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Araus (Ericus) Smith

The ancestor of this branch of the Lee County , Virginia Smith 's is Araus (Ericus) Smith.  He was believed to have been a Presbyterian priest in Sweden .  The only known son of Ericus is Tobias .  It is not known when Tobias came to this country.  However, it must have been sometime prior to 1747.  Ericus Smyth had a son:

Tobias Smyth

Tobias Smyth, son of Ericus Smyth, d. 1 Dec 1781, Glade Springs, VA; m. 1748-1749, Augusta County, VA to Mary McDonald , daughter of Bryan & Catherine (Robinson) McDonnell, b. 19 Jan 1703, Augusta County, VA; d. aft 1775, Glade Springs, VA. Both Tobia & Mary are buried at Glade Springs , Washington County, Virginia .  Tobias & Mary ( McDonald ) Smyth  had (5) five children:

1.  Jonas , b. 11 Apr 1750.
2.  Catherine , m. Elisha McNew .
3.  Edward ' Edmond ', b. 1761, Virginia ; m. Hannah
  Crabtree .  SEE CRABTREE
4.  Rebecca, b. 25 Jun 1775; d. 19 Apr 1864, Lee County, VA; m. Job Crabtree
, son of William & Hannah  (Whitacar) Crabtree, of Saltville, VA, b. 29 Apr 1765; d. 12 Jan 1828, Shavers Ford, Virginia.
5.  John; Of more later.

Edward 'Edmond' SmythO

3.  Edward 'Edmond' Smyth, son of Tobias & Mary(McDonald) Smyth, b. 1761, Virginia; d. 6 Dec 1852, Owsley County, KY; m. 6 Sept 1787, by Thomas Woolsey in Washington County, VA to Hannah  Crabtree, daughter of William & Hannah (Whitacar) Crabtree, b. 1767, Virginia; d. aft 1858, Estell County, KY. 

Revolutionary Service

Battle of Kings Mountain, under Col. William Campbell. 

On 10 Aug 1789, Edmund received the following land grants/patents:

307 Acres in Powell Valley adjoining his settlement tract
693 Acres in Powell Valley adjoining his settlement tract

Edward & Hannah  (Crabtree) Smyth had (8) eight children:

3.1.  George, b. 1788-1789; m.1st- Elizabeth Pennington; m.2nd- Polly (Orr) Burk, widow.
3.2.  William, b.  1790; m. Margaret (Orr) Stafford, widow.
3.3.  Polly, b. 7 Jun 1793; d. 11 May 1848; m. 29 Jan 1818, Thomas Pennington, b. 1797.
3.4.  John P., b. 23 Apr 1795, Washington County, VA; m. Jane Ely .  SEE ALSO ELY FAMILY.
3.5.  James, b.  1798; m. Nancy M. Orr.
3.6.  Margaret, b. 1800.
3.7.  Elizabeth, b.  ca. 1803.

John Smyth

5.  John Smyth , son of Tobias & Mary (McDonald) Smyth , had been wounded on an expedition against Indians.  He came home wounded and ill and requested his brother Jonas to bury him in a certain spot, which later became Smyth's Chapel Cemetery.  A Methodist Church stands near by, known as Smyth's Chapel, on a lot given by the Smyth family[ii].

John P. Smyth

3.4.  John P. Smyth, son of Edward & Hannah  (Crabtree)Smyth, b. 23 Apr 1795, Washington County, VA; d. 6 Aug 1890, Zion Mill, Lee County, VA; m. 15 Jan 1818 to Jane Ely , daughter of Joseph & Fannie Ely, b. 10 May 1800; d. 4 Jan 1870, near Pennington Gap, VA.

John P. Smyth served in the War of 1812 and received a pension until his death.

John & Jane (Ely) Smith  had (12) twelve children:

3.4.1.    William, m. Eliza Orr.
3.4.2.    Edward McDonald, b. 1826; Of more later
3.4.3.    David, b. 1826; m Mary Harris .  SEE HARRIS
3.4.4.    James P., b. ca. 1828-1829; Of more later.
3.4.5.    John Morrison, b. 1838.
3.4.6.    Elizabeth, b.  1841; m. John B. Pennington.
3.4.7.    Fanny, m. James Hood Stewart.
3.4.8.    Rebecca, m. William Orr.
3.4.9.    Sallie 'Sarah', b. 1844; m. Judge Stokely Trent.
3.4.10.  Joseph
3.4.11.  Pop
3.4.12.  Lavinda

Edward McDonald SmithP

3.4.2.  Edward McDonald Smith ,P son of John & Jane (Ely) Smith , b. 1826; d. 12/16 Jan 1864, Camp Douglas, IL; m. ca. 1844, Minerva Parsons, daughter of John & Rebecca Parsons, b. 1827, Station Creek, Lee County, VA; d. 6 Feb 1853; m.2nd- Sarah Travis, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Travis.

Edward McDonald Smith  served during the Civil War in Co. G. 64th Mounted Infantry Regiment.

Edward & Minerva (Parsons) Smith had (5) five children:     Rebecca, b. 1845.  James Tennessee, b. 30 Jul 1849.  Robert, b. 1851.  Mary Frances, b.  1852.  Minerva, b. 6 Feb 1853.

Edward & Sarah (Travis) Smith had (3) three children:  William A., b. 1857 - twin to Martha.  Martha E., b. 1857 -twin to William.  Emily A., b. 1859.

Mary Jane Smyth

David Smith

3.4.3.  David Smith , son of John & Jane (Ely) Smith , b. 1826; d. 1860, Lee County, Virginia; m. Mary Harris . David & Mary (Harris) Smith  had (12) twelve children:  Sarah Minerva, b. 1850; m. Jerome Redwine.  John W., b. 1851; m. Virginia Parsons.  Mary Jane, b.  1852; m. John Parsons .  SEE PARSONS  James D., b. 1855; m. Addie Rachel Umbarker.  Elbert m., B. 1858; M. Mary Emiline Hawks.  Infant, 1 day, d. Mar 1, 1860.  Amanda, m. Bill Carrie.  Alice, m. William Luther Turner.  Dora 'Doni' Emman, b. 1870; m. Dock Olinger.  Charles, m. Eliza Turner.  David, m. Laura Hawks.  Laura, m. Tennessee to John Parsons .

James P. Smith

3.4.4.  James P. Smith , son of John & Jane (Ely) Smith , b. ca. 1828-1829, Lee County, VA; d. 8 Jul 1862, age 33, he was shot, believed, by renegades in the Civil War; m. 16 Oct 1851 to Martha J. Myers, daughter of John & Rachel (Harsh) Myers, b. c. 1833-1834, Cane Creek (near Pennington Gap) Lee County, VA. James & Martha (Myers)Smith had (4) four children:  William.  Sarah Catherine.  Amanda, b. c. 1860; d. bef. 1890.  Joseph.

John Morrison Smyth

3.4.5.  John Morrison Smyth , son of John & Jane (Ely) Smith , b. 1 Jun 1838; d. 10 Mar 1912; m. 14 Sept 1866 to Mary ‘Pop’ Pennington Parsons, b. 1836; d. 18 May 1888; m2nd to Martha Bishop; m3rd Sarah Hensley “Mary” Tritt, a widow.

 John Morrison Smyth  served in the Civil War in Colonel Pridemore’s division of the Calvary.  His duties included carrying the Confederate flag.

 John M. & Mary (Parsons) Smyth had four (4) children:  Orlena Isabelle  Robert W.  John  Allie

John Morrison Smyth  m2nd to Martha Bishop, b. 18 Jun 1852; d. 25 Dec 1903.  John M. & Martha (Bishop) Smyth had four (4) children:  Cora Anne  Lillie Agnes  Emily Maude  Gale

John Morrison Smyth  m3rd to Sarah Hensley Tritt, b. 6 May 1843; d. 1 Feb 1919.  There were no children of this union.

[i] “Early Settlers of Lee County Virginia and Adjacent Counties , Vol.I “, compiled by Anne Wynn Laningham , p. 300-305.
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