Francis B. Green

F. B. Green , Francis Burwell Green

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Francis B. Green

Francis B. Green , m. to Mary (Unknown) .

Information, unless otherwise noted, is from Prince George County , VA Records, 1733-1792 Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III .

¯        27 Feb 1787 – Fra. B. Green , Samuel Peniston , Ann Green  Tucker  were witnesses to will of Agnes Lewis  of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co.  Will recorded 9 Jun 1789.

¯        19 Mar 1788 – F. B. Green, acts as witness for two different documents.  The first is an agreement between James Cureton  and Vandenvan Leonard  that permits Leonard to cut all the timber needed to carry on his occupation as chair maker.  Other witnesses:  John Thweatt , William Wilkins , William Glover .  The second is a deed of trust in which Vandenvan Leonard  sells to James Cureton  two negroes and household items.  Same witnesses.  [Note: the index shows F. B. for these entries but they are typed T. B. which I am assuming is a typographical error.-AJG]

¯        3 Jun 1788 – witness to sale of land by Robert  & Clara Bolling  to John Bland .

¯        17 Mar 1789 – F. B. Green , acts as witness for sale of 114 acres from John Lewis  to Edmund Harrison , both of Pr. Geo. Co.

¯        1 Apr 1789 – Accounts of the estate of Joel Sturdivant , dec’d examined by John Bland , Edmund Harrison , Francis B. Green .

¯        Indenture dtd 27 May 1789. Francis Burwell Green  and wife, Mary, sell to John Lewis  for £220-13-4 100 acres more or less . . .bounded as follows: beginning at John Bland ’s corner on the said Lewis’s line and running northerly along the said Blands line to a ____berry (chinaberry?) tree thence westerly through the said Greens peach orchard to a (marked pine?) and to City Creek, thence up the said creek to Mrs. Betty Dunn ’s line thence along the said Dunn’s line to Lewis’s line thence easterly along the said Lewis’s line to the beginning, it being a part of a tract of land given to the said Green by his father’s will. [Abstracted in greater detail by this writer – AJG – from records in Prince George Courthouse.]

¯        9 Jun 1789 – Acc’t of sales of estate of Amey Epes  mentions, among others, Burwell Green  and F. B. Green .  Francis Epes , Adm’r.  Recorded 9 Jun 1789.

¯        Tripartitie (and pre-nuputial) Agreement dtd 5 Aug 1789.  Thomas Glat  of 1st part, Betty Dunn , widow and relict of Nathaniel Dunn , dec’td, or Pr. Geo. Co. of 2nd part, and Francis Burwell Green  of 3rd part.  Since Betty is seized in her own right of 136 acres of land and one other tract. . .50 acres. . mentions life right in other property and slaves…and since Betty Dunn will shortly marry Thomas Galt , they agree to estate for joint use, but will not be sold without agreement of Francis Burwell Green.  Wit:  John Sturdivant Jr. , John Lewis , George Wilson .

o        The next document listed is bond of Thomas Galt  to Francis Burwell Green  to honor the above agreement (same witnesses and date.  Both recorded 9 Nov. 1790.

¯        Tripartite Deed (and pre-nuptial agreement) dtd 12 Jul 1786.  Nathaniel Dunn  of Sussex Co. of 1st part, Betty Thweatt , widow and relict of Thomas Thweatt , dec’d of Pr. Geo. Co. of 2nd part, and Francis Burwell Green  and John Green  of 3rd part: Betty Thweatt is possessed in own right and fee simple of tract of land she lives on, which Thomas Thweatt purchased of James Green , 50 acres, and . . (goes on to mention the property and slaves in which she has a life right by the will of Thomas Thweatt ).  A marriage is to be solemnized between Nathaniel Dunn and Betty Thweatt, and they agree that each others estates are not to be infringed upon and the Greens’ interest in her estate is protected.  Wit:  John Lewis , Instance Hall , John Sturdivant Jr.   Recorded 8 Sept 1789.

¯        29 Oct 1789 – Francis Burwell Green  of Pr. Geo. Co. to John Lewis  of same, for £130, for use of Green’s fishing place, known as “John Thweatt ’s fishing at Bullhill” which said Green has lately bought from John Thweatt, for use only for hauling lines.  Wit:  Thomas Machen , George Wilson .  Recorded 18 Jun 1790.

¯        Concerns the will of William Green  of Martins Brandon Parish (listed in detail under William).  Will dtd 8 March 1790: Exors: wife (Elizabeth) and friend Francis Burwell Green .

¯        Inventory and account of estate of William Green , dec’d, 29 June 1790. [more about this under William ; and Burwell Green ).  Recorded by Francis Burwell Green , Executor.

¯        Tripartite Deed dtd 11 Nov. 1789 between Francis Burwell Green  of 1st part, John Thweatt  of 2nd part, and Charles Russell, John Lewis , William Green , and John Green   of 3rd part; John Thweatt  was lately possessed of land known as Bullhill, 90 acres, and has since lately sold it to Francis B. Green .  Green wants it made over to parties of third part (long and complex legal agreement).  Wit:  Van Leonard , Jeremiah Titmarsh , Archibald Taylor , John James Thweatt .  Recorded 13 July 1790.  NOTE:  THIS ITEM CLEARLY INDICATES THAT FRANCIS B. , FRANCIS BURWELL , AND (probably) F. B. GREEN ARE ONE AND THE SAME  PERSON – AJG.

¯        12 Sept 1791 – John Cate  and wife sell 250 acres on north side of Warwick Swamp to Henry Heath.  Witnesses:  Francis B. Green , Peter Temple , Wm. Sturdivant .

¯        1 Mar 1791 – Francis B. Green , Executor of William Green , dec’d of Pr. Geo. Co. to Chappell Binford  for £54/6/8. 54 1/3 acres bounded by Robert Harrison , land sold by James Cureton , said Binford, John Hamlin  [includes the church, but 2 acres excepted where the church stands].  Wit: Benjamin Cocke , Robert Harrison, James Cureton.  Recorded 10 may 1791

¯        18 Mar 1791 - Francis B. Green , Executor of William Green , dec’d of Pr. Geo. Co. to Robert Harrison , for £82/6/8, for 82 ½ acres, bounded by Chappell Binford , James Cureton  [this is part of the Church Tract directed to be sold by will of William Green] Wit: Benjamin Cocke , James Cureton, Chappell Binford.  Recorded 10 May 1791 [Chappell Binford mentioned as being a Quaker.]

¯        Estate of Joel Sturdivant  by John Sturdivant .  Exec.  Names: Theodorick Bland .  Examined by: Francis B. Green , Henry Graves , John Bland .  Recorded 11 Oct 1791.

¯        10 Oct 1791 – Robert Batte Sr.  of Pr. Geo. Co. deeds/gives seven negroes to daughter, Martha , wife of Nathaniel Colly .  Wit: Francis B. Green , Robert Batte Jr.,  John Batte .

¯        25 Jul 1791 – Francis B. Green , executor of William, dec’d , to James Cureton  of Pr. Geo. Co. for £76/10, land known as “the Church Land” bounded by fork of road leading to the river, Robert Harrison , Chappell Binford , 66 ½ acres; also another tract of 20 acres bounded by Richard Bland  and Thomas Binford .  Wit:  Benjamin Harrison , Jr ., Luke Wheeler , John Osborne .  Recorded 8 May 1792.