Burwell Green

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Information on Burrell or Burwell Green  taken from Prince George County, VA Records 1733-1792, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III .  I do not know which Burrell/Burwell Green that these records belong at this time they are included here for informational purposes. – JPS 10/2001

      12 Oct 1737 – member of jury in case of Owen Gilmore  vs. Charles Hix .
12 Oct 1737 – to be paid for acting as witness for Owen Gilmore  in above case.
Will of Burwell Green , Court held at Surry 20 April 1743, Surry Co., VA[i]: To be paid: Mary Burton , Edward Davis , John Underhill , Alex . Dickens , Wm. Parham , Wm. Roberts , John Eppes , Wm. Eppes , John Stegall , Chris. Tatum, Wm. Linsey , John Painter , John Raney , Alex. Dickens, Francis Mabry , Mr. Thos. Eldridge , Col. John  Allen . [Surry Co., Records]
9 Aug 1738 – member of jury; Thomas Powell  vs. Joshua Wynne .
9 Aug 1738 – witness for John Fitzpatrick  in case vs. Charles Hix .
14 Mar 1738 – as an overseer of Highways, to clear the road from Battes Ferry up by John Sturdivant ’s plantation to the Great Road.
6 Jun 1738[ii] – With William Cryer , John Lewis , Wm. Gibbs  to appraise estate of Francis Epes  of Hopewell whose will was exhibited in court by Susanna Epes , his relict and executrix and John Epes , his executor, and proved by oaths of Francis Epes, Isham Epes  and Lewis Epes , witnesses.  [Note:  This is a surprising reference to Hopewell but it really refers to Hopewell Farm one of the early holdings of the Epes family and named for the ship that brought the first members of the Epes family to this country in the early 1600’s…]
27 Aug 1739 – A Commission of Oyer and terminer . . . for trial of Nutty , a negro woman slave belonging to Lewis Green , now in gaol on suspicion of the murder of Sam , a negro boy belonging to Burrell Green . . . on 13 Aug last, at the house of Lewis Green in Bristol Parish, Nutty  hit Sam on the head with a brick giving him a mortal wound.
8 Jan 1739[iii] – William Walthall  and Martha  his wife acknowledged deed to Burrell Green .
Accounts of the estate of Robert Boyd  dec’d for period 1779 through 1786, recorded 13 Feb 1787 mentions a Burrel Green  along with many others.  This can hardly be the same person as in the earlier entries; could be a son or even a grandson.

Burwell/Burrell Green

1.7.  Burwell/Burrell Green [iv], son of Lewis Green II ,  b. ca. 1681[v]; d. 1733[vi]; m. Anne Poythress [vii], daughter of Francis & Rebecca (Coggan) Poythress [viii].  No known children from this union[ix]. 

Burrell/Burwell Green  and James Green  were both shown in the records of the Courts of Prince George as early as 1714.  They were the sons of Lewis Green , though no records were left to prove the relationship. – AJG

Deed 15 Nov 1721, from Burrell Green  & Ann, his wife, & Francis Poythress , all of Surry Co., conveying a tract of land in Pr. George Co., to Robert Hunnicut , patented by Rebecca Poythress  (or Coggan ) being in all 1000 acres on 29 Apr 1692, ½ of which land is in the possession of Littleberry Eppes, 300 acres of said land was given to Rebecca Poythress, a daughter of said Rebecca, and 200 acres to said Ann Green [x].

      7 Mar 1760 – James Sturdivant  of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co. to Burwell Green  of same for £200, land where James Sturdivant liveth, 340 acres, bounded by west side of Citty Creek . . .and land of William Hall , John Lewis , James Murray , Theodorick Bland . Wit: Alexander Bolling , James Martin , William Gibbs .
25 Oct 1786 – Burwell Green  of Pr. Geo. For £416 to James Campbell  and Luke Wheeler  7 negro slaves . . . Sale not to take place if Green repays £416 to Campbell & Wheeler.
3 Jun 1788 – Robert and Clara Bolling  sell 414 acres of land to John Bland  (all  parties of Pr. Geo. Co.) land bounded by Appomattox River, Burwell Green , road from Broadway to Prince George old courthouse, John Lewis , William Gilliam , Theodorick Bland , Batt’s & Eppes’s lines, road from Petersburg to City Point.  Wit: Francis B. Green , John Sturdivant  Jr. , Marcus Abernathy , Instance Hall .
10 Oct 1787 – Thomas Hall  and Fanny  his wife sell 140 acres to Instance Hall ; land is in Bristol Parish bounded north side City Creek and land of Burwell Green  and John Lewis .
12 Dec 1787 – Inventory (of estate) of Mrs. Amey Epes  by Burwell Green , John Batte , John Lewis .  Recorded 9 Jun 1789.
29 Jun 1790 – inventory and account of sales of estate of William Green , dec’d mentions Burwell Green  along with many others including Fred.  & Ann Green  (Wm.’s children), Peter Epes , Francis Epes , Patsey Lanier  (sister of James Green ; she rec’d 300 acres or ½ tract of land under the terms of his will).  This document also lists the names of 41 negroes.  Francis Burwell Green  is executor.
9 Jun 1789 – Acc’t of sales of estate of Amey Epes  mentions, among others Burwell Green  and F. B. Green.  Francis Epes , Adm’r.  Recorded 9 Jun 1789

Burwell  & Anne (Poythress) Green  may have had:

1.7.1.        Thomas Green [xi]
Burwell Green  - 28 Jul 1749 Burrell Green  and Edward Pettway , for £35 received of Edward Pettway for land at Jones Hole, land formerly Lewis Green ’s of Prince George Co., grandfather of Burrell. Recorded 15 Aug 1749[xii]. An inventory of a Burrell Green of Surry Co., Ann Green , adms.  Recorded 19 Sept. 1773[xiii]

Capt. Francis Poythress

Capt. Francis Poythress , had:

            Francis Poythress , m. Rebecca Coggan , daughter of Dr. John N. & Frances (Bland) Coggan
Francis Poythress , d. 1724; m. Hannah Unknown
John Poythress, Sr.  m. Mary Batte .  They had Francis  & John .
Ann Poythress , m. Burrell Green
Rebecca Poythress , m. ?Littleberry Eppes
Thomas Poythress , m. Elizabeth Cocke .  In 1722, Thomas had land adj. William Raines Sr. , Peter Wynne , John Hardyman Sr. , which had been conveyed by Thomas Wynne  (m. Agnes Stith ) in 1704.

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From information compiled by Ardath Jo Green  dated Apr 23, 1984, p. 1
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