de Brus, de Bruce[i]

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Garton, Smith & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2003

Isabel of Huntingdon  & Robert de Brus

Isabella le Scot of Huntingdon , daughter of David & Maud (of Chester) Huntingdon , b. 1206; d. 1251; m. Robert de Brus, of Annandale , d. 1245.  Robert de Brus m 2nd to Beatrice de Teyden.

Robert de Brus, Lord of Annandale. 

Robert & Isabella (le Scot) Brus  had two (2) children:

1.       Robert le Bruce, Lord of Annandale
Edward de Bruce , King of Ireland

Robert & Beatrice (de Teyden) de Bruce  had a daughter:

3.       Beatrice de Bruce

Robert de Brus

1.  Robert de Brus , son of Robert & Isabella (le Scot) Brus , b. 1210; d. by 3 May 1294; m. 12 May 1240 to Isabel, daughter  of Gilbert & Isabel  (Marshall)  de Clare  (Vol. 1, p. 240), b. 8 Nov 1226; d. living 1264; m 2nd Christina de Ireby, daughter of Sir William de Ireby. 

Robert & Isabel (de Clare) Bruce  had a son:

1.1.   Sir Robert de Brus , Earl of Carrick, b. Jul 1243; d. 1304; Marjorie of Carrick .

Robert & Christina (de Ireby) de Bruce had a daughter:

1.2.   Christina Bruce , m. James Stewart

Sir Robert de Brus , Earl of Carrick

1.1.  Sir Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick , son of Robert & Isabel (de Clare) Bruce , b. July 1243, Writtle; d. ca. 4 Apr 1304; interred Abbey of holm Cultram; m1st N.; m2nd 1271, Turnberry Castle to Marjorie of Carrick , Countess of Carrick , daughter of Nigel, Earl of Carrick  & Margaret (daughter of Walter,  3rd High Steward of Scotland ), d. 1292.  Robert was the Earl of Carrick and Lord of Annandale.

Sir Robert & N. de Brus  had:

1.1.1.         Isabel de Brus , m. Thomas Randolph , Chamberlain of Scotland

Sir Robert & Marjorie (Countess of Carrick)  de Brus  had eleven (11) children:

1.1.2.         Mary Bruce  
Robert de Bruce I , b. 11 Jul 1274
Edward Bruce , King of Ireland
Sir Thomas Bruce  
Alexander Bruce , Dean of Glasgow
Nigel Bruce  
Lady Christina Bruce , Lady of Garioch
Margaret Bruce  
Maud Bruce  
Male Bruce

Christina Bruce

1.2.  Christina Bruce, daughter of Robert & Christina (de Ireby) de Bruce, m 1st to William Bruce; m 2nd to Patrick de Dunbar , son of Waltheof & Aline  de Dunbar , b. 1152; d. 31 Dec 1232.

Patrick & Christina (Bruce) de Dunbar had a daughter:

·         Cecilia de Dunbar , m. James Stewart , b. 1243.  For Further Information See Stewart.

Robert Bruce

1.1.3.  Robert de Bruce I , the Noble, son of Robert & Margaret de Brus , b. 11 Jul 1274, Whittle, Essex Co., England; d. 7 Jun 1329, of leprosy, Cardoss, Scotland; bur at Dunfermline; m1st ca. 1295 to Isabel (Matilda) de Mar, daughter of Donald , 6th Earl of Mar  & Elen “Helen” Verch Llwelyn (daughter of Llewellyn  ap Iorwerth , Prince of Wales), d. 1297; m2nd 1302 to Elizabeth de Burgh, daughter of Richard de Burgh , d. 26 Oct 1327.

Robert Bruce  competed with his nephew-in-law, John Balliol  for the crown of Scotland.  In 1306, Robert was suspected of plotting against Edward I , and fled to Scotland  to escape.  There he killed the new leader of Balioll’s party, Comyn.  He declared himself king at this time.  His rebellion was unsuccessful and he was forced to flee to the Highlands.  After the death of Edward I and succession to the throne by Edward II, Robert took advantage of Edward’s weaknesses.  Organized his army around the rallying cry, “Scotland shall be free![ii]

YEAR                     EVENT

1292   Succeeded as Earl of Carrick (9 Nov.)
1306   Crowned King of Scots (Robert I )  at Scone on 25 Mar.
1313   Stirling Castle besieged by Bruce & Scottish army.
1314   English forces defeated at Bannockburn, setting into motion fighting that would continue until a truce was made in 1323.
1327   Edward I II resumed  the fighting with Scotland.  Bruce and his men once again were  successful in defeating the English .
1328   Treaty of Northampton - Bruce recognized as king of an independent Scotland. 

Robert I  & Isabel (of Mar) Bruce  had:     Princess Marjorie de Bruce , b. bef. 1297; d. 2 Mar 1316; m. 1315 to Walter, High Steward of Scotland , son of  James Stewart  & Cecilia (de Dunbar) Stewart , b. 1292; d. 9 Apr 1326 .  For Further Information See Stewart.    
Margaret Bruce    
Matilda Bruce    
David II Bruce , of Scotland, King of Scotland, b. 5 Mar 1323.    
John Bruce    
Robert Bruce, II [iii] of Liddesdale, m. Martha.  Robert Bruce, II was the earl of Annundale and Carrick, in right of his wife, Martha.    
Sir Neil Bruce , of Carrick    
Walter Bruce  of Odistoun    
Christina Bruce  of Carrick 
Margaret Bruce 
Elizabeth Bruce

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Robert Bruce  
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