A copy of a survey[xxii] made by Walter Wharton  to the County of New Castle on 3-DEC-1678 by the virtue of a warrant dated Oct. 1677. Laid out to John Anders on , alias Stalcop, a tract of land called Southern Land being on the west side of the Delaware River, east of a branch of the Christianna [sic] Creek called Red Clay Kill bounded by the land of Thomas Jacobson  & Company, a branch of Little Falls Kill containing 600 acres. Signed Walter Wharton.

Patent. On 30 July 1684. William Penn  by the Kings authority, proprietary & Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania, New Castle and other territories, send greetings. Whereas there is a tract of land called Mill Point on the north side of the Christiana Creek bounded by land called Chestnut Wood belonging to John & Andrew Stalcop  & Samuel Peterson , near the mill run called Chestnut Run, Mill Creek & land of Lucas Stedham containing 300 acres which was by warrant from myself on 17 Jan last past to Samuel Peterson of Christiana Creek & was surveyed by Thomas Peterson  deputy to Wim Welsh  on 16 Feb last past. Now confirmed to Samuel Peterson & he paying 1 bushel of winter wheat per 100 acres to persons of authority. Signed William Penn.

Patent. On 26 Mar 1684. William Penn  by the Kings authority, proprietary & Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania, New Castle and other territories, send greetings. Whereas there is a tract on the east side of Red Clay Creek bounded by the creek land of Thomas Jacobson  & company containing 600 acres granted by warrant dated 22 Oct 1677 to John Anders on , alias Stalcop. Now confirmed to John Anderson & he paying 1 bushel of winter wheat per 100 acres to persons of authority. Signed William Penn.

Deed. On June 2, 16 85 Mary Block  and Barbara Marslander  of Swanwick [Swanwyck] & Christian Stalcop of Christiana to Cornelius Empson  of Skillpot [Shellpot] Creek. Mary Block, Barbara Marslander & Christian Stalcop for 50 guilders granted to Cornelius Empson a tract of land near Mill Creek that falls into Skillpot Creek by a dutch patent dated 16 May 1663.  Signed Mary Block, Barbara Marslander & Christian Stalcop.  Delivered in the presence of William Phillips, Edward Land & george Moore.  Recorded 29 June 1685.

Deed. On 17 Dec 1685. Mathyas Deffoes  of Christiana Creek, yeoman to Charles Pickering  of Christiana Creek, planter. Whereas the dec. [deceased] John Stalcop  of Christiana Creek in his life time for valuable consideration of 2 settlements or improvements by Lassy Cornelius  and Samuel Peterson  before the land was granted to John Stalcop & for 350 guilders paid to John Stalcop by Lassy Cornelius and Samuel Peterson did by deed dated 2 Sept 1674 confirmed unto Lassy Cornelius and Samuel Peterson that land that was taken up before & also one half of the marsh lying between 2 corners of the said land & also one half of the woodland adjoining the same. Also John Stalcop by another deed dated 16 Apr 1675 for 700 guilders paid by Lassy Cornelius and & Samuel Peterson granted another tract of land on the other side of Oleman's Creek, one half of the land according to patent. Lassy Cornelius for 1000 guilders by deed dated 2 July 1684 granted to Justa Anderson  of New Castle, planter, one half of the land bought of John Stalcop. Justa Anderson did make an exchange for another tract of land with Matthias Deffoes, so that Justa Anderson did grant the land he bought of Lassy Cornelius to Matthias Deffoes. Now Matthias Deffoes for 3000 guilders granted to Charles Pickering. Signed Matthias Deffoes. Delivered in the presence of Wm. Guest  & John White . Recorded 1 June 1688.

[Below is how the Pickering tract came back to the Stalcops who then deeded it to Old Swedes Church] Deed. 26 May 1693. Charles Pickering  of the town of Philadelphia, merchant, to Christiana Stalcop & John Stalcop  [Jr.]  of the county of New Castle, yeomen. Charles Pickering for £190 granted to Christiana & John Stalcop a tract of land lying on the north side of Christiana Creek bounded by land of Christiana Stalcop containing 276 acres, also, a tract of land lying on the north side of Christiana Creek bounded by a small branch which lies between this & land of Christiana Stalcop, the widow Stalcop's land of Samuel Peterson , Christiana Creek containing 228 acres of land & 5 acres marsh, in whole being 509 acres, being the land Charles Pickering bought of Edward Gibbs , late sheriff by deed dated 12 Mar 1691. Signed Charles Pickering. Delivered in presence of Charles Lanndos [Landis?], Edward Gibbs and Peter Stalcop. Acknowledged by John Cann  as attorney of Charles Pickering in open court 21 June 1693.

Deed. 5 May 1747. David Ferris  of Burr. of Wilmington in Co. of New Castle on Del., Shopkeeper, and Mary his wife , for the sum of 35 pounds, sold unto William Jones  of same Burr., Cooper, a lott of land situate in Hun. of Christiana containing 3 acres of land. This land was granted sd David Ferris by Andrew Stalcop  and his wife Hannah . Signed: David Ferris, Mary Ferris. Wit: Jos. Hewes , Zec Ferris . Rec: 3 April 1751.

Deed. 5 Mar 1745/6. John Stalcop  of Burr. of Wilmington in Co. of New Castle on Del., Yeoman & Elizabeth  his wife , for the sum of 80 pounds, sold unto Zechariah Ferris  of afsd Burr., Tanner, 205 acres of land. Whereas by virtue of Patent from Francis Lovelace  esq. late Gov. of York & dated 1673, one John Anders on  Stalcop  was seized of a tract of land & marsh, sit. in the Hun. Of Christiana in afsd Co, & did by his instrument in writing dated 16 April 1676 for 700 Guilders, grant one-half unto Samuel Peterson  & Lars Cornelison [sic].. to Jushah [sic] Anderson .. to Mathias Hosse  [sic].. to Charles Pickering .. to John Anderson Stalcop (Jr.) , who Willed that whichever of his sons lived longest with their Mother, (of which afsd John Stalcop, who lived the longest with his mother) would inherit the 205 acres of land. Signed John Stalcop, Elizabeth Stalcop. Wit: Seth Pancoast , Stephen Stapler , Gould Smith , Edward Folwell ,. Ack: Feb Term 1748. Rec: 22 June 1749.

Deed. 12 August 1749. John William  of the City of Philadelphia in Prov. of Penn., Carpenter, & Mary his wife , (He being the surviving brother & Heir of Henry William , dec'd, who was the eldest son & Heir of Henry Williams, also dec'd, which Henry Williams was the son & Heir of Henry Williams' otherwise Hendrick Williamson , late of the Town of Newcastle [sic] on Del., dec'd.), for the sum of 65 pounds, sold unto Israel Stalcop  of afsd Co., a certain tenement & lot of ground, situate lying in the Town & Co. of Newcastle. It is bounded on the So. with the River Delaware, to the West with ground of Gilbert Derick , now in the tenure of George Ross  & William Peterson , & to the NE with ground of Jacob VanDerver  [Vandever] , now in the tenure or occupation of William Bedford . This is land which Gov. Francis Lovelace , Esq. granted unto Derrick Alberts  in 1670. Signed: John William, Mary Williams [sic] Wit: Wm Young , Isaac Lesever . ack: Aug Term 1749. Rec: 12 Sept 1749.

Quit Claim. 20 Feb 1752. Whereas John Vandevere , late of Brandywine Hun., in New Castle Co, Yeoman, dec'd, by the Will of his late father, Jacob Vandevere , dec'd, was seized of as percel of land situate in afsd Hun. & Co., commonly known as the Islands & Islands Neck, & containing 100 acres. Now we John Stalcop  of same place, carpenter, son & heir of Judith Stalcop  who was one of the daughters of afsd John Vandevere & Mary  his wife, & George Peterson  of the same place, Yeoman & Ann his wife & only daughter of afsd Judith Stalcop, for the sum of 20 pounds, grant & quit claim unto Peter Vandevere of same place, the afsd tract of land plantation. Signed: John Stalcop, Mary Stalcop, Ann Peterson, George Peterson. Wit: Benjamin Swett , John Stapler . Rec: 20 March 1752.

Deed. 16 Aug 1755. Henry Sinnex  of Christiana Hun. in Co. of New Castle on Delaware, taylor [tailor], & Ann is wife, for the sum of 12 pounds 15 shillings, sold unto James Latimer  of Newport in sd Co., a certain lott situate in Newport Ayre, bounded by Justis & Walnut Sts., containing 160 perches. This is land that Augustine Constantine  did grant unto John Stalcop  [Jr.] , and he by his Last Will & Testament, did devise same unto Israel Stalcop , his son. And whereas sd Israel Stalcop d. intestate and left debts, his wife Ann (Admin) then interm. with afsd Henry Sinnex. Signed: Henry Sinnex, Anna [sic] Sinnex. Wit: George Robinson , Andrew Neper . Ack: Aug Term 1755. Rec: 16 Aug 1755.

Deed. 21 Aug 1759. Andrew Stalcop  of Christiana Hun. & Co. of Newcastle, blacksmith, for the sum of 10 pounds 16 shillings sold unto Justa Walraven  and Jonas Justice  of the sd Hun. and Co., yeomen, a parcel of land containing 2 acres, situate in sd place, together with houses and improvements. It begins at Charles Evance s' line to Red Clay Creek. This is part of the tract and plantation on which John Stalcop  (father of afsd Andrew) did formerly dwell (then containing 160 acres). In his Las Will & Testament, sd John Stalcop devised the land and plantation to is son Andrew with the condition that he pay his other son, John Stalcop [John, III ? ], the sum of 50 pounds three years after sd Andrew arrives at ye age of 21. Signed: Andrew Stalcop. Wit: Alexander Miller , Joseph Springer , John Gillaham . Ack: Aug Term 1759. Rec: 8 July 1761

Deed. 15 Ap[ril 1742. Hannah Stalcop, widow and relict of Andrew Stalcop , late of the Borough of Wilmington in the Hun of Christiana in the Co. of New Castle upon Delaware, yeoman, dec'd., and Jonas Walraven of the same place, Exec. of the Last Will & Testament of Andrew Stalcop, for the sum of 107 pounds, sold unto Thomas Canby , yeoman, of he sd borough, a piece of land and part of a plantation containing 200 acres, situate in sd Hun. & Co....This is part of a larger tract that in 1674 John Anders on  Stalcop  (great-grandfather to said Andrew Stalcop) was granted, containing about 800 acres. And then in 1675 he sold one half unto Samuel Peterson  and Lars Cornelison and then d., leaving to survive him four sons viz Andrew, Charles John & Peter (but Charles d. without issue) and by agreement with Christiana Stalcop (his [John's] widow), Andrew Stalcop (son), Samuel Peterson and Charles Pickering  (assignee of Matthias DeFoss  who was asignee of Justa Anderson , the asignee of Lars Cornelison) the land was divided.  Signed: Hannah Stalcop, Jonas Walraven. Wit: Henry Colesberry  Thomas Tourner  [Turner?] , Goldsmith Edward Folwell . Ack: May Term 1752. Rec: 17 March 1762.