John , 3rd Lord Nevill of Raby

John, 3rd Lord Nevill of Raby, m. Maud de Percy .  John & Maud ( de Percy ) Nevill had:

Ralph Neville , of Westmoreland

Ralph Neville , of Westmoreland , 1st Earl of Westmoreland, son of John & Maud ( de Percy ) de Neville , b. 1363; d. 21 Oct 1425; m. 3 Feb 1396 to Joan de Beaufort .


Ralph Neville had by an unknown woman:


A.      Sir John Neville , of Westmoreland


Ralph & Joan ( de Beaufort ) Neville had fourteen (14) children:


B.      Richard Neville , Earl of Salisbury , b. 1400

C.      Robert Neville , Bishop of Durham/Sarum, b. abt. 1404

D.      Lady Cicely Neville , b. 3 May 1415; m. Richard Plantagenet , Duke of York

E.      Anne Neville

F.       William Neville , Earl of Kent

G.      George Neville , Lord Latimer

H.      Henry Neville

I.         Cuthbert Neville

J.       Edward Neville , 1st Lord Abergavenny

K.      Eleanor Nevil le

L.       Catherine Neville

M.     Thomas Neville

N.      Joan Neville , Nun

O.      child

Lady Cicely Neville

D.  Lady Cicely Neville , daughter of Ralph & Joan  (de Beaufort) Neville, b. 3 may 1415, Raby Castle, Durham; d. 31May 1495, Berkhamstead Castle, Herts, died as a Nun; bur. Collegiate Church of Fotheringhay, Nottingham; m. 1438 to Richard Plantagenet , Duke of York, son of Richard & Anne (Mortimer) Cambridge, b. 21 Sept 1411; d. 30 Dec 1460, battle of Wakefield; bur. Collegiate Church of Fotheringhay, Nottingham, England.


Richard Plantagenet was the Protector of England, Earl of March & Ulster, Earl of Cambridge.  The first to adopt the surname of Plantagenet .  His laying claim to the throne of England led to the War of the Roses.


The duke was the leader of the Yorkist, a group o f English nobles who were fighting with the Lancastrians.  The war between the two groups was called the War of the Roses.


Richard & Cicely (Nevill) Plantagenet had fifteen (15) children:


2a1.      Joan Plantagenet , b. 1438

2a2.      Anne Plantagenet , b. 11 Aug 1439

2a3.      Henry Plantagenet , b. 10 Feb 1441

2a4.      Edward Plantagenet , Edward I V, King of England , b.  28 Apr 1442.  For Further Information See House of York

2a5.      Edmund Plantagenet ,  Earl of Rutland , b. 27 May 1443

2a6.      Elizabeth Plantagenet , b. 22 Apr 1444

2a7.      Margaret Plantagenet , b. 3 May 1446

2a8.      William Plantagenet , b. 7 Jul 1447

2a9.      John Plantagenet , b. 7 Nov 1448

2a10.  George Plantagenet , Duke of Clarence , b. 21 Oct 1449

2a11.  Thomas Plantagenet , b. 1450

2a12.  Richard Plantagenet , Richard III , King of England , b. 2 Oct 1452.  For Further Information See House of York

2a13.  Ursula Plantagenet , b. 22 Jul 1455

2a14.  Katherine Plantagenet

2a15.  Humprey Plantagenet


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