"Windows Into Our Past The Longhunters, Volume 3", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 2001.


Edulph , b. ca. 921, Mercia, England; m. to Elfwina of Mercia , daughter of Duke Ethelred  & Princess Ethelfleda (of England) of Mercia , b. ca. 905, Mercia, England.  Edulph & Elfwina of Mercia had:

Leofwine, Earl of Mercia

Leofwine, Earl of Mercia , son of Edulph  & Elfwina of Mercia , b. ca. 950, Mercia, England; d. 1028; m. to Alwara, Countess of Mercia , daughter of Athelstan Mannesson , b. ca. 955, Mercia, England.

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