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The Olinger family is of German origin.  On 12 Oct 1741, among the Palatines imported in the Ship Friendship, Alexander Thomson , Master from Rotterdam , but last from Cowes , as by clearance thence[i], we find:

Hans Jurg Olinger                25
Philip Olinger                        20

 Perhaps Hans Jurg Olinger  and Philip Olinger  are brothers.

John Phillip OlingerO

John Phillip Olinger  arrived in this country on 12 Oct 1741, aboard the ship "Friendship" and subscribed to the oath of allegiance at Pennsylvania .   His age is listed as 20 in the passenger records.  (By subtracting 20, the age listed in the passenger records, from 1741, we arrive at 1721 as his date of birth.  Ms. Bales  in "Early Settlers" concurs with this as his date of birth, also from her we find that John Phillip Olinger was born in Germany .)  Arriving several years prior to John Phillip Olinger is Juliana Umberger , who arrived in this country about the ship " Hope " in 1733.  Her age is listed as 12 in the passenger records[ii].

John Philip Olinger  assisted in establishing American Independence by acting in the capacity of Patriot by furnishing flour for the army.  In "Augusta County Public Service Claims, Augusta County , Virginia ", his service is listed as follows:

Revolutionary War Service

Furnishing Supplies - Flour to feed army

             "I do hereby certify that I have Rec'd of Philip Olinger  one hundred and forty weight of good Flower at fifty pounds per hundred payable at the Treasurer of Virginia within six months From this Date with interest at six per centum thereon, Agreeable to a late act of general Assembly for procuring supply of provisions for the use of the army.  Given under my hand this first day of December one thousand seven hundred and eighty --


140 Flour ------------------- John Moffet   CPL. "


From Virginia Publick Claims, Augusta County[iii]:


“Provisions purchased by John Moffett , Commissioner of the Provision Law for the County of Augusta 1780.

Philip Ollinger , 140# flour £70.”

John Philip Olinger , b. ca. 1721 in Germany; d. ca. 1786/1787[iv] in, Augusta County, VA; m. 2 Feb 1744, Lebanon County, PA to Juliana Umberger , daughter of Hans Heinrich  & Juliana (Steeger) Umberger,  b. p. 8 Jan 1719, Reyhen, Germany.  John Philip  & Juliana (Umberger)  Olinger  had (5) five children, they were listed in Philip's will probated 12 Apr 1787:

1.   Jacob Olinger
2.   Stophel
Olinger,  b. 18 Feb 1752, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Eva Margaret Silder .
3.   Barbara
Olinger, b. abt. 1742; m. Jacob Gabbert  (Gebhardt).
4.   Philip
5.   Katherine
Olinger , m.          Casner  (Kershner).

Jacob Olinger

1.    Jacob Olinger , son of John Philip  & Juliana (Umberger)   Olinger , m. Anna Elisabeth _____ _.  Jacob & Anna Olinger had a son:

1.1.  Jacob Olinger, b. 24 Dec 1770, Lancaster, PA; bp. 24 Dec 1770, Lancaster, PA at the Trinity Lutheran Church.

(Stophel) John Christopher Olinger O

2.  (Stophel)  John Christopher Olinger , son of John Philip  & Juliana (Umberger)  Olinger , b. *18 Feb 1752, Lebanon County, PA; d. 20 Feb 1827, Lee County, VA; m. 1 Dec 1780 or 1 Jan 1781, Augusta County, VA to Eva Margaret Siler  (Sidler ) , daughter of Jacob , Sr. & Lizzie (Bentz) Sidler , b. 2 Aug 1754, Germany; d. 1 Jun 1854, Lee County, VA.

John Christopher is the translation of Stophel from German to English. (Stophel) John Christopher Olinger  held a variety of occupations including: farmer, general blacksmith, wagon maker and gun maker.(Stophel) John Christopher Olinger served in the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War Service:

Captain Cunningham 's Company of Augusta County.


In his Pension application dated 2 Jun 1818, Russell Co., Virginia he states that he:  “enlisted with John Wrentch  a Lieutenant in the Flying Camp in the 2nd Regiment under the command of Colonel Seyhock  for six months as a private soldier.  He marched with the Regiment from Hagen Town in Maryland to Philadelphia by water to Trenton, from Trenton to Brumwick, and from thence to Sandy Hook, New York, landing the day after Lord Sterling  was defeated on Long Island.  He remained at Sandy Hook, New York until he was discharged.


He then enlisted at Carlisle under Capt. James Potter  in the Regiment commanded by Colo. Smith  for three years and marched to White Marsh in Pennsylvania and there joined the army.  He was taken from the Rank, and set to drive General Thompson ’s Baggage waggon.  They then marched to the Jerseys from thence to Kings Ferry on North River, from thence to the white plains.  Then to Fredericksburg, then marched to Middlebrook where the detachment wintered.  In the spring, marched from Middlebrook to New Windson and West Point and wintered in Morristown (now known as Valley Forge).  He was discharged after the Battle of Brandy Wine.


Upon returning to Staunton, Virginia he was drafted for three months to the siege of Little York, and was at the taking of Cornwallis .  He was one of the Guard to Winchester under Capt. Buckhannan  in Colo. Lewis ’s Regiment.  He was discharged at the Barracks at Winchester and received no pay for three months.”

According to family tradition John Christopher  met his wife, Eva Siler , while at Valley Forge, during the war while under the command of General George Washington .  While at Valley Forge it is told, that he and the General ate some of their meals in the home of Jacob Siler , while Eva acted as sentinel.  This indeed may be on family tradition based on fact, from his pension application we find he did winter with the troops in Morristown (now known as Valley Forge), Pennsylvania during the winter of 1777/1778.  It would not be unheard of for the Sidler family to have migrated to the Augusta County, Virginia area after the war, as that was the usual migratory path from 0Pennsylvania, to the South.

On 6 Feb 1789, he was granted leave to keep an ordinary (hotel or bed & breakfast) at the house of William Robinson  in Christiansburg, VA.  On 2 Jun 1818, John Christopher Olinger  applied for a pension in Russell County, Virginia, at that time he declared under oath that he was "now 66 years of age...".

(Stophel ) John Christopher & Eva Margaret (Silder) Olinger  had (9) nine children:

2.1.  Martha Ann Olinger, no further records found.
2.2.  Virginia Margaret
Olinger,  b. 3 Dec 1784, Augusta County, VA; m. bef 1808, Russell County, VA to Samuel Duff .
2.3.  Jacob Blubaugh
Olinger,  b. 20 May 1787, Augusta County; m. ca. 1808, Russell County, VA to Virginia Hannah Hobbs .
2.4.  John Christopher
Olinger, II, b. 7 Nov 1790, Augusta or Montgomery County, VA; m. Lydia Ann Skaggs .
2.5.  David C.
Olinger, b. 12 Jun 1792; m. Nancy Patrick Horton .
2.6.  Mary Ann
Olinger, b. 20 Jul 1795; m. Absalom Hobbs .
2.7.  Juliana (Julie Ann
) Olinger , b. 4 Sept 1798; m. John Drake .
2.8.  Joseph Kenda
l Olinger b. 9 Sept 1801, Russell Co., VA; m. Elizabeth Collier .
2.9. Nancy Araminta
Olinger , b. 11 Jan 1806; m. Stafford Holmes .

*$According to Ms. Bales  in "Early Settlers", John Christopher Olinger  was born 18 February 1737, in Germany.  There is a quite of bit of evidence which supports 18 February 1752 as his actual date of birth, and Pennsylvania as his place of birth.    In John Christopher Olinger's petition for a pension, on 2 Jun 1818, he declared under oath that he was "now 66 years of age...".  By subtracting 66 from 1818, we arrive at 1752.  Having arrived at 1752 as his date of birth, it is then obvious that his place of birth was not Germany.  John Christopher Olinger's parents were John Phillip Olinger  and Juliana (Umberger) Olinger .

John Christopher Olinger II

2.4.  John Christopher Olinger ,  II, son of(Stophel ) John Christopher & Eva Margaret (Sidler) Olinger, b. 7 Nov 1790, Augusta or Montgomery County, VA; d. 12 Nov 1863, Lee County, VA; m. ca 1815, Russell County, VA to Lydia Ann Skaggs , daughter of Jeremiah  & Hannah (Lester) Skaggs,  b. 2 Nov 1793, Russell County, VA; d. 12 Dec 1871, Lee County, Virginia.  Both John C. & Lydia Olinger are buried in a family plot on a hilltop near the village of Olinger in Lee County, Virginia[v].

John Christopher Olinger , II served in the War of 1812.  He was drafted at the courthouse in Russell County and served as a sergeant in Capt. Hammond 's Company in the Fifth Regiment, Virginia Militia, commanded by Lieut. Col. McClanahan .  John Christopher Olinger, II's occupation was that of a farmer.  He also operated a grist mill, saw mill, blacksmith shop and tannery on his farm.  He also accumulated more than 90,000 acres of farm and mineral land in Lee County, on which some of the richest iron and coal fields in Virginia were found.

John Christopher & Lydia (Skaggs) Olinger  had (7) seven children:

2.4.1.  Ann Eliza Olinger , b. ca. 1817, probably Russell County, VA; d. 28 Feb 1892, aged 75 years; m. 12 Jun 1852, Lee County, VA to Jonathan Kelly , Jr.
2.  Margaret Olinger, b. abt. 1820.
3.  Jacob Blubaugh Olinger,  b. 22 Aug 1824; d. 24 Jan 1903[vi]
4.  Amanda Melvina Olinger,  b. abt. 1827-1828; m. William S. Parsons .
5.  John Christopher Olinger , b. 19 Apr 1832; Of more later.
6.  Juliana Olinger,  m. Ira G. Sprinkle .
7.  Araminta Olinger , b. abt. 1835.
8.  Van   Olinger, Pastor of Olinger Missionary Baptist Church[vii]. He is also mentioned is correspondence from his brother John Christopher  (#5) to his father John Christopher.

Joseph Kendal Olinger

2.8.  Joseph Kendal Olinger , son of (Stophel) John Christopher  & Eva Margaret (Silder) Olinger , b. 9 Sept 1801, Russell Co., VA; m. abt. 1823, Lee Co., VA to Elizabeth Collier .  Joseph & Elizabeth (Collier) Olinger  had eleven (11) children:

2.8.1.  David Olinger
2.8.2.  Daniel
2.8.3.  Catherine
2.8.4.  John
2.8.5.  Eliza
2.8.6.  James Martin
Olinger , b 1836, Lee Co., VA; m. 1868 to Martha Cecil Graham .
2.8.7.  Marion
2.8.8.  Harvey
2.8.9.  Jacob
2.8.10.  William
2.8.11.  Mary

Jacob Blubaugh Olinger

2.4.3.  Jacob Blubaugh Olinger , son of John Christopher & Lydia (Skaggs) Olinger , b. 22 Aug 1824; d. 24 Jan 1903, Lee Co., VA[viii]; m. 24 Feb 1848 to Martha Jane Pennington , b. 24 Mar 1829; d. 1 Jan 1896.  Both are buried in Olinger, Lee Co., VA.

Jacob Blubaugh Olinger   served for three years during the Civil War.  It is told that while he was home on leave a group of robbers from Kentucky came and told their livestock and all their bed clothing.  The group attempted to hang Jacob, telling his wife that if she cut him down they would come back to kill her.  She did not heed their warning and cut him down.  The group of robbers did not return.

Jacob & Martha Jane (Pennington) Olinger  had nine (9) children:  John David Dinker Olinger, m. Phoebe Parsons.
3.2.  Martin Van Buren Olinger , moved to Missouri; d. buried Missouri.
3.3.  James “Doc” Olinger, b. 20 Sep 1854
3.4.  Lydia Ann Olinger , b. 13 Sept 1864; d. 13 Jul 1900; m. ____ Thompson .  Twin of Phoebe Jane.
3.5.  Phoebe Jane Olinger , b.  13 Sept 1864; d. young.  Twin of Lydia Ann.
3.6.  Rachel Malinda Olinger ; m. ____ Walton .  Moved to Florida.
3.7.  Craig Lee Olinger ; d. young.
3.8.  David Bauregard Olinger; d. young.
3.9.  Mary Louise Olinger,  b. 18 Mar 1851; d. 6 Oct 1940; m. 3 Apr 1870 to Maroni Eldrige Hyatt .

Amanda Melvina Olinger

2.4.4.  Amanda Melvina Olinger , daughter of John Christopher  & Lydia Ann (Skaggs)  Olinger, b. abt. 1827-1828, Lee County, VA; d. date unknown ; m.1st-1848 to William S. Parsons , son of William , Sr. & Phoebe (Pennington) Parsons , b. 1828, Lee County, VA; d. 13 Mar 1864, a prisoner of the Civil War in Camp Douglas, Illinois; She m.2nd- 11 Feb 1875, James Monroe Parsons . William S. & Amanda (Olinger) Parsons  had (3) three children:    John S . Parsons b. 1849.  SEE PARSONS.
4.2.  Zion  Mitchell Parsons , b. 1855.
4.3.  James  Kyle Parsons , b. 1859.

John Christopher Olinger

2.4.5.  John Christopher Olinger ,P son of John Ch ristopher & Lydia Ann (Skaggs) Olinger, b. 19 Apr 1832.  Served in the Civil War as a Lieutenant in Company A, 50th Regiment, Floyds Brigade.  The following is the contents of a letter[ix] (transcribed from the original) sent to by John Christopher to his father in 1861. 

$Compilers' note:  page numbers added to show original letter pages.  In the original there are no page numbers within the letter.



Gariley Nicolas County

Augst the 29th 1861

 Deare Father i seate myself to rite you a few lines to let you know that i am in tolerable good health at this time and i hope that when Comes to your        _______ that they may b_____  and ______ and ______ special _______ root        moving ninety mile _____  ______ ______ ________ and doble duty in geting read for the line, and sighting them on Sunday Aug 25th we begun to fortify lines and  _______ _______ and late in the evening run pickets ______   double quick time and _____ the evening was in quietns ____ a more of our lines and our _____ ______ ______ ______ and lay _____ our work ____         for _____ they did not cone and ______  morning over _____ out ______ me.  Them at ______ can three _____ (an entire line is missing due to a fold in the paper.)  Cut them off ______ not one of them sentne fire on us distance from them in the _____ that we was taking to surround them we opened the fire on them at two hundred and fifty yards form them and the first they begun to and gave them but one _____ and ______ was to get away if they could he tried to get a white flag to hoist


but he could not get as much as a white handkerchief and he ran way and left his men our men behaved very well we wone the first men that fires on then and we fired till we were ordered to cease firing in oredered to out flank them and getbetween them and the mountains but we did not sucessed in our object for they fot to the woods and escaped (one line missing due to fold in the page) they returned the fire with some spirit and bravery from behind the lines and some houses we completely routed them with the loss of from five hundred kiled and wounded and one hundred twenty five prisoners and we had forty men kiled and twenty wounded then was many men from Lee hurt in the fight one of captin Salian  men was shot in the shoulder it was a man by the name of                       _______ ______, ______ yankyes shot throu the head and his brains is partly run out and he is stil alive and Can tell we men the enemy _____ and we taken three wagons and overcoming our cavelry _____ a kight _____ on Sunday last at the hawksnest ______ was two hundred of our cavery and the enemys strength was not known but it was thought that there


was two thousand of the enemy our men had to run and several of them was wounded and Samuel Duff s son gorome was taken prisoner and Lieutenant James La______ was wounded and Daniel Garrison  was shot in the arm but not very vad we have strong force here and there is more coming i have not heard from brother Van  for some time he is still with girll, i have nothing          ______ of any importance to rite to you i want you to hurry Wiett up and let him finnish my house so my wife can get in it before cold weather. [i want some lumber sawed for a new house] i want you to rite without fail for nothin would be more pleasing to me at this time than to here from you fore it has been a long time since i have heard from you i have not had                         _____ ______ since i left home and that John Johnston  carrieds it to me and it makes very lonsom owing to brother bing absent and my friend and family being sow foar from me throu it is not sow hard when i think that i am in the service of my country and that i am doing my duty and i hope that i will bee able to see you ______ once more and live


and enjoy the Comfort of a private life and the happiness of my family and friends but i want my country to bee at peace first if it can ______ then i will return to the bosom of my family an friends ______ at present but remain your most affectionate son.

 John C Olinger  jr.

 Write C Olinger  jr.

 August the 31st  :61

 Deare father i have just ______ yours of the wwnd which gave me greate satisfication to learn that you are well but i am sorry to learn that Brother Van  is still sick i rite home for ______ you have you home and will not get the letter i rote to Withville i have states _______ in my letter that i have to say and i will rite you so i wat you to rite to me soon and give mee the particulars.  Direct your letters to Louisbur in the care of Lieut J. C. Olinger   company A 50th Regiment

Floyds Brigade

Formation of Olinger Missionary Baptist Church

In 1905 several members of the Olinger family joined together with others to form the Olinger Missionary Baptist Church.  Among those Olingers who were member we find:

James Aaron Doc Olinger, Julia Olinger Turner,  Phoebe Olinger Thompson , John Dinker Olinger , Phoebe Parsons Olinger  (wife of John Dinker Olinger ), Jacob Blubaugh Olinger .

 Records indicate that member Jacob Blubaugh Olinger  d. 24 Jan 1903.

[i]  Pennsylvania German Pioneers, p. 307
“Eighteenth Century German Immigrants”; & “Pennsylvania German Pioneers”, by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LL.D., pp. 307, 309-310; & “Early Settlers of Lee County Virginia and Adjacent Counties, Vol. “, by  , p. 750, 752; & NSDAR Application of Judy P. Smith, National No.      

Virginia Publick Claims, Augusta County , compiled and transcribed by Janice L Abercrombie and Richard Slatten , p. 24
Will probated 12 Apr 1787
“Daughters of the American Revolution, February 1986”, p. 121-122
Olinger Missionary Baptist Church records
Olinger Missionary Baptist Church records
Olinger Missionary Baptist Church records
  The original letter is in the possession of Barbara Parsons Owens, Richmond , Virginia .