Information from "Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Cowne, Gough & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 1998.

The Mosby family is not directly related to either the Cowne, Boteler, Edmunds or ____ families.  He is mentioned here because of the association between the families.

Col. John Singleton Mosby

Col. John Singleton Mosby , b. 6 Dec 1833, "Edgemont", Powhatan, Virginia; d. 30 May 1916, Fauquier Co., VA; m. Pauline Clarke , b. 30 Mar 1837; d. 10 May 1876, Fauquier Co., VA.

John Mosby  was a Confederate partisan leader during the Civil War.  At the out break of the war he was practicing law in Bristol , Virginia .  He served in the 43rd Battalion VA Cavalry under J.E.B. Steuart  until Jan 1863, when he began his partisan operations in northern Virginia .  Later his operations would become known as, " Mosby 's Confederacy".  By moving his men quickly and secretly, they were able to continually route the Federal Calvary, destroy communications, appropriate supplies, and in general be a great nuisance to the Army of the Potomac .  With the protection of the people of the region, Mosby 's Rangers were able to elude the stronger forces sent to capture them.  They were active until Robert E. Lee  surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia . 


John Atkins
John Honeycutt Boteler
Henly Boteler
Edward Bredell
Joseph C. Calvert
B. Cochran
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Robert F. Heflin
Julian P. Lee
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Col. John S. Mosby
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George M. Slater
Norman E. Smith
J. Richard Sower
John K. Talliaferro
B. Addison Triplett
Thomas B. Turner
Luke Woodward

NOTE:  Names in bold are mentioned elsewhere in this volume.

During the war, he would frequently visit his home in Warrenton, Fauquier County , Virginia .  No one ever spoke of his visits or told anyone that he was in town.  He became known as "the Gray Ghost ", because he would come and go without anyone seeing anything.   Ulysses S. Grant pardoned Mosby .  He eventually joined the Republican Party and held various government positions.

John S. & Pauline ( Clarke ) Mosby  had six (6) children:

1.     May, b. 10 Mar 1858; d. 24 Nov 1904; m. Robert Rich ard Campbell , b. 21 Sept 1852; d. 7 Aug 1900
Beverly C. , b. 1 Oct 1860; d. 21 Aug 1946, Fauquier Co., VA
John S. , Jr. , b. 8 Dec 1863; d. 26 Aug 1915, Fauquier Co., VA
Pauline V. , b. 20 Jul 1869; d. 12 Jul 1951, Fauquier Co., VA
Ada B.,  b. 10 May 1871; d. 3 May 1937, Fauquier Co., VA
Alfred McLaurine , b. 9 Mar 1876; d. 30 Jun 1876, Fauquier Co., VA

[i] " Fauquier County Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol. 1", p. 239-246, by Nancy Chappelear Baird and Carol Jordan .  Excerpted by Judy P. Smith  from the listing of Civil War Veterans buried in Fauquier Co., VA.