Information from "Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Cowne, Gough & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 1998.

William Crocket

William Crocket,  b. abt. 1771, Glasscode, Monmouth, Wales; d. 21 Dec 1853, Upper Lancreek, Monmouth, England; m. to Mary (unknown ) , b. Glasscode, Monmouth, Wales; d. abt. 1811;.  William & Mary (unknown) Crocket  had three (3) children:

1.   Charles , b. (43 in 1851, Census), England ; d. 18 Aug 1865; m. 18 Jul 1831 to Elizabeth ______ .
Hannah , b. (39 in 1851 Census), England ; m. 11 Jul 1831 to Samuel _____.
William , b. (35 in 1851 Census), England , d. 4 Jan 1888; m. 17 Jun 1839 to Ann Williams .

William Crocket

3.  William Crocket, son of William & Mary (unknown)  Crocket , b. 8 Jun 1810, Tintern, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Wales; d. 4 Jan 1888, Hunslet Lake, near Leeds, York, England; m. 17 Jun 1839, Trewethyn Parish, Monmouth, Wales to Ann Williams , daughter of Samuel & Mary (Evans)  Williams , b. 6 Aug 1820, Clifford, Herefordshire, England; d. 23 Apr 1899, Clifford, Herefordshire, England.  William & Ann ( Williams )  Crocket  had six (6) children:

3.1.      William , b. 20 Jun 1841 , Wolverhampton, Stafford , England ; d. 20 Feb 1887; m. 17 Oct 1863 to Harriet Jones .  William was injured  William was injured in the mines, the injuries crippled him for life.
3.2.      Charlotte, b. 25 Apr 1843, Victoria, Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, Wales; d. 2 Mar 1923, Lehi, Utah; m. 17 Oct 1863, Salt Lake City, Utah to James Gough .
3.3.      Charles ,  b. 1845 , Victoria , Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, Wales ; d. 1876.
3.4.      Ephriam , b. 17 Dec  1850, Crickhowell, Brecon, Wales .
3.5.      Samuel , b. 21 Jan  1855, Abergavenny, Monmouth , Wales ; d. 26 Nov 1926.
3.6.      Mary , b. 23 Sept  1858, Crickhowell, Brecon, Wales ; d. 25 Jun 1927; m. 25 Oct 1882 to Albert Charles Smith .


Charlotte Crocket

3.2.  Charlotte Crocket [i], daughter of William & Ann (Williams)  Crocket , b. 25 Apr 1843, Victoria, Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, Wales; d. 2 Mar 1923, Lehi, Utah; m. 17 Oct 1863, Salt Lake City, Utah to James Gough [ii] son of James & Ellenor (Jones) Gough , b. 25 Apr 1843, Victoria, Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, Wales; d. 2 Mar 1923, Lehi, Utah; m. 17 Oct 1863, Salt Lake City, Utah.

After her older brother, William , was injured in the mines, she began working in the mines with her father.  She also worked on a large farm owned by an Aunt.  Here she milked cows, made cheese and butter, and cooked for the farm hands.  She could carry a large pail of milk in each hand and one on her head all at the same time without spilling a drop.  Charlotte joined the Mormon Church in 1857, at 14 year of age. 


Written by Charlotte Gough Hadfield , Lehi , Utah

Charlotte Crocket t, daughter of William and Ann Williams   Crockett , was born April 25, 1840, in Victoria, Monmouthshire, Wales.  She joined the Mormon Church in 1857.  She was the oldest child of a family of six, having one sister and four brothers.

Mr. James Gough , a traveling Elder, and Charlotte Crocket t, became sweethearts.  They were about to be married, when a terrible storm came up and caused the wedding to be postponed.  Later, the two lovers decided to wait until they arrived in Zion to be married.  James came first to prepare the way.  He left Wales for America, April 26, 1862, and arrived in Salt Lake City, October 4, 1862.  He could not get cash for his work.  In the meantime, Charlotte worked very hard, averaging in hours more than nine working days a week, counting the overtime.  She had an earnest desire to come to Zion, and in about a year's time she had saved up enough money for her transportation.  She bade her folks good-bye at the Harbor, and standing on the deck she saw her mother faint as the boat pulled away.  She tried to run back, but the ship was well on its way.

She sailed in the year, 1863 on the Grand Old Amazon ship.  They were seven weeks on the water.  She came across the plains in the company of Thomas Ricks , where she made many friends.  She was a jolly happy spirit and used to milk cows as a help in coming across the plains.

She was a beautiful, young woman, having dark hair and eyes, and a fair complexion.  She found favor in the eyes of the Captain, but told him that she was engaged.  Later she heard that her sweetheart had deserted her and was married, but she trusted him.

The company arrived in Salt Lake City, about the 12th of October, 1863, two or three days before the scheduled time.  James Gough , not expecting her so soon, was not here to meet her.  She, feeling very blue and disappointed, sat down on the wagon tongue and cried.  Daniel Jones , James companion, who lived in Mill Creek, now E. Modvale came to meet her.  He told her that James was waiting her coming and would call for her in a few days.  Daniel took her to his house, and the next day James came for her.  They journeyed to Lehi where they made their home, and preparations to get married.

They returned to Salt Lake City, traveling all day by ox team, and were married in the Old Endowment House the 17th of October 1863.  Their wedding dinner consisted of bread and molasses, seasoned with dust; yet they were very happy and enjoyed their trip very much.  They lived in Lehi, and she baked in a Dutch oven for more than seven years before they were able to have a stove.  He was an honest farmer and blacksmith, and she always worked faithfully by his side.

On October

28, 1864, they became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.  When she was about 6 months old, Able Evans , Able John's father was going to England, and he ate his last dinner at their home.  He took a piece of Charlotte's homespun dress to show to her mother.

James loved the frontier life and within two years they moved to a little one room mud house, where the Central School now stands.  One the 14th September 1868, they sold this place because Samuel Briggs  wanted to build a molasses mill there.  The third child was but three weeks old when they moved to their new incomplete home.  This house had no windows, no doors, and a dirt floor.  At this place James worked ten acres of land and started the farming industry for himself.

The couple was very kind to the Indians.  Many friendly Indians would always stop to visit and rest at their home.  They listened to their counsel given by President Brigham Young ; "always feed the Indians, never fight them." And as a result they made many friends and obtained the good will of many of them.

One time some of the older children were hunting pine nuts, when they lost their way, their food was exhausted, and they were feeling very blue.  An Indian came riding along on his pony.  He stopped and looked at them.  Then he laughed and said,  "I know your mama.  Your ma good squaw, she give us biscuits."  He told the children the way to go to get home safely.  This shows that it pays to be friendly to the Indians.

Charlotte was the mother of eleven children, 5 girls, 6 boys.  They were as follows:  Mary Ann Sorenson , Lavina Thayne , James C. Gough , Ellen Carter , Harriet Taylor , William, Samuel , Ephriam , Richard , Charlotte  Hadfield , and Robert .

She held the office of Relief Society teacher for 30 years.  She was kind hearted and always willing to share with a friend in need, and many times returning from her teachers district would fill a basket of choice things for people in need.  She was a loving mother, devoting much of her time to her family.  She was always an active worker and did her full part, and her posterity will continue on, and praise her name forever.

Each lived in Lehi 50 years, him passing on to the other side to prepare the way almost a year before her, as he did in coming to America.

James & Charlotte (Crocket)  Gough  had eleven (11) children and one (1) adopted son:

3.2.1.    Anne , b. 28 Oct 1864 , Lehi, Utah; d. 14 Jul 1931, Lehi Utah.
3.2.2.     Lavina Jane , b. 17 Sept  1866, Lehi, Utah.
3.2.3.     James Charles , b. 14 Sept  1868.  Of More
3.2.4.    Ellenor , b. 19 Jun 1870 , Lehi, Utah; d. 31 Mar 1945, Lehi, Utah
3.2.5.     Harriet , b. 26 Mar  1873, Lehi, Utah; d. 9 Apr 1950, Salt Lake City, Utah.
3.2.6.      William , b. 19 May  1875, Lehi, Utah; d. 11 Sept 1944, Yakima, Washington.
3.2.7.    Samuel , b. 22 Jul  1877, Lehi, Utah; d. 20 Jun 1960, Lehi, Utah; m. Thalia Iverson .
3.2.8.    Thomas Ephraim , b. 2 Apr 1879, Lehi, Utah; d. 15 Sept 1964, Raymond, Alberta, Canada.
3.2.9.       Richard , b. 20 May  1881, Lehi, Utah; d. 2 Nov 1974, Lincoln, Idaho
3.2.10.       Charlotte , b. 8 Feb  1884, Lehi, Utah; d. 17 Apr 1954, Lehi, Utah
3.2.11.    Robert , b. 5 Mar 1886, Lehi, Utah; d. 17 Jan 1928, Lehi, Utah.
3.2.12.     John Koyle  (adopted son), b. 11 Aug 1884, d. 24 Jan 1885.

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[i] Certified copy of an entry of birth.
Obituary of James Gough .