John Greene

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

John Greene                                                     

In Colonial Surry, Boddie, we find:

p. 102   John Greene  refused to pay public tax on 3 Jan 1673
p. 104   John Greene  in his deposition denied who instigated him to go to the meeting of rebels.
p. 106   Court held at Surry 6 Jan 1673[i]:  John Greene , etc. ordered to committed until they give bond for their future good behavior & pay costs & be dimist”.

In Wills and Administrations, Surry Co., 1671-1750 and other transcribed records of Surry County it is found:

Will of John Green  dated 19 Aug 1679:

Leg:  He now in the service of his country against the Indians desires in case of his mortality or accident that Capt. Lawrence Baker  receive his wages and a debt due from Thos. Hux Sr. , etc.. Wit: Francis Taylor , Wm. Crudge ?[ii]

(in part) … In 1694 John Greene  having married relict of Roger Delk , Rebecca , asks for probate of Roger Delk’s will.  The will had been probated 4 July 1693[iii].

John Green , Est:  Signed by Roger Delk .  4 May 1703.  Signed – Edward Moreland , Jos. Seat , John Sugars [iv].

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