"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Robert Hill [i]

Robert Hill  m. Mary Unknown . 

Robert  & Mary (unknown) Hill had[ii]:

Sion Hill [iii]

Sion Hill , son of Robert  & Mary Hill , m. Mrs. John Spiltimber  as her 2nd husband.  Her name maiden name may have been Elizabeth Green [iv]. 

Sion  & Miss (Unknown) Spiltimber ) Hill had

1.       Robert Hill [v]
Sion Hill [vi]
Richard Hill [vii], b. 1684; d. 1723; m. Hannah Briggs [viii].
Thomas Hill [ix]
Michael Hill [x]

Richard Hill [xi]

1.  Richard Hill , son of Sion  & widow, (Mrs. John Spiltimber  [Elizabeth Green ?] Hill, b. 1684[xii]; d. 1723[xiii]; m. ca. 1713 to Hannah Briggs [xiv].

Richard  & Hannah (Briggs) Hill  had

1.1.    Green Hill [xv], b. 1714; d. 1769[xvi]
Mary Hill [xvii]
John Hill [xviii]
Richard Hill [xix], b. 1720; d. 9 Jul 1775

Capt. Richard Hill [xx]

1.4.  Capt. Richard Hill [xxi], son of Richard [xxii] & Hannah (Briggs) Hill [xxiii], b. 1720[xxiv]; d. 9 Jul 1775[xxv]; m 1724[xxvi] to Margery Gilliam [xxvii], daughter of William & Susannah (Green) Gilliam , b. ca. 1726[xxviii]; d. 178_[xxix]

On 16 Nov 1742, William Gilliam  of the parish of Albemarle, “for love and good will to my daughter Margery and her husband, Richard Hill ”, gave them 200 acres of land beginning at a tree between John Gilliam  and Lewis Green , adjoining Col. Bolling  and the Miery Marsh, with reversion, if no issue, to his son William Gilliam.  Witnessed by William Green , Peter Green , and William Green Jr. [xxx]

16 Sept 1746, Surry Co., VA Indenture between William Green  Sr., and Richard Hill  of Surry Co., VA, Green delivers gift of Mr. Lewis Green  of Prince George Co., Va., the plantation Hill lives on, which was sold to Mr. William Gilliam  Sr., of Surry, and by said Gilliam conveyed to Richard and Margery (Gilliam) Hill .  Wits:  John Johnson , Burril Bell , Jones Longbotton .  Signed Wm. Green   Sr. [xxxi]

Capt. Richard  & Margery (Gilliam) Hill  had eleven (11) children[xxxii]:

1.4.1.        Sarah Hill [xxxiii], b. 24 Sept 1743[xxxiv], Albemarle Parish, VA[xxxv]; m 1st William Ruffin [xxxvi]; m 2nd James Smith [xxxvii].
William Gilliam  Hill[xxxviii], b. 3 Mar 1745[xxxix], Albemarle Parish, VA[xl]; d. 1764[xli].
Hannah Hill [xlii], b. 15 Dec 1748[xliii], Albemarle Parish, VA[xliv]; m. 1764[xlv] to Ephraim Parham [xlvi]  [Hannah was not listed in her father’s will[xlvii].]
Green Hill [xlviii], b. 25 Nov 1752[xlix], Albemarle Parish, VA[l]; m Mary Booth [li].
Richard Hill [lii], b. 18 May 1754[liii], Albemarle Parish, VA[liv]; m. Mary Jones [lv].
Thomas Hill [lvi], b. 19 Jun 1757[lvii], Albemarle Parish, VA[lviii]
Mary Hill [lix], b. 1760[lx], Albemarle Parish, VA[lxi]; d. 2 Nov 1761[lxii], Surry Co., VA[lxiii]
Henry Hill [lxiv], (twin of Howell), b. Dec 1762[lxv], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[lxvi]; d. 1763[lxvii].
Howell Hill [lxviii], (twin of Henry), b. Dec 1762[lxix], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[lxx]; d. 1763[lxxi].
William Gilliam  Hill II[lxxii], b. 28 Mar 1765[lxxiii], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[lxxiv]. [William was not listed in his father’s will[lxxv].]
1.4.11.    Rebecca Hill [lxxvi], b. ca. 1768[lxxvii], Albemarle Parish, VA[lxxviii]; m. Nicholas Long .[lxxix]

Sarah Hill [lxxx]

1.4.1. Sarah Hill [lxxxi], daughter of Capt. Richard  & Margery (Gilliam) Hill , b. 24 Sept 1743[lxxxii], Albemarle Parish, VA[lxxxiii]; d. ca, 1813[lxxxiv]; m 1st William Ruffin [lxxxv]; m 2nd ca. 1785[lxxxvi] to James Smith [lxxxvii].

William  & Sarah (Hill) Ruffin  had three (3) children[lxxxviii]:  Thomas Ruffin 
Robert Ruffin  Hannah Ruffin

Green Hill [lxxxix]

1.4.4. Green Hill [xc], son of Capt. Richard  & Margery (Gilliam) Hill , b. 25 Nov 1752[xci], Albemarle Parish, VA[xcii]; d. 1800[xciii], Sussex Co., VA[xciv]; m 1773[xcv] to Mary Booth [xcvi], daughter of George Booth [xcvii].

Green  & Mary (Booth) Hill  had three (3) children[xcviii]:    William Hill [xcix], b. 12 Mar 1775[c], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[ci]   
Henry Hill [cii]   
Martha Hill[ciii]

Richard Hill [civ]

1.4.5. Richard Hill [cv], son of Capt. Richard  & Margery (Gilliam) Hill , b. 18 May 1754[cvi], Albemarle Parish, VA[cvii]; d. Nov 1788, age 34[cviii]; m. May 1774[cix] to Mary Jones [cx], daughter of Richard  & Lucretia (unknown) Jones [cxi].

Richard Hill  lived in Dinwiddie County, VA[cxii]

Richard  & Mary (Jones) Hill  had a son:   Richard Hill [cxiii]

Rebecca Hill [cxiv]

1.4.11. Rebecca Hill [cxv], daughter of Capt. Richard  & Margery (Gilliam) Hill , b. ca. 1768[cxvi], Albemarle Parish, VA[cxvii]; m. 1788[cxviii] to Nicholas Long .[cxix]

Nicholas  & Rebecca (Hill) Long  had a son[cxx]: Long [cxxi]