Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 ©1996, Judy Parsons Smith

The name Ludlow is derived from the town of Ludlow in Shropshire , England .  In 1349, Sir Laurence de Ludlowe  founded the monastery of St. Mary White-Friars there.

William Ludlow

William Ludlow, m. Jane Moore .  William & Jane ( Moore ) Ludlow  had:

George Ludlow , Esq.

George Ludlow , Esq. , son of William & Jane (Moore) Ludlow , b. ca. 1523; d. between 25 May 1580 and 4 Feb 1580-1581; will probated 4 Feb 1580-1581, Hill Deverell, Wilts Co., England; m. by26 Mar 1543 to Edith Windsor , daughter of Sir Andrew & Elizabeth (Blount) Windsor , b. ca. 1515.

In 1567, George Ludlow , Esq.  was the Sheriff of Wiltshire.  He was the Lord of the Manor of Hill Deverill, County of Wiltshire, England.

George & Edith (Windsor) Ludlow  had two (2) sons:

1.  Thoms Ludlow
Edmund Ludlow , of Hill-Deverell, Knight

Thomas Ludlow , Gentleman

1.  Thomas Ludlow , Gentleman , son of George & Edith (Windsor) Ludlow ,b. ca. 1550-1555; bur. 25 Nov 1607; will dated 19 Nov 1607; probated 8 Jun 1608; bur. Dinton, co. Wiltshire; m. ca. 1581 to Jane Pyle , daughter of Thomas Pyle , of Bapton in Fisherton-de-la-Mare, co. Wiltshire, b. ca. 1560; will 10 Dec 1646; probated 6 Jul 1650.

Thomas Ludlow , Gentleman  of Hill-Deverill Maiden Brailey Dinton and Baycliffe, Wilts Co., England.

Thomas & Jane (Pyle) Ludlow  had a least five (5) children:

1.1.   Thomas Ludlow , b. 7 Sept 1582; m. Jane Bennet
Gabriel Ludlow , Esq. , bp. 10 Feb 1587, Dinton; d. aft. 1639; m. Phyllis (unknown )
Roger Ludlow , bp. 7 Mar 1590, Dinton, Wiltshire, England
George Ludlow , d. will dated 8 Sept 1655; m. Elizabeth (unknown )
Anne Ludlow , under 21 on 19 Nov 1607.

Gabriel Ludlow , Esq.

1.2.  Gabriel Ludlow , Esq. , son of Thomas & Jane (Pyle) Ludlow , bp. 10 Feb 1587, Dinton; d. aft. 1639; m. Phyllis (unkonw).  At the time of his brother’s, George, will Gabriel Ludlow and his family were residing in England.  Gabriel & Phyllis (unknown )  Ludlow had:

1.2.1.  Thomas Ludlow

 The Honorable Roger Ludlow

1.3.  The Honorable Roger Ludlow , son of Thomas & Jane (Pyle) Ludlow , b. “baptismal date”, 7 Mar 1590, Dinton, Wiltshire, England; d. 1666, dublin, Ireland; bur. Dublin, Ireland; m. ca. 1620-1623, Chard, Somersetshire, England to Mary Cogan , daughter of Philobert & Anne (Marshall) Cogan  of Somerset, b. ca. 1604, Chard Co., Somersetshire, England; d. 3 Jun 1664, Dublin, Ireland.

Ludlow Castle, Ludlow, England

On 16 Jun 1610 Roger Ludlow  matriculated at Oxford from Balliol College, however, he did not graduate.  He was admitted to the inner Temple for the study of law in November 1612.  On 10 Feb 1630, London, he was elected an Assistanct of the Massachusetts Bay Company.  On 20 Mar 1630, he immigrated to America aboard the Mary and John, sailing from Plymouth, co. Devonshire, England.  The ship was among the group called the Winthrop Fleet.  The ship, which was also known as “Mr. Ludlow’s Ship”, arrived at the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 30 May 1630.  He was one of the first settlers of Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Roger Ludlow  was active in public service.  From 1630-1634, he served as an Assistantof Massachusetts Bay Colony.  In 1634, he ws Deputy-Governor of Connecticut.  In 1635, Roger Ludlow removed to Windsor, Connecticut where he became the First Deputy of the connecticut Colony.  He helped to found the colony of Connecticut in 1636.  He was a founder of Fairfield, Connecticut.

Roger Ludlow  was a Colonial Lawmaker known as the “Father of Connectcut Jurisprudence”.  He was instrumental in framing hte model constitution for connecticut.  He was appointed by the general court to codify the laws of Conecticut.  The Code of Connecticut was established in 1650 and published in 1672, being known as “Mr. Ludlow’s Code”.  During 1639, Roger Ludlow removed to Fairfield.  From 1651-16653, he served as the Commissioner of the United Colonies.  He served in many capacities for nearly 20 years.  He subsequently moved to Virginia ca. 13 Apr 1654.  In 1654, Roger Ludlowe  returned to England, where he became a member of the Commission on claims to forfeited lands in Ireland.

Roger Ludlow  was considered one of the brightest and best educate men in the American Colonies.  Although the was a man of many laudable qualites, he did have one great weakness, an uncontrolld temper.

Roger & Mary (Cogan) Ludlow  had six (6) children:

1.3.1.      Jonathan Ludlow , m. Sarah Davis  (?)
1.3.2.      Joseph Ludlow1.3.3.      Roger Ludlow
1.3.4.      Anne Ludlow
1.3.5.      Mary Ludlow
1.3.6.      Sarah Ludlow , b. 1643-1644; m. Nathaniel Brewster

Colonel George Ludlow , Esq.

1.4.  Colonel George Ludlow , Esq. , son of Thomas & Jane (Pyle) Ludlow , d. will dated 8 sept 1655, Yorke Co., VA; m. Elizabeth (unknown ) .  In his will, George is listed as owning a sixteenth part of the ship “Mayflower”.  George & Elizabeth (unknown) Ludlow  had children.

Sarah Ludlow

1.3.6.  Sarah Ludlow , daughter of Roger & Mary (Cogan) Ludlow , b. 1643-1644, probably Fairfield, Connecticut; d. p. 1699, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York; m. aft. Feb 1660, Dublin, Ireland to Nathaniel Brewster , sonof Dr. Francis & Lucretia (unknown )  Brewster , b. ca. 1618, Bristol, England; d. 1695, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York.

Sarah (Ludlow) Brewster  was said to have been distinguished for her literary acquirements and domestic virtures.  She is mentioned in her uncle George Ludlow ’s will as married to Nathaniel Brewster .

Nathaniel &Sarah (Ludlow) Brewster  had at least one (1) child:  Hannah Brewster , b. ca. 1669, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York

Hannah Brewster  Hannah Brewster , daughter of Nathaniel & Sarah (Ludlow) Brewster , b. ca. 1669, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York; d. p. 1749, Long Island, New York; m. ca. 1680, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York to John Muncy , son of Francis & Hannah (Adams) Muncy , b. 1660, Ipswich, Massachusetts; d. 19 Feb 1690, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York.  John & Hannah (Brewster) Muncy  had children.  See Muncy.