Patanode, Pateaude, Patenaude, Patenotre
Paternostre, Patnau, Patneaude, Patno, Patnoad, Patnod, Patnode, Pattenaude
Pattnoau, Pattnod, Pattnotte, Peno

(French Canadian)

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Chapman, Patnaude & Associated Families, Volume 4", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 2000

Regardless of how you spell it, most of us are probably descended from common ancestors, Nicolas Patenaude /Patenostre and Marguerite Breton , who arrived in the new world (New France, today called Quebec, part of Canada) in the mid-17th century. The variety of spellings, combined with the geographic dispersion of the family across the entire Northern Hemisphere, have made it difficult to research our family tree, so we decided to make use of modern technology, and make it a group effort. Won't you join us?

Patenaude, Angelique  (ABT 1815-)
Patenaude, Rose  (ABT 1857-)
Paterson , Isabelle  (ABT 1902-)
Patnaude, Archibald  (ABT 1889-)
Patnaude, Eugenia R.  (ABT 1912-)
Patnaude, George  (ABT 1921-)
Patnaude, Mary Amelia Armina  (1856-1937)
Patnode, Matilda  (1845-1915)

Angelique Patenaude  Charles Patenaude  Elisabeth Patenaude  Ettienne Patenaude  Francois Patenaude  Francois Patenaude Francois Patenaude Francois Patenaude Francois Patenaude P.Quebec Gervais Patenaude  Jean Patenaude  Jean-Baptiste Patenaude  Joseph Patenaude  Joseph (Patenotre) Patenaude  P.Quebec Joseph te Patenaude  Chateaugay, Quebec, Canada Clinton, Clinton Co., New York Louis Patenaude  Louise Patenaude  Marguerite Patenaude  Marie Patenaude  Michel Patenaude  Nicolas Patenaude  France Nicolas Patenaude France (?) St. Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada Nicolas Patenaude Pierre Patenaude  Quebec, Canada Pierre Patenaude P.Quebec, Canada Pierre Patenaude Pierre Patenaude Pierre Patenaude Pierre Patenaude Pierre Patenaude Pierre Amabel Patenaude  Toussaint Patenaude

All these are listed it the tree at

Rev. Gerard Patenaude , in his A Pat(e)naude (1900) Patnode (1800) Paternostre (1260) Story, which delineates the Patenaude line in the state of Maine, lists the following spelling variations in the name between 1650 and 1950: Paternostre, Patenotre, Pattenostre, Pastrenostre, Patnod, Patnaud, Patenot, Patnaude, Patenote, Patenotre, Pattenode, Patenode, Pattenaude. In northwestern Vermont and northeastern New York , Patnoe, Patno, Peno, and even Pedno have shown up among some of the other variations. So, take heart folks, we're probably all a lot closer related than we think!

[Cleophee Patnaude] [Homer Patnaude] [Marcel Patnaude] [Nicolas Patenaude] [Peter Patnaude]

[i] The Patanaude Family Association;  Possible correspondence source: Marie E. Pearce, 639 Pontiac Road , Oxford , MI., 48051