Clan MacLeod

MacClure, MacLure, MacCloor, MacLeur

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Garton, Smith & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2003

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MacLeod Tartan
Motto:  Hold Fast

G. M'Ill 'uidhir, "son of Odhar's servant."  A common surname in Galloway of old as it is to-day. 

John McLur , Robert McLure , and Robert McClure , followers of the earl of Cassilis, were respited for murder, 1526 (RSS., I. 3386), and

Tho. Maklure was sergeant of assize in Carrick, 1532 (RMS., III, 1196).  Johnne McLoir  signed the Band of Dumfries, 1570 (RPC., XIV, p. 67).  Andrew McLuir  in Bugane and three others of the name were charged with assault, 1607 (ibid, p. 518), and

Fergus McLur in Craigfine was charged with usury, 1617 (ifid., XI, p.142). 

Gilleane Maciloure  was bowman to the laird of Parbrek, 1618. (ibid., p. 464), and

John M'Clour appears in Apyn, 1664 (Dunblane).

Elizabeth M'Cloor or M'Clwre is in record in Barley, Galloway , 1684, as is Elizabeth M'Whore (!) in Barley.  She and Mary M'Whore were sentenced to be banished to the plantations for resetting of rebels and other offences in the same year (ibid., IX, p. 578).

William MacClure  ( 63-1840), born in Ayr , was called "Father of American geology.' There are a number of families in Sleat named in English Maclure, but whose name is spelled in G. M'Leora (for MacGille dhe6radha), aside form of DEWAR , q.v.

The earliest documentary evidence of a clan piper is a reference to Robert MacLure , piper to the chief of the Buchanans, in 1600, who got into trouble a few years later as appears from the Stirling Kirk-Session Register, under May 28th, 169 McCluir and McCluire 1684, Makcluir 1637.[i]

The name McClure is none other than MacLobhair-the Leper’s son[ii].

The McClure Story, researched and arranged by Jerry Duane Duncan, 1983, p. 1.