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"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Garton, Smith & Associated Families, Volume 2", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2003

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Duart Castle, Mull - Hebridean home of the Chiefs of Clan Maclean
The name MacLean is a patronym derived from Gillean, literally son of Gillean.

Gillean or Gille-Eathain  is thought to have been born about 1210. He is remembered as a warrior and it is from his weapon of choice that he was called Gillean na Tuaighe  or Gillean of the Battle Axe . He and his son fought in the Battle of Largs, in 1262, which ended the Norwegian rule of the Hebrides . He came from a religous family who had been the Abbots of Lismore. His name Gille-Eathain  means "servant of Saint John the Apostle." Both of these traits can be seen in his descendants, who include a great many warriors and priests.

Gillean's ancestry can be traced to Sean Dubhgaill Sgoinne  or "Old Dougall of Scone" who resided in Scone c.1100. At this time Scone was the capitol of Scotland and it is apparent that he was there in some official capacity. Some say he was a Judex or judge.  Through Dougall, Gillean is descended from Lorn, the brother of Fergus MacErc  who was the first King of the Scots in Alba . Through him we are descended from the Text Box:  
McLean Tartan
Kings of Ireland back to Milesius  or Milo who conquered Ireland and established the Royal lines of Ireland .

Gillean's mother was the sister of Somerled  and was a descendant of Niall of the Nine Hostages . Milesius  of descendant also was who Ireland , King High

Gillean's great grandson Iain Dubh had two sons Lachlan Lubanach and Hector Reganach. Lachlan and Hector founded the two main branches of the clan, the MacLeans of Duart and the MacLaines of Lochbuie, both based on the Isle of Mull.  Since the time of Lachlan , the head of the Duart family has been the Chief of the clan

John McLean

John McLean , b. 1665, Ulster, Ireland d. 1745, Guilford Co., NC; m. 1715, Isle of Mull, Scotland to Margaret ‘Mary’ Moor, daughter of Ephraim & Elizabeth (Unknown) Moore , [Ephraim Moore, b. 1670, Scotland; m. 1655], b. ca.1700, Scotland.

In most records it appears that John was born and married on the Isle of Mull in Scotland .  He and his wife immigrated to Ireland and lived there for a time as some of their children were born there.  The families then apparently returned to Scotland where the remainder of their children were born before they immigrated again – this time to America .

John & Mary (Moor) McLean  had nine (9) children:

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MacLean clansman’s badge

Margaret McLean , b. 1715; m. to Thomas Major  
Eleanor ‘Nellie’ McLean , b. 1717, Ireland ; m. in Ireland to William Pasley  
Martha McLean , b. 1719
Isabelle McLean , b. 1720
Joseph McLean , b. 1724; m. to Nancy Marshall  
John McLean , b. 1724, county Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1808, Guilford Co., NC; m. to Jane Marshall , b. 1726.
Charles McLean , b. 1728, Isle of Mull , Scotland .
Ephriam McLean , b. 1730, Isle of Mull , Scotland .
William McLean , b. 1732, Isle of Mull , Scotland .

Eleanor ‘Nellie’ McLean

2.  Eleanor ‘Nellie’ McLean , daughter of John & Margaret ‘Mary’ (Moore) McLean, b. 1717, Isle of Mull, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1750, Lancaster Co., PA; m. 1736, Ulster, Ireland to William Pasley , b. 1700/1705, Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland; d. 5 May 1789, Guilford Co., NC.  William Paisley  m 2nd in Pennsylvania to Catherine Hamilton ; m 3rd 15 Sept 1768, Rowan Co., NC to Elizabeth Denny .  For further information see Pasley this volume.

William & Eleanor ‘Nellie’ ( McLean ) Paisley  had six (6) children:

·                Jane Paisley , b. 1737, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 9 Sept 1804, Adairville, Logan Co., KY; m 1st 20 Jun 1762, PA to John White , b. 1 Oct 1734, Ireland; m 2nd 15 Oct 1787, Guilford, NC to William Gowdy .
Robert Paisley , b. 24 Sept 1739, Philadelphia, PA; d. 7 Aug 1832, Logan Co., KY; m. 1765, Philadelphia , PA to Margaret Majors , daughter of Thomas & Margaret (McLean) Majors , b. 1748.
William Paisley , b. 25 Dec 1742, Philadelphia , PA ; d. 22 Sept 1822, Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC
John Paisley , b.1745, Philadelphia, PA; d. 22 Sept 1822, Guilford Co., NC; m. 23 Nov 1769, Guilford Co., NC to Mary Ann a Denny , b. 1748.
Margaret Paisley , b. 1747/1749, Philadelphia , PA ; d. Guilford Co., NA; m. to William Denny .
Mary Paisley , b. 1750, Philadelphia, PA; d. 3 Jul 1837, Beechgrove, Coffee Co., TN; m. 7 Feb 1775, Guilford Co., NC to James Doak

John McLean, Jr.

6.  John McLean, Jr., son of John & Margaret ‘Mary’ (Moor) McLean, b. 1724, Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1807, Guilford Co., NC; m. 1751, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania to Jane Marshall , b. 1726.

John & Jane (Marshall) McLean  had ten (10) children:

1.1.              Joseph McLean, b. 14 Sept 1752, Philadelphia, PA; d. 22 Dec 1832, Guilford Co., NC; m. to Margaret Mebane.  Joseph & Margaret (Mebane) McLean had one (1) child:

1.1.1.   Mary McLean.

1.2.              John McLean , III , b. 1754; m. 1775, Guilford Co., NC to Dorcas McComb .
Jane McLean , b. 1755, Guilford Co., NC; d. 1832; m. 1779 to Isaiah McBride.
Thomas McLean, Sr. , b. 1757; m. 1787 to Mary Paisley  
Nellie McLean , b. 1759
Robert McLean , b. 1762; m. to Nancy Mebane .
Peggy McLean , b. 1764
Marshall McLean, b. 1766
Polly McLean , b. 1767
Nancy McLean , b. 1772