Scagg, Scaggs, Scags, Sceggs
Skaggs, Skeggs, Suggs

"Windows Into Our Past The Longhunters, Volume 3", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2001.

In 1767 the following Scaggs men were in the Pittsylvania County area of Virginia .  It is known that Charles and Richard were the brothers of Henry Scaggs , Longhunter.  Following this reasoning John and Zachariah may also have been brothers of Henry.

Skaggs Brothers

Children of unknown parents:

I.                     Henry Scaggs  - LONGHUNTER, m. Mary
Richard Scaggs - LONGHUNTER
Charles Scaggs, m. Lucy
John Scaggs, m. Elizabeth .
Zachariah Scaggs , m. Anne "Nanny"

Henry Scaggs  - LONGHUNTER

I.  Henry Scaggs  - LONGHUNTER, was in the Pittsylvania Co. area of Virginia in 1767.

In 1761, Henry Scaggs  was among the 18 men from Pittsylvania and Henry County hunted for 18 months in the Hawkins County Tennessee area.  In 1764 and again in 1765, we find Henry Scaggs exploring further into Tennessee as a representative of Henderson & Company (a land company).  In 1770, Henry Scaggs is once again found passing thorough the Cumberland gap .

Zachariah Skaggs

V.  Zachariah Skaggs , b. ca. 1748, Pittsylvania Co., VA; d. 1818, Russell Co., VA; m. to Nancy "Annie", b. 1752 , Pittsylvania Co., VA.  Zachariah & Nancy "Annie" Skaggs  had:

1.      Jeremiah Skaggs , b. 25 Oct 1766, Montgomery Co., VA; d. 2 Jun 1818[i], Russell Co., VA.
John Skaggs , b. 13 Oct 1770, VA.
Peter Skaggs , b. 1771, Pittsylvania Co., VA; d. 21 Oct 1841, Lawrence Co., KY.
4.      Lydia Skaggs , b. 15 Jun 1785, VA

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