Information from "Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Cowne, Gough & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 1998.

Yvo, Count de Tailbois [i]

Yvo, Count de Tailbois , Baron Kendel and Hepple.  Yvo, was the Uncle to Geoffrey Plantagenet , Count of Anjou.  The exact number of generations between Yvo and Sir George Tailbois  have not been researched at this time.

Sir George Tailbois

Sir George Tailbois , m. to Elizabeth Gascoigne , daughter of William & Margaret ( Percy ) Gascoigne . 

Sir George Tailbois , descends from Yvo, Count de Tailbois , Baron Kendel and Hepple. 

George & Elizabeth ( Gascoigne ) Tailbois  had

Anne Tailbois

Ann Tailbois , daughter of George & Elizabeth ( Gascoigne ) Tailbois , m. Edward Dymoke . 

For Further Information See Dymoke

[i] "A Virginia Plantagenet Royal Descent of Sarah Vowell Daingerfield  Records and Other Matter Dating from 741 to 1949", pp. 12-27, by Sarah Vowell Daingerfield Stirling.