlan Co., KY.  He is most likely named for James Green, brother of Lewis Green, Jr. who was killed by Indians in Dec 1782.

Elijah H. Green  Elijah H. Green, son of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green.  He is deeded land by Lewis & Ester but deed 22 Jul 1821 (Harlan Co., records).  Elijah Green had at least one daughter.  Catherine.  She is mentioned in the will of Lewis Green, “granddaughter, Catherine, daughter of Elijah, to inherit thirteen dollars and two shillings.”

Mary Ruth Green  Mary Ruth Green, daughter of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green, m. 15 Dec 1806, Knox Co., KY to Richard Wilson.  The Knox County area would later become Harlan and Bell Counties.

William Green  William Green, son of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green, served in the War of 1812.

Elisha Green  Elisha Green, son of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green, m. Jun 18113, Nancy Bingham.  Under the terms of Elisha’s will his wife, Nancy, and their sons inherit property.  Elisha & Nancy (Bingham) Green had two (2) children:  Robert M. Green, twin of John M.
.  John M. Green, twin of Robert M.

Sarah/Sally Green  Sarah/Sally Green, daughter of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green, m 1st 21 Nov 1815, William Bingham; m 2nd a Hendricks.

Elizabeth Green  Elizabeth Green, daughter of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green, m. James Howard.  They raised a large family in the Quicksand section of Brethitt Co., KY.

Lewis Green, Jr.  Lewis Green, Jr., son of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green, m. 26 Jan 1826, Harlan Co., KY to Letty (Smith) Arnett; m 2nd 20 Jan 1831, Harlan Co., KY to Carline Ledford.  His wife’s name is shown as ‘Talitha’, in the Harlan Co., Census.

Robert Green  Robert Green, son of Lewis, Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green, b. 1808, Harlan Co., KY; d. ca. 1870-1880, Bell Co., KY; m 1st 27 Jan 1825, Harlan Co., KY to Ely Ann Drake, b. c. 1800, Josh Bell County, KY; m 2nd ca. 1860 to Comfort Howard, b. 1826.

Sometime during 1831 Robert & Ely Ann Green moved to Lee County, Virginia.  At the time of the 1860 Census Robert & Ely Ann Green were back in Harlan County, Kentucky with their youngest son William.  Robert & Ely Ann Green appear together in the 1860 Harlan County, Kentucky Census.  In the court record of Harlan County, Kentucky we find the following entry regarding Robert Green and Comfort.

Harlan Circuit Court

The Commonwealth of Kentucky,
Robert Green & Comfort

THE Grand Jury of Harlan country in the name and by the authority of the commonwealth of Kentucky, accuse Robert Green and Comffort both of the offense of adultery (the said Robert Green being a married man at the time).   Committed as follows by the said Robert Green and Comffort both did and on the 1st day of March 1859 & for a long time previous, have illicit, carnal sexual intercourse with each other hte said Comffort being a free white woman and has (thus-illeg) & (the____d-illeg) guilty of adultery against the peast and dignity of the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Witness:                                                            Benjamin T. Noe
Karkin Hawonel                                                             Foreman

Robert & Ely Ann (Drake) Green had eight (8) children:  Michael Green, b. 1825, Harlan Co., KY  John Green, b. 1827, Harlan Co., KY; m. bef. 1850, Lee Co., VA to Hettie Blankenship, daughter of Arthur & Lavina (Woodward) Blankenship, b. ca. 1829; d. Union Co., TN.  They moved to Union Co., TN during the 1850’s, never to return to Lee County.  Elisha Green, b. 1829, Harlan Co., KY  Jehu Green, b. 2 Jan 1831, Harlan Co., KY; d. 20 Sept 1901, Lee Co., VA; m. Elizabeth Harber.  Margaret Green, b. 1832, Lee Co., VA  Mary A. Green, b. 1834, Lee Co., VA  Hiram Green, b. 1837, Lee Co., VA  William Green, b. 1840, Lee Co., VA

Ely Ann Green must have died shortly after the 1860 census because in the

1870 Josh Bell County Census we find:

Green, Robert                         62, KY
Comfort                      44, KY
Daniel                          12, KY
Ester                            9, KY
Lucindy                       5, KY
Elizabeth                     1, KY

Robert & Comfort (Howard) Green had five (5) children:  Daniel Green, b. 1858, Kentucky.  Daniele was born prior to Robert Green & Comfort Howard legally marrying; m. ca. 1880 to Jalaney (Laforce?).  Ester Green, b. 1861, KY  Nance Green, b. 1863, KY  Lucindy Green, b. 1865, KY  Elizabeth Green, b. 1869, KY

Jehu Green  Jehu Green, son of Robert & Ely Ann (Drake) Green, b. 2 Jan 1831, Harlan Co., KY; d. 20 Sep 1901, Lee County, VA; m 1st 6 Nov 1856, Elizabeth Harber, daughter of Elias & Elizabeth (Blankenship) Harber, b. ca. 1833, Lee County, VA; d. in 1880’s, Lee Co., VA.

Jehu Green was a farmer and blacksmith.

Jehu & Elizabeth (Harber) Green had eight (8) children:  Mary Anne Green, b. 1855; d. 25 Aug 1885.  George W. Green, b. 1859; went to Texas; d. ante 89 Jul 1896.  Martha Green, b. 1862; d. as a young child.  Harvey ‘Henry’ Green, b. 1865; d. as a young child.  John Wallace Green, b. 1867; d. 7 Jan 1937; m 1st Nancy V. Smith; m 2nd Roxie Smith; m 3rd Susan “Etta” Ellison.  Doloris E. “Dora” Green, b. 1869  Virginia ‘Jennie’ Florence Green, b. c. 1871; d. as  a young child.  Nathan Green, b. 1873; d. as an infant.John Wallace Green

John Wallace Green  John Wallace Green, son of Jehu & Elizabeth (Harber) Green, b. 1867, Cedar Hill, Lee County, VA; d. 7 Jan 1937, Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA.  He married three times.  M 1st 15 Jul 1887, Nancy V. Smith, daughter of W.C. & E. Smith, b. Lee Co., VA; m 2nd 7 Nov 1914, Roxie Smith.  Roxie Smith was a first cousin of his first wife Nancy V. Smith; m 3rd 20 May 1922, Kingsport, TN to Susan ‘Etta’ Ellison, b. 23 Oct 1886, Hancock Co., TN; d. 14 Jun 1980, Hopewell, VA.

John Wallace Green was a silversmith, jeweler, an active Mason, former Mayor of Pennington Gap, VA.  He was named for his Uncles John & Wallace Harber.

John & Nancy (Smith) Green (1st Marriage) had seven (7) children:  Emmett Green, b. c.a 1889; d. 3 Feb 1957; m 19 Apr 1918, Mamie H. Wheeler.  Estell Green, b. 4 Jan 1890; unmarried.  Ada Elen Green, b. 30 Apr 1900; d. 12 Apr 1984, Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA; m. McKinney Stapleton.  Mossie Elizabeth Green, b. 8 Mar 1894; d. 12 Jan 1959; unmarried.    Claude Green, b. ca. 1896; d. as a young man.    Katherine 'Kate’ Green, b. 22 Jun 1904, Jonesville, VA; m. Apr 1943, Mr. Russell (occupation-plumber); divorced; remarried her husband, Mr. Russell.    Cornie Etta Green, d. infant.

John & Roxie (Smith) Green (2nd Marriage) had two (2) children:       John ’Little John’ Wallace Green, Jr., b. ca. 1915, Pennington Gap, VA; d. while hunting alone and accidently shot himself.        Robert Green, d. infant.

John & Etta (Ellison) Green (3rd Marriage) had two (2) children:  Ardath Jo Green, b. 24 Jun 1923, Pennington Gap, VA (Never married.)    Fred Hamilton Green, b. 1 Sept 1930, Pennington Gap, VA; d. 20 Nov 1989, Hopewell, VA. (Never married).

Ada Elen Green  Ada Elen Green, daughter of John & Nancy V. (Smith) Green, b. 30 Apr 1900; d. 12 Apr 1984, Pennington Gap, VA; m. 5 Apr 1943 to McKinney Stapleton, son of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton, b. 5 Apr 1889; d. 5 Apr 1947, Lee Co., VA.  McKinney & Ada (Green) Stapleton had twelve (12) children.  See Stapleton

Ardath Jo Green  Ardath Jo Green, daughter of John & Etta (Ellison) Green, b. 24 Jun 1923, Pennington Gap, VA.  (Never Married).  She retired as a Chief petty Officer form the U.S. Navy in 1967.  Jo Green is very active in many genealogical organizations, such as:  National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution; Colonial Dames.  She has served as the Regent for the Frances Bland Chapter NSDAR.

Fred Hamilton Green  Fred Hamilton Green, son of John & Etta (Ellison) Green, b. 1 Sept 1930, Pennington Gap, VA; d. 20 Nov 1989, Hopewell, VA; buried Lee Memorial Gardens, Lee Co., VA (Never Married).  Fred Green was active in the Masonic Lodge #115, Prince George Co., VA.