Fairlie, Farlo, de Berli, de Falaise

de Falaix , Felles, Falet, Farleigh[i]

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Garton, Smith & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2003

Farleigh Coat of Arms

Arms:  Or, three pales sable

The principle color is or (gold), three pales (verticale bands or stripes from top to bottom of the shield), the pales are all sable (black) in color.  The color gold was symbolic of generosity and an elevation of the mind.  While black symbolized dignity, constancy and nobility.  The pales are representative of the pales or palings used in the building of primitive walls around the manor houses or castles.  Their inclusion here would indicate a connection of the Farley ’s to such a fortress.

Crest:  An antelope’s head erased and pierced through the neck by a spear all proper.

The antelope’s head (light brown color), the spear (black shaft and a silver head).  The antelope’s pierced neck could indicate a love of and skill in hunting.

In 1072, William de Falaise  or Falaix , began the building of his castle, (near the present day city of Bristol , England .  The grounds lay both in Wilts and Somerset), which was to become known as Farleigh Castle .  Farleigh Castle was a famous hunting ground during the time of the Saxons.  William de Falaise or Falaix  is said to be the ancestor of the Farleys of England and America .  The castle was owned during the 15th century by Sir Walter Hungerford .  Since that thime the castle has been known as Farleigh Hungerford Castle .

Reginald Farley

The first known ancestors of the American Farleys are Reginald & Barbara ( Hastings )   Farley . 

Reginald & Barbara ( Hastings )   Farley  had at least seven (7) children:

I.                     Roger Farley  --> ancestor of the Virginia Farley s.
Fabyan Farley
III.                  Thomas Farley
IV.                 Humphrey Farley  
George Farley  --> said to be one of the ancestors of the New England Farleys.
Michael Farley  --> said to be one of the ancestors of the New England Farleys.
Alice Farley

Roger Farley

I.  Roger Farley , son of Reginald & Barbara ( Hastings )   Farley , d. will proved 25 Sept 1622; m. Lady Jane Evans , widow of a Mr. Allen .  Roger Farley was a cloth merchant.  He owned several parcels of land in Worcestershire and Hertford Counties , England .

Roger & Lady Jane ( Evans )   Farley  had ten (10) children:

1.1.   Thomas Farley  
Robert Farley  
William Farley  
Elliott Farley  
Edward Farley  
Humphrey Farley  
Susanna Farley  
Margaret Farley  
Katherine Farley  
Jane Farley

Thomas Farley

1.1.  Thomas Farley , son of Roger & Lady Jane ( Evans )   Farley , m. Lady Jane Sefton .

Thomas Farley  and Lady Jane Sefton  came to Virginia in 1623, aboard the ship Ann .  Thomas is said to have received nine square mile for service rendered to King James I .  Thomas was a burgess to the Grand Assembly representing Archer ’s Hope at James City in March 1629-1630, and again in 1631-1632.  On 21 Aug 1626, at court in James City , Thomas was ordered to pay 100 pounds of tobacco for missing church for three months.

Thomas & Lady Jane (Sefton)   Farley  had fourteen (14) children:

1.1.1.         Ann Farley , m. Col. Richard Lee .
Archer Farley , m. Elizabeth Reade , daughter of Col. George Reade .
Barbara Farley , d. killed by Indians.
George Farley , d. executed by Governor Berkeley  for high treason, during Bacon’s Rebellion.
Phillip Farley  
Thomas Farley , m. 1666 to Barbara Rolfe .
Virginia Farley , m. 1665 to Henry St. John .
Fabyan Farley  
Bonnie Bell Farley  
James Farley  
Elizabeth Farley  
William Farley  
Thompson Farley  
John Farley , b.  1648, Charles City/Henrico Co., VA

John Farley

1.1.14.  John Farley , son of Thomas & Lady Jane (Sefton)  Farley , b. 1648, Charles City/Henrico Co., VA; d. ca. 1732-33; m. Mary (Unknown ) . 

John & Mary (Unknown)   Farley  had nine (9) children:             Matthew Farley            
William Farley            
James Farley            
John Farley   Jr. , b. ca. 1670            
Joseph Farley            
Mary Farley            
Samuel Farley , d. 1708            
Archer Farley , d. 1732/33            
Edward Farley , d. 1732/33

John Farley , Jr. ,  John Farley , Jr. , son of John & Mary (Unknown )  Farley , b. ca. 16700; d. aft. 6 Apr 1754, Chesterfield Co., VA; m. Elizabeth (Unknown) . 

John & Elizabeth (Unknown )  Farley , Jr. had eleven (11) children:        John Farley , b.  1702, Henrico Co., VA; d. 10 Sept 1775, Chesterfield Co., VA; m. Mary Willett .       
Francis Farley , b. 25 Oct 1703; m1st (Unknown ); m2nd to Elizabeth Crostic .       
Peter Farley , b. 19 Apr 1718; d. 24 Mar 1757; m. MissTurpin.       
Mary Farley , m. Thomas  Womack       
William Farley , Sr ., b. ca. 1709, Henrico Co., VA; d. 14 Apr 1784, Amelia Co., VA; m. bef. 1768 to Martha Stewart       
Sarah Farley , m. Robert Thompson .       
James Farley , b.  (adult in 1736), Henrico Co., VA; d. 1797.        Joseph Farley , b. ca. 1716, Henrico Co., VA; d. 1761-1782; m. ca. 1736 to Mary Forrest .       
Forrest Farley , d. bef. 1754; m. Mary (Unknown ) .   
Matthew Farley , b. (adult in 1736), Henrico Co., VA   
Henry Farley , b. (adult in 1736), Henrico Co., VA; m. Mary (Unknown )

William Farley , Sr .  William Farley , Sr ., son of John & Elizabeth (Unknown )  Farley , Jr. , b. ca. 1709, Henrico Co., VA; d. 14 Apr 1784, Amelia Co., VA; m. bef. 1768 to Martha Stewart , d. bef. 1811-1818, Amelia Co., Va. 

William & Martha (Stewart)  Farley , Sr. had eight (8) children:   Stephen Farley  
Daniel S. Farley  
Stewart Farley  
William Farley , Jr.  
Hannah Farley  
Betty Stewart Farley  
Peter Farley  
Miss Farley

$  Above Farley information from “VANCATEN, A Farley-Reid Genealogy”, by William S. Farley , pp. 21-25.

In the 1850 U.S. Census Richmond City - Henrico County Virginia:

                James Farley        26 (b. 1824)  Ireland.  ---- He is the only Farley listed in census.

Children of Mr. & Miss (Unknown )  Farley :

1.       James Farley , b.  1846, VA (listed in 1880 Census as brother in the home of A.D. Farley )
A. D. Farley, b. 1853, Virginia

A. D. Farley

1.  A. D. Farley, b. 1853, VA; m. Caroline Francis Ann Matilda (Walker) Buck , b. 1852, VA; the widow of Mr. Buck :

In the 1880 Census, Henrico County, Richmond[ii] we find:

Farley, A.D.            27 (b. 1853) VA
            Caroline    28 (b. 1854) VA
Buck, Florence      11 (b. 1871) VA
Lidia         9 (b. 1873) VA
Farley, James         5 (b. 1875) VA
Willie        3 (b. 1878) VA
James (brother)34 (b. 1846) VA
Walker, Roburter  (sister) 31 (b. 1849) VA

Caroline (Walker) Buck  had two (2) children by her first marriage:

a.  Florence Buck , b. 1869, Virginia.
b.  Lidia Buck , b. 1871, Virginia

A. D. & Caroline (Walker)(Buck) Farley  had four (4) children:

1.1.   James Farley , b.  1875, Virginia
Willie Farley , b. 1878, Virginia
Bertie Farley , b. ca. 1880 (after census); m. Willie Garton , son of James H. & Mary Lucy (Allen)  Garton .
Lillie May Farley , b. 9 Oct 1882, Richmond, VA[iii]; d. 24 Feb 1954, Richmond, VA; m. Charles Blinco Atkins , b. 31 Jan 1877[iv].  See Atkins.

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[ii] 1880 Census, Henrico County, Richmond, Virginia
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