Information from "Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Cowne, Gough & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 1998.

Timothy Martin Parsons

Timothy Martin Parsons , son of Larry Martin & Dorothy  Marie (Stapleton)  Parsons , b. 8 Apr 1971, Henrico Co., VA; m. 4 Jul 1997, Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA to Elda Janna Cowne , daughter of Jonathan Augustine & Janna  Lee  (Gough) Cowne , b. 24 Sept 1973, Henrico Co., VA.  

[For further information see Cowne - this volume and Parsons - vol. 1, page 126]

Alice Bernice Parsons

Alice Bernice Parsons , daughter of Larry M. & Dorothy  (Stapleton) Parsons , b. 10 Aug 1975, Henrico Co., VA.; m. Dec 1997, Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA to Troy Lamar Pettey.  Alice Bernice Parsons  graduated from Longwood College in August 1997 with a B.A. in History.  Alice Bernice Parsons  had by Edwin Carl Klebau , III  one child:

         Andrew Ryan Klebau Parsons , b. 20 Jan 1996, Richmond , VA.

Alice Bernice Parsons  had by Troy Lamar Pettey  one (1) child:

         Cassandra "Cassie" Nicole Pettey , b. 26 Sept, 1997, Richmond , VA.

[For further Information See Pettey  - this volume; & Parsons - vol. 1, page 126]


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