"Windows Into Our Past The Longhunters, Volume 3", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 2001.

John Flowers

John Flowers , b. ca. 1625, VA; m. 1658, Shirley Hundred, VA (as her 3rd husband) to Mary (unknown) (Plaine) Daux , b. ca. 1627, Charles City, VA; d. 1678, probably Charles City, VA. No issue of this union.

Other husbands of Mary (unknown)

1st.               Robert Plaine , b. ca. 1622, Charles City Co, VA; m. ca. 1643, Charles City, VA.

2nd.            Walter Daux , son of Richard Daux , b. ca. 1630, London, England; d. 1658, Charles City, VA; m. ca. 1646, Charles City, VA

Robert & Mary (unknown) Plaine  had a (1) son:

         John Plaine , b. ca. 1644, Charles City, VA

Walter & Mary (unknown) (Paine) Daux  had two (2) daughters:

         Ann Daux , b. ca. 1650, Charles City, VA
Susanna/h Daux , b. ca. 1648, Charles City, VA

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