Deed to William Gower [i]

     This Indenture made this nineteenth day of June in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventeen, between William Gower  of Southwarke Parrish in Surry County of the one part and Lewis Green  of the Parrish of Bristol in the County of Prince Geo of the other part.  Witnesseth that he said William Gower for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings sterling to him in hand paid by the said Lewis Green , the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and himselfe therewith fully satisfied, and also for divers other good causes and considerations him thereunto moving, hath devised granted bargained leased and to form letters and by these presents doth devise grant bargain and to form letters unto that said Lewis Green and to his heirs and assigns, all that messuage, plantation, dividend and parcel of land situate lying and being upon the East side of the Citty Creek in the Parrish of Bristol in the County of Prince George containing by estimation Seventy Acres is bounded as followeth viz Beginning on the East side the said Creek up the line of Thomas Nunley , thence Easterly along the said Nunley Line to the Line of Lewis Green, thence southerly along the said Green’s line to the line of Thomas Lewis , thence westerly along the said Thomas Lewis’s line to the said Creek, thence down the said Creek to the place where it began at including the said Seventy Acres, be there more or less, together with all houses messuages tenements and all other the appurtenances whatsoever to the same belonging or appertaining.  To have and to hold the said devised premises and every part thereof with the appurtenances unto the said Lewis Green his heirs executors and administrators from the day of the date hereof for and during the term of one whole year fully to be completed and ended yielding and paying for the same upon the last day of December next one ear of Indian corn if the same shall be demanded unto the said William Gower his his heirs executors and administrators to the intent and purpose that by virture of these presents and of the statute fo transferring uses into possession the said Lewis Green may be in actual and peaceable possession of the premises before, granted, and may he thereby the better enabled to accept of a grant or conveyence of the revertion and inheritance of the same to Him and his heirs forever.  In witness whereof the said William Gower hath hereonto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above written.


Witnessed:                                            /s/ William Gower

Edward Farrington                                   sealed with a wafer

Uriah Chissell

Hinita Mayberry

This land was in the general area of ‘Old’ Blandford Church and within the present city limits of Petersburg , VA.   Blandford Church was built in 1734 and from that date was the so-called “ Mother Church ” of Bristol Parish.

Apparently there was more than one house on this tract of land.  The indenture is a rather strange document containing many obsolete words and phrases:  messuages – main dwelling house and outbuildings; one ear of Indian corn – a token payment.  Then stated purpose of the indenture was that “he (Lewis Green ) be thereby the better enabled to accept of a grant or conveyance of the revertion and inheritance of the same to him and his heirs forever”.


[i] Prince George County records, p. 81.