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The following information has not been proven to be connected to Issac Pennington of Goodstone Manor in England, however is included here for informational purposes, in hopes that one day this may lead to a connection and continuation of the family line.

ARMS:Or, five fusils conjoined in fesse azure.

CREST:A mountain cat, passant, guarded, proper.

MOTTO:Vincit amor patri

Gamel de Penington

Gamel de Penington had four (4) children:  

1. Benedict de Penington , m.Agnes
2. Meldred de Penington
3. Alan de Penington
4. Alexander de Penington

Alan de Penington

1. Alande Penington, son of Gamel de Penington.  Alande Penington had two (2) sons:

1.1. Thomas de Penington  
Alan de Penington
, d. living July 1242

Thomas de Penington

1.1. Thomas de Penington, son of Alande Penington , d. 1240; m.Agnes , daughter  ofSir Johnde Longvillers , Knight. Agnesde Penington m2ndThomasde Greistock . Thomas &Agnes ( de Longvillers ) de Penington had two (2) sons:

1.1.1. Sir Alande Penington, Knight  in 1276  
1.1.2. Sir Williamde Penitone, d. bef. 1323.

Sir William de Penitone

1.2.1. Sir William de Penitone , on ofThomas &Agnes ( de Longvillers )   de  Penington, d. bef. 1323.Sir William de Penitone had three (3) children:  Sir John de Penitone , b. ca. 1308 
Maude, m. ca.
 1317/1318 to John, son of  Sir Richard & Alice de Hadleston 
Joan, d. living on 7 Jan 1351/1352

Sir John de Penitone  Sir John de Penitone, son of Sir William de Penitone , b. ca. 1308; d.1332; m. Joan, widow of  Sir John.  Sir John & Joan de Penitone  had a son:

Sir William de Penitone  Sir William de Penitone , son o Sir John de Penitone , m. by 1352 to a daughter of Sir W. de Leghe ; m2nd Elizabeth de Malton , daughter of Thomas de Malton , b. 1344; d. bef.1421.Elizabeth de Penitone  m2nd to Hugh Standysshe.  Sir William & Elizabeth (de Malton) de Penitone  had a son:

Sir Alan de Penington  Sir Alan de Penington , son of Sir William & Elizabeth (de Malton) de Penitone , d. 27 Sept 115; m. Katherine de Preston , daughter of Sir Richard de Preston .Sir Alan de Penington was a “chivaler”.Sir Alan & Katherine (de Preston) de Penington had:

Sir John de Penington  Sir John de Penington , son of Sir Alan & Katherine (de Preston) de Penington, b. 1393; d. 6 Jul 1470; m. Katherine de Tunstall , daughter of Sir Thomas & Isabel (Harrington)  de Tunstall .Sir John & Katherine(de Tunstall) de Penington had three (3) children:   John Pennington
   Anne, m. Sir Christopher Curwen
.   Catherine, m. Jno.  Rigmayden

John Pennington  Sir John de Pennington, son of Sir John & Katherine (de Tunstall) de Penington, m. Elizabeth Radcliffe , daughter ofSir Nicolas Radcliffe .John Pennington  was a Knight of the Shire of Cumberland.John & Elizabeth (Radcliffe) Pennington  may had:

Issac Pennington

The ancestor of this family is Issac Pennington . Issac Pennington  is of Goodstone Manor in England. He was a writer and preacher.Issac Pennington is the father-in-law of William Penn  of Pennsylvania.  His wife's name is unknown .He is the father of:

Micajah PenningtonO

Micajah Pennington , son of Issac Pennington, b. 28 Apr 1743, England; d. p. 1810; m. 28 Jan 1761, North Carolina to Rachel Jones , b. 12 Jun 1741, North Carolina; d. unknown , North Carolina.   Micajah Pennington was appointed tax collector of his district in 1778.Micajah Pennington is found in Lee County, Virginia in 1815.His holdings in the county were described as, one farm on Powells river and in the Por [Poor] Valley, 50 acres having thereon one dwelling, "cabbin", one story, 16 feet square, one loom house, one stable, with a value of $50.[i]

Revolutionary War Service

Micajah Pennington  of Wilkes County, North Carolina provided public services for Capt. Enoch Osburn's Co., Fincastle and Montgomery County, VA[ii]

Micajah & Rachel (Jones) Pennington had (10) ten children:

1.  Elijah Pennington, b. 9 Dec 1761.  
2.  Micaja
Pennington, b. 13 Dec 1763.  
3.  Mary
Pennington, b.  8 Nov 1765; m. Jesse Bollin 
4.  Levi
Pennington,  b. 25 Dec 1767.
5.  Edward
Pennington, b. 29 Dec 1769; m. Martha Flanary.  
6.  Rachel
Pennington, b. 26 Dec 1771.  
7.  Lesebeth
Pennington, b. 10 Aug 1774; m. John Barton.  
8.  Saraey 'Sarah'
Pennington, b. 24 Nov 1776.  
9.  Johaner
Pennington, b. 24 Nov 1779.  
10.  Benajah
Pennington, b. 15 Jan 1782.

Edward 'Neddy' Pennington

5.  Edward 'Neddy' Pennington, son of Micajah  & Rachel (Jones) Pennington , b. 29 Dec 1769, Ashe County, North Carolina[iii]; d.5 May 1860, Lee County, VA[iv]; m. ca. 1792-1793, Wilkes County, North Carolina to Martha Patsy Flanary, daughter of John & Phoebe (Boggs) Flanary, b. 20 Dec 1779, North Carolina; d. 25 Dec 1852, Lee County, VA.

Edward Pennington  came to the Lee County, Virginia area around 1790 from the New River area of North Carolina[v].  Pennington Gap, Virginia was named for Edward Pennington who settled there in 1802.  Edward & Martha had children:

5.1.Phoebe Pennington , b. 26 Sept 1794, North Carolina; d. 1862-1863, Lee County, VA; m. 18 Aug 1814 to William S. Parsons

Phoebe Pennington

5.1.  Phoebe Pennington, daughter of Edward & Martha (Flanary) Pennington , b. 26 Sept 1794, North Carolina; d. 1862-1863, Lee County, VA; m. 18 Aug 1814 to William S. Parsons , b. 16 Nov 1789, North Carolina; d. 6 Jan 1856, Lee County, Virginia. William & Phoebe (Pennington)  Parsons had children.  SEE PARSONS

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