"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Garton, Smith & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2003

Nicholas Gentry

Nicholas Gentry  was a resident of Ashe County , NC .  His farm and home were on Nathan ’s Creek.   He and his praiseworthy wife raised a family of intelligent, enterprising children, who have contributed much to the welfare and good of society.

Mr. Gentry, was a man of great energy, a systematic farmer, minister of the gospel in the Baptist church, and employed his superior talents not only in preaching the gospel, but also in warmly advocating the cause of temperance.  He filled the office of Justice of the Peace, was representative in both branches of the legislature and was Clerk of the superior court of Ashe County for many years.  Taken all together, he was a remarkable man, combining so many qualifications for useful employment for the good of society.  It is fortunate for any community that such men employ their time and talents for the good of their country, when they live and labor among them.

Nicholas  & Unknown  Gentry  had five (5) children:

1.       Mary Gentry , m. to James Robinson .
Elizabeth Gentry , m. to James Smith .
Sallie Gentry , m. to William Turner .
James Gentry , m. to Mary Smith .  Mary Smith Gentry  was a very quiet, good woman.  She lived on the New River, eight miles east of Jefferson , NC .
5.       Hon. Richard Gentry , m. to Miss Harboard .  Mrs. Gentry  was an amiable lady.  Their residence was at Old Field, in the southern part of the county.

Mary Gentry

1.  Mary Gentry , daughter of Nicholas Gentry , m. to James Richardson .  James Richardson  resided in the Cranberry district of Alleghany Co., NC.  He was said to be a worthy citizen of Cranberry.

James & Mary (Gentry) Robinson  had a son:

1.1.   Allen Richardson

Elizabeth Gentry

2.  Elizabeth Gentry , daughter of Nicholas  Gentry , m. to James Smith . 

James & Elizabeth (Gentry) Smith  had two (2) sons:

2.1.   Nicholas Smith , d. Civil War, Confederate Army.
Richard Smith , d. Civil War, Confederate Army.

Allen Richardson

1.1.  Allen Richardson, son of James & Mary (Gentry) Robinson , b. 20 Feb 1827; d. 3 May 1906; m. 17 Feb 1850 to Amelia ‘Milly’ Paisley , daughter of Samuel & Nancy (Peak) Pasley , b. 28 Aug 1832; d. 24 Aug 1920.

Allen & Amelia ‘Milly’ ( Paisley ) Richardson had nine (9) children:

1.1.1.         Mary Richardson, b. 1852; d. 1926.
Child Richardson  
Child Richardson  
Child Richardson  
Child Richardson  
Child Richardson  
Child Richardson  
Child Richardson  
Child Richardson