Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 1996, Judy Parsons Smith

Louise May Taylor

Louise Mae Taylor, b. 25 Oct 1913, Richmond, VA; m. 1931, Richmond, VA to Henry Lee Godsey, b. 18 May 1911, Richmond, VA; d. 1974 (?)< Richmond, VA.  Henry & Louise (Taylor) Godsey  had children.  SEE GODSEY

Mary Louise Godsey

Mary Louise Godsey , daughter of Henry & Louise (Taylor) Godsey , b. 22 Jan 1932, Richmond, VA; m. 7 Oct 1949, Richmond, VA to Louis Elmore Kahn , son of Willie & Elsie (Eubank)  Kahn , b. 30 Aug 1929, Richmond, VA.  See Kahn.