Information from "Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Cowne, Gough & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 1998.

George Sively

George Sively . 

Peter Wright s survey of 286 acres covered the ______ on which the principal part of Covington is built.  In 1792 he divided the land between his sons John and William [Wright] .  Not many years afterward the Wrights went west.  We are told that one of them sold his land to George Sibley  (Sively) for $500 in cash.  A wagon and two horses and a barrel of whiskey, using the wagon and team to move to the vicinity of Indianapolis .  The Davis land was on the East side of Jackson ’s River at the mouth of Falling Spring Run.  It passed to William Mann  in 1761 and was sold by him to John Robinson  in 1784 for $200[i].

George Sively , had two daughters:

1.   Martha Ann Sively , m. Pete Beyer
2.   Elisabeth Sively , m. William M. Robinson

Martha Ann Sively

1.  Martha Ann Sively , daughter of George Sively , m. Pete Beyer .  Pete & Martha (Sively) Beyer had two sons:

1.1.   Conrad Beyer .  Conrad had a son Pete Beyer .
1.2.   Charles Beyer , m. a Mays.  They had a daughter Frances Mays.

Elisabeth Sively

2. Elisabeth Sively , daughter of George Sively  of Covington or Harrisonburg, VA, b. 2  Aug 1803, Botetourt Co., VA; d. 2 Jun 1885; m. to Major William M. Robinson , son of James T. Robinson , b. 1 May1805, Covington, Bath Co., VA;  d. 13 Jan 1880.

[i] “Centennial History of Allegheny Co.” by Oren F. Morton