John Green

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith 2005

Information on John Green  taken from Prince George County, VA Records 1733-1792, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III .  I do not know which John Green that these records belong at this time they are included here for informational purposes. JPS 10/2001

John Green :

        Accounts of Estate of Alexander Robertson  in account with Charles Duncan , Administrator, 1781 through 1786 . . . Accounts executed by William Robertson  & John Green . Recorded 13 Feb 1787.

        Accounts of tobacco in Blandford Warehouse by Birchett and Williams, Inspectors, names several persons, including John Green .  Date ca. Sept 1788.

        10 Jun 1788 Josiah Gary  and wife, Sarah , sell to John Baird  (all of Pr. Geo. Co.) for 115 one half of a tract of land. . . on Blackwater Swamp; bounded by said swamp and by Second Swamp, John Green ; . . .The land is within Bristol Parish.  No witnesses.  Recorded 10 Jun 1788.

        1 July 1788 John Bland  of Pr. Geo. Co. to John Gregorie  and William Maitland , merchants and partners in firm of Gregorie and Maitland in Town of Petersburg, for 333/10. . . .deed is to land in town of Petersburg , heretofore called Blandford, being lot #55, next to lot #54 of John Green , Merchant. . . Wit: William Coleman , James McClellan , Thomas Brown .  Recorded 14 Oct 1788.

        Tripartite Deed dated 11 Nov 1789

        10 Sept 1789 John Baird  sells to William Williams  of Pr. Geo. Co. the same land he purchased from Josiah and Sally Gary  on 10 June 1788.

        Tripartite Deed dtd 12 Jul 1786