Robins - Robyns

Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 ©1996, Judy Parsons Smith

Robbins Coat of Arms

The surname Robin means “Brilliant Glory”, it was used in the central and southwestern areas of England .

ARMS:   Per fesse indented ar. and as. a fess indented counter changed, in chief two escallps of the second.

Fesse - represents the belt of knighthood and denotes “Command”.  The inspiration for the shield comes from the sea, which is indicated by the colors and lines of shield together with the shells.  Scallop shells - were a badge of a pilgrim (their origin dates to the Crusades).  The shield as a whole is a picture of waves breaking on a shell torn beach[i].  

MOTTO:  None, as this is a very old coat of arms.

Thomas Robbins

Thomas Robbins , m. (unknown ).   Thomas & E. Robbins had a son:

1.  Charles Robbins , b. ca. 1800; m. Russell Co., VA to Sarah Jane McGraw ,
2.  Thomas Robb i ns
3.  William Robb i ns

Charles Robbins

1.  Charles Robbins , son Thomas & E. Robbins b. ca. 1800, Scott or Russell Co., VA; m. ca. 1820, Russell Co., VA to Sarah Jane McGraw, daughter of John & Jane McGraw , b. 1803; d. 22 Oct 1876, Lee County, VA.

Charles & Sarah Robb i ns  moved to Lee Co., VA around 1826 with three (3) children. 

Formation of Robbins Chapel Church

Robbins Chapel United Methodist Church was began in the early 1800’s.  Charles Robbins  together with his brothers Thomas & William Robbins  built a log church to worship in and named it Robbins Chapel Church .  The land for the church was donated by Zion Robbins , son of Charles .  Zion Robbins became the first clergyman of Robbins Chapel Church bef.1873.  In 1880 he organized a Sunday at the church.  Among the charter members were:  Zion Robbins , A.D. Robbins ,, David James Smith , Mary A. Robbins , Margaret Robbins ,, Martha J. Robbins ,, Charlotte Smith Robbins ,.

Charles & Sarah ( McGraw ) Robbins ,  had eleven (11) children:

1.1.  Ananias Davidson Robb i ns, b. 24 Apr 1822; d. 6 Feb 1894, Lee Co., VA; m. ca. 1848 to Mary Pennington .
1.2.  James Austin Robb i ns, b. 1823; d. in Garvin , OK ; m. 28 Oct 1847 to Rebecca Pennington .
1.3.  Larkin Robb i ns ,  b. 1825; m. ca. 1846 to Lavina Whisman .
1.4.  Letitia Robb i ns, b. 1827; m. Green Pennington.
1.5.  Sarah Robb i ns ,  b. 1828, Lee Co., VA; m. Thomas Parsons .
1.6.  Thomas Robb i ns, b. 24 Apr 1830, Lee Co., VA; d. 18 Dec 1892; m. Elizabeth Smith .
1.7.  Mary Robb i ns, b. 1835; m. 27 Sept 1851 to John Speed Bailey .
1.8.  Zion Robb i ns, b. 14 Feb 1836; d. 30 Jul 1903; m. Martha Jane Pennington .
1.9.  Anderson Robb i ns, b. 1 Jun 1838; d. 22 Aug 1898; m. 15 Oct 1865 to Lavina Pennington .
1.10. Margaret Robb i ns ,  b. c. 1840; d. ca. 1879-1880, Lee County, VA; m. Issac Baker .
1.11. William Robb i ns ,  b. 1842.  Moved west.

Margaret Robbins

1.10.  Margaret Robbins , daughter of Charles , & Sarah (McGraw) Robbins ,  b. c. 1840; d. ca. 1879-1880, Lee County, VA; m. Issac Baker , son of John  & Permdy (Van Noy) Baker , b. 24 ar 1850, possibly Claiborne Co., TN.  SEE BAKER

 [i] Early Settlers of Lee County and Adjacent Counties, Vol. I”, compiled by Anne Wynn Laningham , p. 280