Scudamore, Skeydemore, Skidmore,

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New information on the Skidmore and Whitehead families

The name Skidmore[i] is derived from the Norman- French "Escu d' amour", the shield of love.

MOTTO:  Scuto Amoris Divini
TRANSLATION :  “Defended by the shield of Divine love”

ARMS:  Gules, three stirrups, leather and buckles or
CREST:  A unicorn's head erased sable Platie


ARMS:  Gules, three stirrups, leathered and buckled or
CREST:  Out of ducal cornet or a lions gamb sable armed gules.

 The early family was noted for excellent horsemanship and the superior breed of horses they possessed.  The Scudamore family came into England from Northern France .  The Scudamore family is distinguished in early history as being one of the most eminent families in West England . They were strong Royalist. They resided mostly in Herefordshire, and Herefordshire County on the Wales border.  The Scudamores were people of greath wealth and influence. 

Seyut Scudamore

The Ancestor of the Skidmore family arrived in England from Northern France , with William the Conqueror ( William I) in 1066 when he assumed the throne of England .  His name was inscribed on the Roll of Battle Abbey as “ Seyut Scudamore ” (Saint). 

Richard Skidmore

Richard Skidmore, ,[ii] son of Richard Skidmore , m. Agnes Lawrence , daughter of Richard Lawrence .  Richard & Agnes ( Lawrence ) Skidmore had a son:


Sir Thomas Scudamore

Sir Thomas Scudamore of Holme Lacy, Herefordshire, England, son of Richard & Agnes (Lawrence) Skidmore; m. Clariso de Lacy (during the reign of William Rufus). 

The mansion known as Holme Lacy, was built at Herefordshire , England by Walter de Lacy .  Walter de Lacy was on of William the Conqueror’s lieutenants who received for his services in the War, a large majority of Hereford , England .

Sir Thomas & Clariso ( de Lacy ) Scudamore had at least one son:

Thomas , b. abt 1600, Westerly Co., England .

The branch of the family that Thomas Skidmore comes from is the one known as the Scudamores of holme Lacy Herefordshire.  Holme Lacy is one of the "stately homes of England " it is located on the crest of the knoll in the Valley of the River Arye, Herefordshire , England .

Thomas Skidmore Esq.

Thomas Skidmore, Esq., son of Richard & Agnes (Lawrence) Skidmore, b. abt 1600, Westerly County, England; d. 1684, Fairfield, Connecticut (will dated 20 Apr 1684); m.1st- 1635, England to Ellen Whitehead,[iii]; m.2nd- Joanna Stanford (Westcott)(Baldwin), she had been twice widowed, b. 1612; d. will 1667; m.3rd 1672 to Sarah Treadwell, widow of Edward Treadwell, Henry Whelpley, and Ralph Keeler.  

At the age of 35 Thomas Skidmore was married and living in Westerlleigh, Gloucester County , England . In 1635, he was an Agent of Governor Winthrop in planning Saybrook.  In Apr 1635 he sent cattle over for Governor John Winthrop .  In 1639, he set sail for New England , aboard the same ship as Governor Winthrop , Jr.   They arrived at what is now known as Cambridge , Massachusetts .  From 1636 until 1639, he assisted Governor Winthrop in the settlement of Saybrook , Connecticut .  He assisted in the preparing a plantation at Saybrook , Connecticut for Governor Winthrop , Jr.  

Thomas Skidmore ’s homestead in Cambridge , Massachusetts was located on the westerly side of Brighton Street, North of Mount Auburn .  This location is now Harvard Square , Cambridge , Massachusetts and a post office stands on a portion of his lands.  He was living in Boston , Massachusetts in 1639.  In the spring of 1640, he sent back to England for his wife and family to join him.  At the time he sent for his family, he also gave power of attorney to Henry Hazzard of Bristol England to sell his property at Westerly , county of Gloucester , England .  On 1 Jan 1646, Thomas Skidmore sold his property in Cambridge and moved with his wife and six (6) children to Connecticut Colony, New York .

In 1647-48, Thomas Skidmore owned a home lot and ear marks for cattle in New London (at that time known as Pequot Harbor), Connecticut.  In 1649, he received a large land grant in Fairfield, Connecticut.  He was instrumental in founding the settlement of Huntington , Long Island . Thomas Skidmore was a Smithy (blacksmith) by trade.  He located his shop on land near the Harbor - it appears that he had a great affection for the water.  In 1663 he is shown as a smithy of Huntington Harbor , Long Island .  In 1673:  He was one of the Patentees of Huntington. 

Also in 1673, Thomas Skidmore became the town Clerk in Huntington and a representative to the General Assembly. On 4 Mar 1669, he appears as the first attorney for Suffolk County . In 1676, he served in King Philip 's War.  He is listed in 1693 as One of Associates of Lancaster, Massachusetts.            

Thomas & Ellen (Whitehead) Skidmore had (5) five children:

1.  Thomas , b. England .
2.  Dorothy , b. ca. 1631, England ; m. 20 Jul 1652, Stafford to Hugh Griffen
3.  Jedidah (female), b. England ; m. Edward Highby
4.  John , b.
 11 Apr 1643; m. Susannah Davis .
5.  Grace m. John Goulding of Huntington .

Thomas Skidmore

1.  Thomas Skidmore , son of Thomas & Ellen (Whitehead) Skidmore, b. ca. 1628, England; d. at an advanced age in Huntington , Long Island , New York .  Thomas Skidmore had four (4) children:

1.1.       Thomas Skidmore
1.2.       Susanne Skidmore
1.3.        Ellen Skidmore
1.4.       Elizabeth Skidmore

John Skidmore

4.  John Skidmore, son of Thomas & Ellen Skidmore, b. 11 Apr 1643, Cambridge, Massachusetts; d. ca. 168, Jamaica, Long Island; m. 1662 to Susannah Davis, daughter of Fulk Davis,[iv] d. aft 22 Jul 1675.

John Skidmore was a well educated man and a proficient blacksmith.  He was serving as Town Clerk as early as 1668 and in 1770, he was voted Towne Clerk.  This also made him the clerk of the church, the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica (said to be the oldest Presbyterian Church in the United States )   He was the first Clerk of Christ’s Church, Jamaica, Long Island, New York.  He also practiced the blacksmith trade.

John & Susannah ( Davis ) Skidmore had (5) five children:

4.1.       John , b.  1662; d. 22 Jan 1740, Stratford , age 78.
4.2.       Joseph , d. will date 1708, Dover , Delaware
4.3.      Thomas , d. aft 1744.
4.4.      Samuel , m.1st- Susanna ; m.2nd- Hannah
4.5.       Abigail , b. ca. 1670; m. Francis Muncy , II .  SEE MUNCY

John Skidmore

4.1.  John Skidmore , son of John & Susannah ( Davis ) Skidmore, b. 1662; d. 22 Jan 1740, Stratford , age 78; m. Mary (Unknown) , b. ca. 1665; d. 28 Nov 1748, Stratford .  On 4 Jun 1692 he purchased a tract of land in Kent Co., Delaware , which he called “Skidmore’s Folly”.  He served as sheriff of Long Island , New York   from 4 Oct 1727 to 3 Oct 1728.  John & Mary (Unknown) Skidmore had four (4) children:

4.1.1.  John
2.  Ellen , m. 21 Dec 1721, New Haven to Enos Bradley
3.  Thomas , b. 1693; d. 21 Jul 1761, Newton ; m. Martha , b. 1692; d. 23 Dec 1774, age 80.
4.  Mary , b.  1797; d. 18 Jun 1772, Huntington , Long Island , New York ; m. 19 Apr 1722, Stratford to Thomas Latlin .
5.  Abigail , bur. 30 Dec 1771; m. 1733, New Haven to Benjamin Wilmo

Joseph Skidmore

4.2.  Joseph Skidmore , son of John & Susannah (Smith?), d. will dated 1708, Dover , Delaware .  Joseph Skidmore had two (2) children:

                4.21.  Susannah Skidmore
2.  Joseph Skidmore , Jr.

Thomas Skidmore

4.3.  Thomas Skidmore , son of John & Susannah (Smith?), d. will dated 1744, Dover , Delaware .  In his will of 1744 he mentions the following children:

4.3.1.  Sarah Cunningham
4.3.2.  Margaret Cunningham

Samuel Skidmore

4.4.  Samuel Skidmore , son of John & Susannah (Smith?), d. will dated 1771, Dover , Delaware ; m. Elizabeth (Unknown) .  Samuel & Elizabeth (Unknown) Skidmore had two (2) children:

                4.4.1.  Mary Skidmore
4.4.2.  Thomas Skidmore

Abigail Skidmore

4.5.  Abigail Skidmore , daughter of John & Susannah (Smith?) Skidmore, b. ca. 1670, Long Island, New York; d. aft 1744, New Kent County, Delaware; m. abt 1707, Long Island, New York to Francis Muncy , II , son of John & Hannah  (Brewster) Muncy , b. ca. 1680, Brookhaven, Long Island; d. 1738, Kent County, Delaware.  Francis & Abigail (Skidmore) Muncy had a son:

4.5.1.      Samuel Muncy , b. ca. 1710
2.      Nathaniel Muncy [v]
3.      Thomas Muncy

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