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James G. Sloan

The known ancestor of the Kentucky Sloan’s is James G. Sloan, b. 1787, NC; m. 18 Dec 1809, Sumner Co., TN to Anna Lauderdale, b. 1788, Virginia.  James G. & Anna (Lauderdale) Sloan had children:

James "Jim" G. Sloan, Jr.

James “Jim” G. Sloan, Jr., son of James G. & Anna (Lauderdale) Sloan, b. 1822, Tennessee; m. Elizabeth Kerley, b. 1826, TN.  Jim & Elizabeth (Kerley) Sloan had children:

Joseph "Joe" Madison Sloan

Joseph “Joe” Madison Sloan , m. Parthenia Jane Hall .  Joe & Parthenia (Hall) Sloan had children:

Maurice "Morris" Madison Sloan

Maurice “Morris” Madison Sloan, son of Joe & Parthenia (Hall) Sloan, b. 5 Jan 1893, Graves Co., Kentucky; d. 4 Jan 1984, Benton, Marshall Co., KY[ii]; m. 20 Dec 1914, Benton, Marshall Co., KY to Tempie Ellen Walters, daughter of James W. & Martha (Hunt)  Walters, b. 12 Oct 1897, Kentucky; d. 5 Feb 1979, Benton, Marshall Co., Kentucky, age 81[iii].  Both Morris & Tempy ( Walters ) Sloan are buried at the Marshall county Memorial Gardens cemetery.  Morris Sloan worked for and retired from the L & N Railroad.

Morris & Tempie ( Walters ) Sloan had ten (10) children:

1.  James Marshall , b. 3 Dec 1916, Marshall Co., KY
2.  Tula , b. 20 Feb 1918, Marshall Co., KY
3.  Joseph Joe ” Euriah, b. 24 Jul 1920, Hardin, Marshall Co., KY
4.  Treva Ellen , b. 18 Feb 1923, Calloway Co., KY
5.  Halford Hayes , b. Jan 1924; d. Feb 1924
6.  Peter , d. young.  Twin of Paul .
7.  Paul , d. young.  Twin of Peter .
8.  Herbert Donahugh ( Donnie Whue ), b. 17 Apr 1929, Hardin Co., KY
9.  Harold , d. young.  Twin of Harry .
10.  Harry , d. young.  Twin of Harold .

Herbert Donahugh "Donnie Whue" Sloan

8.  Herbert Donahugh Sloan, son of Morris & Tempie (Walters) Sloan, b. 17 Apr 1929, Hardin Co., KY[iv]; m. 3 Dec 1948, Fayetteville, NC to Lisa Brady, daughter of Futrel Lee & Frossie (Graham) Brady, b. 15 Aug 1928, Fayetteville, NC.

This was her 2nd marriage.  Herbert Donahugh Sloan had his name legally changed to Donnie Whue Sloan sometime in the 1950’s.

Donnie & Lisa ( Brady ) Sloan had four (4) children[v]:

8.1.  Donnie Hugh , b. 1950
8.2.   Maurice Craig ’, b. 1951
8.3.  Marty Leon , b. 1952
8.4.  Jill , b. 1954

Donnie Hugh Sloan

8.1.  Donnie Hugh Sloan, son of Donnie & Lisa (Brady) Sloan, b. 1950; d. 24 Dec 1984, disappeared off the coast of North Carolina; m. Ramona (Unknown).  Donnie & Ramona (Unknown) Sloan had one (1) child:

 8.1.1.  Donnie “D.J.” Hugh , Jr.

Maurice 'Craig' Sloan

8.2.   Maurice Craig Sloan , son of Donnie & Lisa ( Brady ) Sloan , b. 1951; m1st - (Unknown); m2nd - (Unknown); m3rd to Carolyn (Unknown), from Canada .  Craig & Carolyn (Unknown) Sloan had one (1) child:

 8.2.1.  Ryan

Marty Leon Sloan

8.3.  Marty Leon Sloan, son of Donnie & Lisa (Brady) Sloan, b. 26 Feb 1952, Cumberland Co.[vi], NC; m1st to Jane (Unknown) ; divorced 4 May 1981, Mecklenburg Co., NC[vii]; m2nd[viii] 23 Jun 1987, Henrico Co., VA to Judy Lynne Parsons, daughter of Larry & Dorothy (Stapleton) Parsons , b. 16 Sept 1963, Lee Co., VA; divorced 6 Jun 1989, Chesterfield Co., VA.[ix]  He m3rd[x] sometime after Jul 1989, Colorado to a (female) Maryott.  Marty Leon Sloan changed his last name, after July 1989 to Maryott.  There were no children by his first marriage.

$[xi]  It is my opinion ( Judy Smith ), that Marty Sloan probably was married sometime prior to October 1986, in Charleston , South Carolina to a Mary Hannah (Unknown).  The reasoning behind this theory is as follows:

*         He arrived in Richmond , Virginia in October 1986.
Information received from a private investigator, that he had spoken to a woman in South Carolina by the name of Mary Sloan about Marty.
The same individual also stated that when Marty left South Carolina he had left the apartment that he was living in with a hangman's noose hanging from the center of the room.
He had personally shown me photographs of he and Mary , together in South Carolina .
He was insistent that a daughter be named Mary Hannah .  As you can see, I did not name our daughter Mary Hannah .
I do not believe that he had obtained a divorce from the Mary Sloan in South Carolina prior to our marriage.  It is my suspicion that he and I were never legally married, even though we went through the proper motions.  I have not verified that he in-fact was married in South Carolina , however, after everything else that I was told (which turned out to be not true).  It is just a hunch.  Someday, I may follow-up with a letter to the South Carolina Records Division
In accordance with the time of his arrest (January 1985) and jail time in South Carolina, he most likely was married in South Carolina sometime in late 1985 or early1986.

 Marty & Judy (Parsons) Sloan had two (2) children:

8.3.1.  John Walter , b. 8 Jul 1987, Henrico Co., VA[xii]  See Smith
2.  Danielle Leigh , b. 7 Feb 1989, Henrico Co., VA[xiii]  See Smith

Jill Sloan

8.4.  Jill Sloan , daughter of Donnie & Lisa ( Brady ) Sloan , b. 1954; m. (unknown ).  Jill Sloan had a daughter:

8.4.1.  Sarah (unknown )

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