Lewis Green

Prince George Co., VA

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Our Green line has been associated with the early history of Prince George County ; Bailey Creek area for more than the first 100 years of its history.  Our first emigrant is unknown and has not been determined due to lack of records.  William Green  most likely the father of Lewis Green I  – this conclusion was reached after great research and finally a process of elimination.  The only other William Green imported was done so after 1636/37, which is several years after the birth of Lewis Green I.  As there are no importation records for a Lewis Green, one must assume that he was born here.

The first Lewis Green  was found in Charles City Co., VA in 1656[i], as well as a James , Peter , and William .  We have never found when Lewis was imported, but have James, William, and Peter.” – Mrs. Ward

William Green

A William Green  imported ca. 1620 is said to have lived at Jordan ’s which was one of the few places to have escaped annihilation during the Great Massacre of 1622.  Jordan ’s is now in Prince George County , which was formed in 1704 from the part of Charles City County situated on the south side of the James River .  William is a Green name that was carried forward from one generation to another but as it was such a common name, no great significance can be attached[ii]. 

However, even though William was a common name, it was carried through the direct line of Lewis Green  for several generations.  This would lead us to believe that William Green  was indeed the father of Lewis Green I .

There were close ties between the Greens and the early Grigg, Gowers, and Parhams; it is possible that the mother of Lewis Green I  (wife of William Greene ) was from one of these families[iii].

William Green , b. ca. 1600 - imported ca. 1620; m. Unknown.

William & Miss (unknown) Green  possibly had:

·         Lewis Green I , b. ca. 1630, Prince George Co., VA

Lewis Green I

Lewis Green I , possible son of William Green , b. ca. 1625[iv]/1630, Prince George Co, VA.

The first Lewis Green  was found in Charles City Co., VA in 1656[v], as well as a James, Peter, and William.  We have never found when Lewis was imported, but have James , William , and Peter .” – Mrs. Ward

The first mention of a Lewis Greene  is in the Dec 3, 1659 Court of Charles City County (from which Prince George County was formed in 1704), VA which reads: “Att a Co’rt holden Att Westo’er Dec. 3, 1659 Walter Brookes  age 36 yeares or thereabouts exai’ed and sworne Saith – That Jarvis Hicks  called to the Dept. and sayd there was a fellow agst whom there was a hue and cry issued, whereupon the Dept. put forth with his boat and Robert Ffarmer , the Dept. servant and pursued the fellow, who turned into a creeke whereupon the dept. called one Lewis Green, a neere neighbor to come with his cannon (canoe) to help apprehend a man who was disturbing the peace.[vi]  [Note:  the present Prince George County was formed in 1702 from part of Charles City County .  The area of Ward’s Creek was 1) in part of Westover Parish that was on the south side of the James, 2) briefly a part of Jordan ’s Parish, formed from the south side of Westover, 3) part of Westover again when Jordans and Westover reunited, and 4) part of Martin’s Brandon when that Parish was enlarged in 1720[vii].]

Att a Cort Holden Att Merchant’s Hope on 9 br. 10: 1660 Lewis Green  for wolf 0100 lbs tobacco[viii].  Merchants Hope Church was built in 1657.

Lewis Green  I had:

1.       Lewis Green I I
Susannah Green , b. bef. 1645; probably m. to William Grigg , son of William & Miss (Burwell) Grigg.[ix]

Lewis Greene II  (Lewis Sr./signs as Lewis L Green )

I.  Lewis Greene II , son of Lewis Green I [x], b. ca. 1645[xi]-/1650, Prince George Co, VA {Charles City or Henrico Co[xii]}; d. 28 Apr[xiii] 1730[xiv], Prince George Co, VA; m 1st to possibly a Miss Parham  or Miss Grigg [xv]; m 2nd to Susannah Grigg , daughter of William  & Miss (Burwell) Grigg [xvi], b. 1668[xvii], Baly’s Creek, Westopher Parish, Charles City, VA[xviii].  Lewis Green II  & his first wife had children, the total that are attributed to each wife is unknown however Frances is known to be the daughter of Lewis & Susannah Green .

“Lewis II must have been a very complex person.  He acquired a really large amount of land and not all of it has been accounted for in the deeds found to date.  Prior to 1704/05 new land was granted on the basis of 50 acres for each new person imported into the colonies/colony but after that date it was possible to buy new land at the rate of 5 shillings for each 50 acres.  In the list of land patents by Nugent, Lewis II is shown acquiring land for the importation of several persons but all in probability he purchased these head rights from someone else.  It is interesting – and amusing – to note that when Lewis II deeds property to his sons he reserves a life right in the property; he sells 212 acres to his son-in-law William Richardson  for 5 shillings.  The deeds to William  and Nathaniel  are dated 13 Sept 1725[xix] and to Richardson 18 Sept 1723.[xx]

In 1704 only one Lewis Green  appears in the Quit Rents of VA, with 149 acres in Prince George Co[xxi].  [Other Greens in this area were:  John , 125 acres Prince George Co; Edward Green , 200 acres, Surry Co.; Thomas Green , 500 acres; Thomas Green, 50 acres; & William Green , 100 acres all of James City Co.[xxii]]

Lewis Green II  owned property in Surry County as well as Prince George County .

There were 2 mills owned by the Green family, the first was on Easterly Run a tributary of Bailey’s Creek; the second was located at Stoney Point in Jones Hole.

“Beginning in 1704, Lewis Sr. acquired well over 2000 acres of land in various parts of Surry and Prince George Counties , much of it new land along the Nottoway River .” [xxiii]

Some of the earliest land acquisitions made by Lewis Green  (II) of Charles City County in 1702; and Lewis Green (II) of Prince George County in 1704 were:

1702 Apl:  Lewis Green  203 acres known as “High Peake” on So. Side of Bayley’s Creek; also 95[xxiv] acres at Jones’s Hole.  Also later in 1719, 425[xxv] and 375[xxvi] acres in Surry[xxvii]; followed in 1720 by 145[xxviii] and 200[xxix] acres also in Surry.  [Note: Bayley’s/Bailies Creek forms the dividing line between Prince George County and the present city of Hopewell and is crossed by two state routes – 10 and 156.  South of where Rt. 156 crosses Bailey’s Creek, the land rises sharply and a portion of that land, along Sandy Ridge Road , is still known as “ high point acres”)[xxx].

 “Lewis Greene , 203 Acs., C. C. C., at the head of Wm. Ditties , which sd. W. D. bought of James Warradine  called high Peake on the S. side of Baylys Cr. Run(n)ing into the woods S. by E. of mr. John Georges  Land 130 po. & E. by N. along the woods 250 po.  The land was due:  formerly granted to James Paddon  by Patent 10 Mar 1662 & deserted & to L. G. by orders of the Gen’l. Court, 22 Oct 1701 & fofr trnas.  Of 4, not maned, 25 Apr 1702.  Note at foot of the Patent:  four rights paid for the Wm. Byrd, Esq.  Auditor.”

[land at High Peake.  This land was located on a ridge of land overlooking a portion of Bayley’s/Bailies creek and the present City of Hopewell .  This area has continued to be known as High Peake until the present day.  Lewis Sr . left this land to his daughter Mary  who had married Edward Epes  with the stipulation that it be passed on to her sons.[xxxi]  It is interesting to note that currently (10-2001) the Federal Reformatory is located on this property.]

Land Grants Issued Between 1705 and 1723 to Lewis Green

Lewis Green was issued five (5) land grants between 1705 and 1723 in Prince George and Surry Counties , VA.

·         2 Nov 1705, Prince George Co., VA [95 acres beginning on the south side of Jones Hole, adjoining William Jones Senr, Thomas Wynn &c.]  Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p. 1-742, p. 705 (Reel 9)  “Lewis Greene , 95[xxxii] Acs., Pr. Geo. Co., Viz., beg at a maple on the S. side of Jones hole, thence along the lines of William Jones  Sen’r. N. 24 deg. W 102 po. To a maple oake, thence W. 23 deg. S. 71 ½ po. To a hickory being the corner of Mr. Tho. Wynn , thence down the same Jones hole, thence down the same according to the several meanders thereof to the beginning.  The sd. Land was due by trans .  Of 2 persons, 2 Nov. 1705            Sam. Burefoy  Thomas Hooper[xxxiii]   [Note: Prince George Co was formed in 1704 from the part of Charles City Co. located on the south side of the James River . [xxxiv]]

·         21 Feb 1719, Surry Co., VA [425 acres on the North side of Nottaway River; Beginning and extending on the land lately surveyed for the use of the Glebe of the parish of Southwark. Land Office Patents No. 11, 1719-1724, p. 57 (Reel 10).

·         11 Jul 1719, Surry Co., VA [375 acres on the South side of Nottaway River, Beginning and extending on the bank of the river, a corner of his other land.  Thence and extending by the side of Chetekoraw Swamp .  Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, p. 449 (Reel 10).

·         21 Feb 1720, Surry Co., VA [145 acres on the North side of Nottaway River .  Beginning upon the said river, a corner of the Land lately surveyed for the use of the Glebe of the parish of Southwark.  Land Office Patents No. 11, 1719-1724, p. 57 (Reel 10).

·         21 Feb 1720, Surry Co., VA [200 acres on the North side of Nottaway River , Beginning on the river adjoining his other land; also the Woodyard Swamp . Land Office Patents No. 11, 1719-1724, p. 58 (Reel 10).

·         20 Feb 1723, Surry Co., VA [135 acres on the South side of Nottaway River .  Beginning and extending by the side of said river a corner of Ephraim Parhams Land .  Land Office Patents No. 11, 1719-1724, p. 311 (Reel 10).

On 4 March 1706, Court held at Southwarke for the County of Surry [xxxv]:  Thomas Thrower  appearing in Court & acknowledged a deed of a parcel of land to Lewis Green , the same are admitted to be recorded.  Mary  the wife of Thos. Thrower , appearing and relinquishing her right of dower of a parcel of land _____ by her said husband by order of lease and release to Green, the same is ordered to be recorded[xxxvi].

Bet. 1706-Jul 1710:  Court held at Southwarke for the County of Surry :  Judgment is granted to Lewis Green  against the estate of David Peebles  (who hath privately departed this county) for 5 lb 7 shillings.  John Green , Henry Mitchell  and George Pasmore , or any 2 of them, appt’ed to appraise the goods of David Peebles, retuned attached by Lewis Green, and report their proceedings to the next Court [xxxvii].

In the will of Edward Parham , “Lewis Green  is to have his son Gower, to bring him up, and use his ost. Until he is 21 years old.”[xxxviii]    Lewis Green Jr.  is appointed one of the overseers of the will.  Lewis Green Sr.  signs as a witness to the will dated 12 Mar 1709, prob. 5 Jul 1709. [xxxix]

On 6 Apr 1710 there is a complaint filed by Lewis Green  indicating that David Peeples  owes him £5, s7 and has left the county, please attach estate.[xl]

On 12 Jun 1716 – Sarah Green  is mentioned in the inventory of the estate of Samuel Tatum  as being due 10 shillings:  This is not an inheritance, rather an amount due for services rendered (my interpretation-AJG).  The inventory of the estate of Mary Tatum , dec’d was entered in court the same day[xli].

It is interesting to note that Lewis IV  & Lewis V  each name a daughter Sarah  as does the William Green  who goes to North Carolina [xlii].  As far a is known none of his sons in the Surry/Sussex area use the names Sarah  and Lewis  and to me (AJG) this suggests a division within the family.

Deed to William Gower

On June 1717:  Another indenture between the same parties and for the same land as above.  This time William Gower  apparently sells the land to Lewis Green  for sixteen pounds current money[xliv].

On July 1717:  Lewis Green Sr.  of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co. and Ephraim Parham  of Southwark Parish, Surry County, for £50, to Lewis Green Jr.  of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co., one half of water mill with one half the appurtenances, the mill being on Easterly Run in Parish of Westover, Pr. Geo. Co.  Witnesses:  Robert Poythress , Essex Bevill , Thos. Leeth , Robert Meloney [xlv].

Water Mill on Easterly Run

On 5 Oct 1717 Received of Lewis Green  10 shillings, full value of one acre of land on northside of Easterly Run where Green’s Mill now stands, which are, according to order of Charles City Court June 3 1702 was laid out by surveyor of county, Mr. Robert Bolling Jr.,  and valued by Mr. Thomas  and Capt. Joshua Wynne , and said Green thereof possessed towards his encouragement of building a water mill.  John Thweatt , Daniel Sturdivant , James Parram  (Parham ).[xlvi]

Lewis Greene  and his son-in-law, Ephraim Parham  (husband of Frances ) owned a mill on a tributary of Bailey’s Creek called Easterly Run.  Easterly Run I later known as Manchester Creek (Prince George Co., VA).  They also had interest in a mill located on Stoney Creek .  1722, finds Lewis deeding land to his children.  He gives land to Lewis Green III  for “love and affection”, reserving a life right to the property and stipulating that the land could not be sold until 2 or 3 years after his death.  Lewis Green purchases 50 acres of land from his brother (in-law???) William Grigg .

The Prince George-Hopewell Story, p. 65, states that in 1739, it was decided to build a ‘chappel of ease’ (for Bristol Parish) at Jones Hole…to be convenient to a spring on a branch of Jones Hole Creek.  It was to be situated one mile north of the presnt Reams Station and just east of the Dinwiddie County line.  The site was changed three times, however, before the chapel was finally built it was sometimes called Harricane Church .

When Bristol Parish was formed in 1643, it extended from the mouth of the Appomattox River (present day Hopewell ), along both sides of the river indefinitely to the west.  Other parishes, including Dale in Chesterfield County were later created out of Bristol

Martins Brandon Parish when first created in the mid 1600’s extended from upper Chappokes Creek (now the eastern boundry of Prince George County ) to Flowerdew Hundred.  Jordan ’s Parish was between Martins Brandon Parish and the mouth of the Appomattox , which marked the beginning of Bristol Parish, Jordan’s was later united with Westover Parish for a short time but in 1720 it became part of Martins Brandon when that parish was enlarged.

 22 Feb 1722/3:  To a survey for Lewis Green Sr.  on both sides of Nottoway River Road , adjoining the county line – 294 acres[xlvii].

 In 1722, Lewis Green II,  gives his Homeplace to his son, Lewis Jr. /III .  This was land that was purchased from his “brother” William Grigg  and from William Gower .  It was located on the Appomattox River and on City Creek[xlviii].

Deed to Lewis Green Jr. [xlix]

  To all whom these presents shall come, know ye that I Lewis Green Senior  of Prince George County, for and in consideration of the naturals love and affection which I bear unto my son Lewis Green Junior , hath given and granted, and by theses presents doth give, grant and confirm unto the said Lewis Green Junior all that seat or tract of land whereon he now dwells seituated lying and being in the Parrish of Bristol and in the County of Prince George, and bounded as followeth Vizt: beginning at the corner tree of Thomas Lewis  on the West side the City Creek, thence West one hundred and twenty poles, thence South one hundred and sixty poles, thence East seventy eight poles, thence north seventy nine poles, thence East sixty eight poles, thence down the said creek to the corer tree of Thomas Lewis aforesaid, containing in the whole one hundred acres of land, be there more or less, To have and to hold the said one hundred acres of land, with all the houses, oarchards, gardens, profits, priviledges and advantages thereunto belonging unto the said Lewis Green, Junior and his heirs for ever.  But it is so agreed upon that the said Lewis Green, Senior doth hereby reserve unto himselfe the whole use of all the above mentioned land, houses, oarchards, gardens, profits, priviledges and advantages thereunto belonging during his naturale life therein; as witteness whereof the said Lewis Green, Senior hath hereunto set his land and seal this twelfth day…March 1722.


Signed Sealed and Delivered

 In the presence of

   Thos Eldridge                                                               the marke of

   Wm. Hamlin                                                               Lewis ( L) Green   

   John Scott Junr                                                        Seald with red wax


Memorandum “That livery of seizing of the land, within mentioned was delivered by Lewis Green  Senr unto Lewis Green Jun  according to the true intent and effects of the within written deed, in due form of law, in presence of us.


At a Court held at Merchants hope for Prince George County the second Friday in March, being the twelfth day of the said month, Anno Dom. 1722


The above written Deed for land (Indented and Seald) with livery of seizing thereon was in open court acknowledged by Lewis Green  the Subscriber thereto to be his act and Deed to his son Lewis Green , on whose motion the said Deed (and?) livery of seizing by order of the Court are truly recorded.

                                                                        Test.  Wm. Hamlin  _______________

Deed to Lewis Green Jr. [l]

12 Mar. 1722:  Lewis Green Sr.  deeds to Lewis Green Jr. , three tracts of land:  (1) the one on which he (Lewis Green Sr.) now dwells; (2) …as also that seat or tract of land I purchased of my brother, William Grigg s, which is bounded on the plantation I now dwell on and on Appomattox River containing fifty acres of land, and (3) …as also that  …land I purchased of William Gower  (bounded by Green’s Plantation and City Creek) containing seventy acres more or less.  However, Lewis Green Sr. reserves the whole use of all the mentioned tracts of alnd during his natural life and the right to dispose of them by his last will and testament if he thinks fit for the space of two years to commence from the day of his death.


Lewis Greene   Jr. / II is listed in Prince George Co., records ca. 1720-1738 as a member of the bar.[li]  He was also apparently active in the church serving as a churchwarden at the old Blandford Church in Bristol Parish[lii].


On 20 Jun 1744 John Whittington  to Richard Jones , a parcel of land lying south of the Nottoway River – 220 acres – being part of 320 acres purchased by the aforesaid John Whittington, of William Jones , of Surry, as by one certain conveyance of lease & release, bearing date 13th & 14th of July 1741, duly recorded in the Court of Surry, also, all that tract lying on the southside of the River Nottoway containing 95 acres, part of a tract of 135 acres, granted to Lewis Green , late of the County of Prince George, by letters patent bearing date at Williamsburg, the 20 Feb 1723[liii], & by the aforesaid Lewis Green, by his last will & testament, devised to said John Whittington.  Wits:  Lewis Parham , Arthur Freeman , W. Edwards , John Whittington, Elizabeth Whittington , (Green?).[liv]

 Prior to his death he provided land for all of his children (also some of his grandchildren) and several of these deeds are dated in 1722.  When deeding his holdings in Prince George to Lewis Jr . in 1722, he not only retained a life interest in them but made this curious provision:  . . . that he reserved the right to otherwise dispose of them by his last will and testament for a period of two years following the date of his death.  One gets the impression that he was preparing to move to a new area, perhaps with one of his children or grandchildren, where communications would be slow at best.”[lv]

Surry Co., VA Will and Deed Book Part 2[lvi]:

P 470

18 Sept 1723

Deed:  Lewis Green, Sr.  of Parish of Bristol in Prince George County, VA sold to William Richardson  of Surry Co., VA 212 acres on north side of Nottoway River.  Witnesses:  Lewis Green Jr. ; Henry Tatum;  Thomas Hood.   Recorded: 18 Sept 1723

p. 599

13 Sept 1725

Lewis Green Sr.  of Prince George Co., VA – GIFT to son William Green , tract of land where he lives in Surry Co., VA, Southwark Parish, North side of Nottoway River adj. William Jones,  William Richardson,  Mire Meadow,  Jonakin Swamp,  and Gleeb line.  Wit. Henry Tatum,  Charles Gilliam,  Sr.,  Robert Winfield.   Signed Lewis L Green[lvii] .

p. 599

15 Sept 1725

Lewis Green, Sr.  for love and affection, etc. to son William, land where William now dwells in Southwark Parish (this parish is in Surry Co.) Wit:  Henry Tatum,  Char. Gilliam Sr.,  and Robert Wynfield.   Rec: 15 Sept 1725

p. 600

13 Sept 1725

Lewis Green Sr.  of Prince George Co., VA – GIFT to son Nathaniel Green,  alnd where he lives in Southwark Parish, Surry Co., VA, N side of Nottoway River, adj. Gleeb land, being 145 acres.  Signed Lewis L Green,  Sept 13, 1725.  Wit. Henry Tatum,  Charles Gilliam,  Sr.,  Robert Winfield[lviii]

P 600

15 Sept 1725

Lewis Green, Sr.  to Edward Farrington,  north side of Nottoway River and being the plantation where Edward now dwells.  Wit:  Henry Tatum,  Char. Gilliam Sr.,  and Robert Wynfield.   Rec: 15 Sept 1725

P 600

15 Sept 1725

Lewis Green, Sr.  for love and affection, etc. to son William, land where William now dwells 145 acres.  Wit:  Henry Tatum,  Char. Gilliam Sr.,  and Robert Wynfield.   Rec: 15 Sept 1725

NOTE:  Matthew is the son of Ephraim  & Frances Parham  and 1st cousin to Lewis Green III .

The location of the lands owned and occupied by Lewis Green Sr.  and Jr., were partially identified in a land transaction that takes place on 3 Jun 1788.  [See Burwell Green ].  The area known as   Broadway/Broadway Landing was one of the earliest settlements in present Prince George County and was near City Creek.  According to p. 51 of The Prince George-Hopewell Story, by Lutz, the Huguenots who settled at Manakin first landed at Broadway and were then taken to the area in present Chesterfield County that had been set-aside for them.

Lewis  & Susanna (Grigg) Greene  II had at least one (1) child[lix]:

1.1.        Frances Green , b. c. 1672[lx]; m. Ephraim Parham , will dated 7 Apr 1726.  

It is not known by which wife Lewis Green II,  fathered these children[lxi]

1.2.       William Green [lxii], b. aft. 1670[lxiii], Charles City, VA[lxiv]; d. 1749[lxv]; m. Mary Unknown  [lxvi].  DOT WARD LINE
Nathaniel[lxvii] Green [lxviii], b. aft 1670[lxix], Charles City[lxx]; d. 1728[lxxi]; m. Faith (unknown).   1 or 2 children.
Mary Green [lxxii], b. aft 1670[lxxiii], Charles City Co, VA[lxxiv]; m. 1716[lxxv], Prince George Co., VA to Edward Epes [lxxvi], son of John  & Mary (Kent) Epes Sr . 
Susannah Green [lxxvii], b. ca. 1704[lxxviii], Charles City, VA[lxxix]; m. Surry Co., VA[lxxx] to William Gilliam . William & Susannah (Green) Gilliam  had two (2) or more children[lxxxi].
Martha Green [lxxxii], b. ca. 1702[lxxxiii]; m. William Richardson [lxxxiv].  One known child[lxxxv].
Burwell/Burrell Green [lxxxvi], b. ca. 1681[lxxxvii]; d. 1733[lxxxviii], Surry Co., VA[lxxxix]; m. 1690[xc], Prince George Co., VA[xci] to Anne Poythress [xcii], daughter of John  & Judith (Soane[xciii]) Peterson [xciv].  No known children from this union[xcv]. 
Judith Green [xcvi], b. aft 1670[xcvii]; m. Isaac Hall [xcviii].  Isaac & Judith (Green) Hall  had four (4) children[xcix].
Peter Green [c], b. ca. 1681[ci]; d. 1745[cii]; m. Mary ‘Mildend’ Coleman [ciii] (Mary unknown ) [civ].  STAUBACH LINE
Lewis Green Jr.  (III) , b. 1680, Charles City, VA[cv]; m 1st Sarah Unknown; [cvi] m 2nd Susanna Unknown [cvii]; m 3rd Frances Unknown [cviii]
James Green  – possible son/but not much proof., b. aft. 1670[cix]; d. ca. 1746-1748, Charles City Co., VA[cx]
Elizabeth[cxi] Green [cxii], b. aft. 1670[cxiii], m.  ca. 1692[cxiv] to John Whittington [cxv]

Susannah Green

2.  Susannah Green [cxvi], daughter of Lewis Green I , b. aft. 1645; m. to William Grigg , son of William & Miss (Burwell) Grigg .

William & Susannah (Green) Grigg  had three (3) children[cxvii]:

2.1.       William Grigg [cxviii], b. ca. 1689, Charles City Co., VA; m. to Elizabeth Mitchell .
James Grigg [cxix], b. ca. 1693, Charles City Co., VA; m. to Frances Hackney .
Sarah Grigg [cxx], b. ca. 1702, Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA.

Frances Green

1.1.  Frances Green , daughter of Lewis & Susanna (Grigg) Greene , b. c. 1665[cxxi]-1672[cxxii] ; d. bet. 6 Mar 1740[cxxiii]-5 Apr 1744[cxxiv], Brunswick Co., VA[cxxv]; m. Ephriam Parham , son of Mathew Parham [cxxvi], b. ca. 1660[cxxvii]; d. 1726, Surry Co., VA[cxxviii].

Will of Ephriam Parham  dated:  7 Apr 1726[cxxix]; Prob. 15 Jun 1726[cxxx].


      To son, Ephraim Parham , 150 acres of Land on the south side of the Nottoway River to Flatt Swamp, bod, Troopers Arms ot.,  if no heir to his brother, Lewis Parham .
To son, Lewis Parham , a Plantation on the North side of Mehorrin River, 180 acres, also cows, etc and Land upon Reedy Branch, the upper half, when 20 years old.
To wife, Frances , Negroes, household goods, etc.
To daughter, Frances, wife of Hinchey Maybury , 10 pounds current money of VA.
To granddaughter, Elizabeth Maybury , six leather chairs after the death of her grandmother.
To grandson, James Parham , one cow.
All grandchildren to have equal part of movable estate.
Executors:  sons, Matthew  and Ephraim Parham .
Witnesses:  Peter Green , John Whittington , Richard Raines .

Will of Frances Parham , widow, dated 6 Mar 1740, recorded 5 Apr 1744[cxxxi]:


To son, Mathew
To son, Ephraim
My daughter’s children, 20 shillings, each to be paid when they arrive at age.
Son Lewis four negroes with the reversion of them to his son Ephraimi
To son Mathew’s wife, one gown
To son Ephraim’s wife, one trunk
To son Lewis, all my cattle, household goods, etc.
Executor:  Son Lewis
Witness:   Peter Tatum , William McKnight

Ephraim  & Frances (Green) Parham  had four (4) children[cxxxii].

1.1.1.        Frances Parham [cxxxiii], b. ca. 1697[cxxxiv]; d. 1749[cxxxv]; m. ca. 1716[cxxxvi] to Hinchia[cxxxvii]/Hinchey Mabry [cxxxviii]/Maybury [cxxxix], son of Francis & Elizabeth (unknown)  Mabry [cxl], b. .1697[cxli], Henrico Co. or Surry Co., VA[cxlii]; d. 1762, Brunswick Co., VA[cxliii].  Hinchia Mabry m 2nd 1751[cxliv] to Anne C. Courtney .  No children of 2nd marriage.  Hinchia & Frances (Parham) Green  had seven children.
Ephraim Parham[cxlv] Jr. [cxlvi], b. ca. 1698, Surry Co., VA[cxlvii]; d. 1763[cxlviii], age 65; m. Rebecca unknown [cxlix]
Lewis Parham [cl], under age in 1726[cli].  He had a son James Parham , of Brunswick in 1760[clii]. 
Matthew Parham[cliii]Sr. [cliv], b. ca. 1694[clv], Surry Co., VA[clvi]; d. 18 Mar 1775[clvii], age 81[clviii]; m. Martha Wynne , daughter of Robert Wynne , b. ca. 1711[clix].

William Green Sr.

1.2.  William Green Sr. [clx], b. aft. 1670[clxi]; d. 1749[clxii]; m. Mary Unknown[clxiii].     FOR FURTHER INFORMATION SEE WILLIAM GREEN SR. SECTION

Nathaniel Green

1.3.  Nathaniel[clxiv] Green [clxv], son of Lewis Green II,  b. aft 1670[clxvi], Charles City, VA; d. 1728, Surry Co., VA; m. ca. 1734[clxvii] to Faith Unknown.   

Will of Nathaniel Green  of Surry Co was dated 23 Jan 1726 and proved 20 Nov 1728.[clxviii]: 

            Executrix:  wife Faith , big with child

            Son:          Nathanie l under 18

            Brothers:    Peter Green  (made heir should his children die).
     William Green

Executor:   William Green

            Bequest:    To wife, Faith, my plantation where I lived for her life then to my son, Nathaniel .
                             To son, Nathaniel Green , my Troopers Arms, etc. – £20 and my land at Reedy Creek[clxix]
         To child my wife is now with

            Wits[clxx]:      William Richardson  (brother-in-law), Henry Gawler , Mary Epes  (sister), & Simon Gale .

The inventory of Nathaniel Green  was done on 14 Feb 1728/1729 and recorded on 19 Feb. 1728/1729.[clxxi]

Nathaniel & Faith (Unknown) Green  had:

1.3.1.        Nathaniel Green Sr. , b. under 18 in 1726, Surry Co., VA; d. 1 Dec 1749[clxxii], Surry Co., VA[clxxiii], unmarried.  He appears on 26 Aug 1747 on a list of Proprietors in the Vestry Book of Surry & Sussex County, VA, p. 49.  In his Will there are legacies to:  Benjamin Hunt , not 21; Wm. Hunt; John Hunt Jr. ; Susannah Hunt .  These are apparently the children of his cousin Elizabeth & her husband John Hunt.
Child Green , unborn at time of father’s will, 1726; d. by 1749 as is not mentioned in the will of Nathaniel Green  Sr.

Mary Green

1.4.  Mary Green [clxxiv], daughter of Lewis Green II,  b. aft 1670[clxxv]; d. living in 1730, Prince George; m. 1716[clxxvi], Prince George Co., VA to Edward Epes [clxxvii], son of John & Mary[clxxviii] (Kent[clxxix]) Epes [clxxx] Sr., b. ca. 1660[clxxxi], Charles City, VA. 

Edward Epes  owned 500 acres in Prince George Co., VA in 1704.  He was the appraiser of the estate of John Nance  in 1716[clxxxii].

Mary Green Epes  received from her father’s estate, “the plantation whereon she now lives with reversion to grandsons John & Francis Epes  (Mary Epes  was alive in 1730) [clxxxiii].

On 8 Oct 1723 there is an Inventory of the Estate of Mary Epes , dec’d, Jno. Peterson Jr.  admn.  Sworn before Lewis Green Jr. [clxxxiv] This must have been from an earlier Epes marriage.

Edward & Mary (Green) Epes  had four (4) children[clxxxv]:

1.4.1.        John Epes , mentioned in will of Lewis Green II,  b. VA[clxxxvi]; d. by 1749[clxxxvii]
Francis Epes , mentioned in will of Lewis Green II,  b. VA;  d. 1775[clxxxviii]; m. Phoebe unknown [clxxxix].
Lewis Epes [cxc], b. VA; d. by 1745[cxci]; m. Blanche Archer [cxcii], daughter of George Archer [cxciii].
1.4.4.        Susannah Epes [cxciv], b. ca. 1705, Chesterfield Co., VA[cxcv]; d. by 1762[cxcvi]; m. William Gates [cxcvii].

For Further Information See Edward Epes

Bristol Parish Register

Susannah Green [cxcviii]

1. 5. Susannah Green [cxcix], daughter of Lewis Green II,  b. ca. 1704[cc]; m. 1725[cci] to William Gilliam Sr. , son of Hinchea & Fortune (Flood) Gilliam [ccii], b. ca. 1704[cciii]; d. 1764[cciv].

This indenture made this 5th day of Sep. 1739, between Lewis Green  of Prince George Co. of the first part and William Gilliam , of the county of Surry, of the other part, witnesseth that whereas Lewis Green Sr. , dec’d., by his last will and testament did give unto his dau. Susanna Green , 200 acres of land being a part of a tract of 400 acres, situated at the mouth of Stoney Creek, bearing part. 22 Feb 1724 layed out by sd will of Lewis Green, That I do, as heir at law and for consideration of 35 lbs do sell the remaining 200 a., etc.  Signed Lewis Green . Pr. 1740.[ccv]

On 16 Nov 1742, William Gilliam  of the parish of Albemarle, “for love and good will to my daughter Margery and her husband, Richard Hill ”, gave them 200 acres of land beginning at a tree between John Gilliam  and Lewis Green , adjoining Col. Bolling  and the Miery Marsh, with reversion, if no issue, to his son William Gilliam.  Witnessed by William Green , Peter Green , and William Green Jr. [ccvi]

On 20 Aug 1747 William Gilliam  & Henry Freeman  – from Stoney Creek to Sapponey Mill to the plantation of Peter Green , dec’d, so down to Nottoway River to the beginning[ccvii]

William  & Susannah (Green) Gilliam  had two (2) or more children[ccviii].

1.5.1.        Margery Gilliam [ccix], b. ca. 1726[ccx]; d. 178_[ccxi]; m 1724[ccxii] to Capt. Richard Hill [ccxiii], son of Richard[ccxiv] & Hannah (Briggs) Hill [ccxv], b. 1720[ccxvi]; d. 9 Jul 1775[ccxvii].  Capt. Richard & Margery (Gilliam) Hill  had eleven children.
William Gilliam (Jr.),  m. 1st to Mildred Hill [ccxviii]; m 2nd to Mary (unknown)[ccxix].   William  & Mary Gilliam  Jr. had a daughter:  Elizabeth Gilliam , b. 1761; m 1st ca. 1777 to Thomas Parham [ccxx].  Thomas & Elizabeth Parham  had a child.
Amy Gilliam [ccxxi], b. ca. 1740[ccxxii], Surry Co., VA[ccxxiii]; m. Lewis Tyus [ccxxiv]  - Mrs. Judy Barnett ’s Line: Hannah Tyus  m. Green Wynne  (went to Jones Co., Georgia, d. there): son Hartwell Wynne  m. Elizabeth Colbert  (went to Mississippi): daughter Margaret Anne Wynne , d. 1867, Holmes Co., Miss; m. Wiley T. Seitzler : son William H. Seitzler  grandfather of Mrs. Judy Barnett.
Frances Gilliam [ccxxv], m. Thomas Evans [ccxxvi].
Jane Gilliam [ccxxvii], m. Robert Jackson [ccxxviii].

For Further Information See William Gilliam

Martha Green

1.6.  Martha Green [ccxxix], daughter of Lewis Green  I I,  b. ca. 1702[ccxxx]; m. William Richardson [ccxxxi]. 

William Richardson  left a will, naming his daughter, Mary, wife of Wm. Wynne [ccxxxii].

William & Martha (Green) Richardson  had six (6) children:

1.6.1.        William Richardson [ccxxxiii], b. ca 1722, Surry Co., VA[ccxxxiv]; d. 1789, Brunswick Co., VA[ccxxxv]
Mary Richardson [ccxxxvi], b. ca. 1724[ccxxxvii], Surry Co., VA[ccxxxviii]; m. William Wynne , possibly the son of Thomas & Agnes (Stith) Wynne .  NOTE:  Agnes Stith , daughter of John Stith  & Jane Unknown ; Agnes Stith Wynne ’s sister, Anne Stith , married Colonel Robert Bolling [ccxxxix].
Joseph Richardson [ccxl], b. ca. 1728, Surry Co., VA[ccxli]
Susannah Richardson [ccxlii], b. ca. 1732, Surry Co., VA[ccxliii]
Elizabeth “Betty” Richardson [ccxliv], b. ca. 1735, Surry Co., VA[ccxlv]; m. William Rainey [ccxlvi].
Martha ‘Patty’ Richardson [ccxlvii], b. 2 Nov 1741, Albemarle Co., VA[ccxlviii]; m. Lewis Nelson Brown [ccxlix].

For Further Information See William Richardson

Burwell/Burrell Green

1.7.  Burwell/Burrell Green [ccl], son of Lewis Green II,  b. ca. 1681[ccli]; d. 1733[cclii]; m. Anne Poythress [ccliii], daughter of Francis & Rebecca (Cogan) Poythress [ccliv].  No known children from this union[cclv]. 

For Further Information See Burwell Green Section

Judith Green

1.8.  Judith Green [cclvi], daughter of Lewis Green II,  b. aft 1670[cclvii]; m. Isaac Hall [cclviii], d. will probated 19 Aug 1730[cclix]. 

Will of Isaac Hall           dated __ Feb 1728[cclx]     prob. 19 Aug 1730[cclxi]:

Legacy to sons:                       

Lewis Hall  &

George Hall

The plantation where I live divided between them by a line beginning at the river brink, also, land adj. From Lewis Green  to Henry Cawler’ s line to be equally divided, Lewis the upper half and George the lower half.

                Son:             William Hall        (m. Margaret ) – land adj. Benjamin Harrison
    Son:             Isaac Hall
    Wife:                        Judith, exetrix   Prob. 19 Aug 1730 (Judith Green )
    Wits:             John Spain , Peter Green

Isaac  & Judith (Green) Hall  had four (4) children[cclxii]:

1.8.1.        Isaac Hall [cclxiii]
George Hall [cclxiv]
Lewis Hall [cclxv]
William Hall [cclxvi]

Peter Green

1.9.  Peter Green [cclxvii], son of Lewis Green  I I,  b. ca. 1681[cclxviii], Charles City, VA; d. 1745[cclxix], Surry Co., VA; m. Mary (unknown)  [cclxx]. 

For Further Information See Peter Green Section

Lewis Green III

1.10.  Lewis Green III , son of Lewis Green II, b. ca. 1680, Prince George Co, VA; m1st to Sarah (unknown) [cclxxi]; m2nd Frances (unknown) ; m3rd Susanna (unknown)  {This one is a maybe}. 

For Further Information See Lewis Green III Section

James Green

1.11.  James Green [cclxxii], possible son (but not much proof) of Lewis Green II [cclxxiii].

From information compiled by Ardath Jo Green  dated Apr 23, 1984, p. 1-2:

“Lewis Jr. had a son James and there may have been only one by this name.  On p. 1543 of the Valentine Papers, John Scott, Jr . of Pr. Geo. Co. reported a conveyance of land from James Green  to his son, Lewis Jr., on 22 Mar. 1722, recorded on p. 583 of the Pr. Geo. Records.  As it stands, this is incorrect.  There is no Green conveyance on p. 583; on p. 588, on the same date, there is a conveyance from Lewis Green Sr.  to his son, Lewis Jr. and John Scott Jr. is a witness.  It may well be that a James Green had a son, Lewis Jr., to whom he deeded land; this would help to explain some of the different Lewis greens mentioned later.  On the other hand, this could be nothing more than an error that creeps into the best of published works.”

Burrell/Burwell Green  and James Green  were both shown in the records of the Courts of Prince George as early as 1714.  They were the sons of Lewis Green , though no records were left to prove the relationship. - AJG

Elizabeth Green

1.12.  Elizabeth[cclxxiv] Green [cclxxv], daughter of Lewis Green II,  b. aft. 1670[cclxxvi], m.  ca. 1692[cclxxvii] to John Whittington [cclxxviii].

20 Apr 1742 Indenture between John Whittington  & Charles Dillihay  – tract of land lying on S. side of Nottoway Riv. Which was known as Wm. Jones ’ land, beg at High Hill Branch, to corner tree agreed on bet. Wm Jones  & Edward Farrington .  Wit: Edward Pettway , William Green .[cclxxix]

1744 John Whittington  to Richard Jones  – a parcel of land lying south of Nottoway Riv. 200 A – being part of 320 A purchased by aforesd John Whittington  of William Jones  of Surry, as by one certain conveyance of lease & release, bearing date 13 & 14 of July 1741, duly recorded in the Court of Surry…also all that tract lying on the s. side of Nottoway Riv., containing 95 A., part of a tract of 135 A., granted to Lewis Green , late of the Co. of Pr. George, by letters patent bearing date at Williamsburg, the 20th Feb. 1723, & by the aforesd Lewis Green, by his last will and testament, devised to the sd John Whittington.  Wit:  Lewis Parham , Arthur Freeman , W. Edwards .  Signed:  John Whittington, Elizabeth Whittington [cclxxx]

Mary Richardson

1.6.2.  Mary Richardson [cclxxxi], daughter of William & Martha (Green) Richardson,  b. ca. 1724[cclxxxii], Surry Co., VA[cclxxxiii]; m. William Wynne , possibly the son of Thomas & Agnes (Stith) Wynne . 

William & Mary (Richardson) Wynne  had three children:        William Richardson Wynne , d. 1790-1795, Brunswick Co., VA.       
Child Wynne       
Child Wynne

NOTE:  Agnes Stith , daughter of John Stith  & Jane Unknown ; Agnes Stith Wynne ’s sister, Anne Stith , married Colonel Robert Bolling [cclxxxiv].