"Windows Into Our Past The Longhunters, Volume 3", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 2001.

Adam Ap Reginald

Adam Ap Reginald , son of Regniald & Alice (Broadspeare) Herbert , b. 1275, Hertfordshire, England; m. Christian Verch Gwaring , b. 1277, Wernddu, Monmonthshire, England.  Adam Ap & Christian Verch (Gwaring) Reginald had:

Jenken Ap Adam

Jenken Ap Adam ,  son of Adam Ap & Christian Verch (Gwaring) Reginald, b. ca. 1301, Wernddu, Monmonthshire, England; m. ca. 1326, Wernddu, Monmonthshire, England to Gwenlian Verch Aron , b. ca. 1305, Wernddu Monmonthshire, England.  Jenken Ap & Gwenlian Verch (Aron) Adam  had:

Guillem Ap Jenken

Guillem Ap Jenken , b. ca 1327, Wernddu, Monmouthshire, England: ca. 1377, Perth Hir, Monmouthshire, England

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