Lewis Green

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Lewis Green III

1.10.  Lewis Green III , son of Lewis Green II, b. ca. 1680, Prince George Co, VA; m 1st to Sarah (unknown)[i] ; m2nd to Frances (unknown) ; m 3rd to Susanna (unknown)  {This one is a maybe}.  According to Charles Barker  the marriage were in this order:  Frances ; Susanna ; followed by Sarah [ii].

From information compiled by Ardath Jo Green  dated Apr 23, 1984, p. 2:

“Lewis Jr . (III)  is mentioned in legal documents as early as 1709; is a county official of Prince George County (Quorum) in 1714; on the vestry of Bristol Parish in 1720-1722; and sheriff of Prince George Co., in 1735, 1736, 1737[iii].

During 1921 and up into 1722, Luis /Lewis Green Jr.  continues to be active in the affairs of Bristol Parish. He serves as vestryman, church warden, and as overseer for the building of two chapels, Sapponey and Namosend, “…for the ease and conenience of the frontier Inhabitants of ye s’d P’ish ( Bristol )”.[iv]

Lewis Green  was present at the first meeting of the vestry recorded in the vestry book at Ferry chapel on 30 Oct 1720[v].

“Beginning in 1704, Lewis Sr . acquired well over 2000 acres of land in various parts of Surry and Prince George Counties , much of it new land along the Nottoway River .

1704 – Lewis Green  149 acres Prince George County [vi]

In the will of Edward Parham , “Lewis Green  is to have his son Gower, to bring him up, and use his ost. Until he is 21 years old.”[vii]    Lewis Green Jr.  is appointed one of the overseers of the will.  Lewis Green Sr.  signs as a witness to the will dated 12 Mar 1709, prob. 5 Jul 1709. [viii]

Lewis Jr . acquired a considerable amount in his own right including two tracts located a few miles W-SW of Stony Creek, an area originally in Surry Co. but now in Sussex .  In addition to purchasing a half-interest in a grist mill in Martin’s Brandon Parish, Pr. Geo. Co., from his father and Ephraim Parham , he inherited land from his father on Citty (sic) Creek in Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co.  It is possible there were two grist mills owned by the Greens.  In documents dated 1717 and 1722, one mill is clearly identified as being in Martin’s Brandon Parish; another mill (mentioned later) was on or near Stony Creek, Albemarle Parish.”

Lewis Green Jr.  (III) purchases land in 1704 in the area of Hopewell , VA.   He is mentioned in the Surry County, VA records as being appointed as guardian ca. 1709. 

On 4 July 1710 Court held at Southwarke for the County of Surry [ix]:  Lewis Green Jr.  appeared in Court to confess judgment to Thos. Sisom  (sic) exer. Of the last will and testament of Edward Parham , dec’d, in the just sum of 9 lb 5 shillings, being _____ goods belonging to the estate of the said dec’d, delivered to him, the said Lewis by the said Thomas.

Also at the 4 July 1710 Court:  Lewis Green , is appointed overseer of the highway in the stead of Robert Hawthorn , and ordered that he cause the roads to be well cleared and bridges maintained according to law[x].

1714 – Lewis Green Jr.   Justice of the Peace Prince George County .[xi]

Water Mill on Easterly Run

On 31 July 1717 Lewis Green Sr.  of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co. and Ephraim Parham  of Southwark Parish, Surry County, for £50, to Lewis Green Jr.  of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co., one half of water mill with one half of appurtenances, the bill being on Easterly Run in Parish of Westopher, Pr. Geo. Co.   Robert Poythress , Essex Bevill , Thos. (X) Leeth, Robert (X) Meloney, Lewis (L) Green , Ephraim (X) Parham,  dated 8 Oct 1717[xii]

10 Oct 1717:  An indenture between James Parham  of the Parish of Westopher in the County of Prince George and Lewis Green Jr.  of the Parish of Bristol in same county.  James Parham sells for five pounds current money 50 acres more or less bounded as follows:  “…beginning at the mill pond of Lewis Green  and Lewis Green Jr.  upon the line of Mr. John Hardy man  thence northerly along the said Hardyman’s line to the line of Capt. Peter Wynne , thence Westerly along the said Wynne’s line or the former line of Mr. John George  to the Easterly run, thence up the said run to the place where it began…”.  Signed by James Parham and witnessed by:  David Crawley , John Ingles , Chas. Roberts , James Thweate , and Justane Hall .  Recorded at a court held at Merchants Hope on 12 Nov 1717[xiii].

In 1722, he receives land from his father, Lewis Green , II.  He is found in the Bristol Parish Church (across the Appomattox River ) registry ca. 1722 as a vestryman.  1726 & 1729- Justice of the Peace, Prince George County [xiv].  Lewis Green Jr.  (III) was the Sheriff of Prince George County in 1749.

In the Bristol Parish Register, compiled by Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne , there are these entries[xv]:

Peter son of Luis  & Fran: Green  born 16th Innstan. Bapt 20th Oct 1720[xvi]
Susanna  d: of Lusi & Susanna Green  born 14th July last bapt octobr 21ths 1723[xvii]

But in A History of Bristol Parish, Va by Rev. Philip Slaughter , D.D. there are only these two entries:

Peter , s. of Lewis Green  b. June 16, bap. Oct 20 1721[xviii]
Daniel , s. of Lewis Green , b. Jun 10, bap. July 30, 1721[xix]

Notes by Ardath Jo Green :

“Based on all available information, it is the belief of this writer (AJG) that:

1 – Chamberlayne is correct
2 – the Luis /Lewis  referred to here is Lewis Jr.
3 – this Peter  died as an infant or small child
4 – his mother, Frances  having died (possibly at child birth).

Lewis Jr.  married Susanna Unknown  who would have been his third wife.  The child Susanna will be referred to in a later entry that also mentions a much older Peter Green  who is almost surely the brother of Lewis Jr.

Information taken from Prince George County, VA Records 1733-1792, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III  [any other sources are noted by an endnote]:

¯            1737[xx]Lewis Green  and Francis Epes , Gent . Appointed to settle the estate accounts of Peter Hamlin , dec’d.
11 Apr 1738 – Accounts of estate of Peter Hamlin , dec’d, to be re-examined by Lewis Green  & Peter Epes , Gent .
9 May 1738[xxi] – Suit of Lewis Green  against Benjamin Glass Beesly  (Benjamin G. Beasley ) dismissed.
8 Aug 1738 – In a suit brought by Lewis Green , Thomas Poythress , & Peter Wynne , Executors of the will of Peter Wynne, dec’d, against Robert Munford . (Exors. Had originally gotten a judgment against John Freeman ; R. Munford  became special bail for Freeman; Freeman absconded; Munford summoned to appear to answer judgment for bail.  Jury impaneled; case found for the plaintiff.)
10 Oct 1738 – In action of accounts render brought by Benjamin Goodrich  vs. Lewis Green , Thomas Poythress , and Peter Wynne , Executors of Peter Wynne, dec’d, because of the defendants’ denying to account for and pay the rents of two plantations of 500 acres of land belonging to the plaintiff, lying in the Parish of Martins Brandon in this county, of which the said testator in his lifetime was receiver from Aug 10, 1731 to Feb. 21, 1735.  Defendants appeared, and by consent, plaintiff to recover what appears to be due.  William Stark  and Francis Epes , Gent., to hear accounts and report to next court.
14 Nov 1738 – Thomas Lister  appointed in place of Francis Epes , to examine, with William Stark , the accounts in the case of Benjamin Goodrich  vs. Lewis Green , Thomas Poythress , and Peter Wynne , Executors of Peter Wynne, dec’d.
9 Jan 1739 [Weisiger show this date as 1738] – Case of Benjamin Goodrich , vs. Lewis Green , Thomas Poythress , and Peter Wynne , Executors of Peter Wynne, dec’d found for the plaintiff.
13 Feb 1739 – Peter Wynne , Thomas Poythress , and Lewis Green , Executors of Peter Wynne, dec’d, returned inventory of his estate.
At a Court 14 Nov 1739[xxii] – Disbursements by the county (Pr. George) in pounds of tobacco:  Lewis Green , late (former) Sheriff, for disbursements – 56 lbs.
8 Nov 1739 – A Commission of Oyer and Terminer to:  Robert Bolling , Lewis Green , William Harrison , Nathaniel Harrison , John Banister , Richard Bland , John Raven scroft , Theophilus Field , John Hall , John Peterson , and Anthny Peniston, Gent ., for the trial of Martin, a negro boy slave belonging to William Rives Jr. , now in county gaol on suspicion of murder of Pegg , a negro woman slave also belonging to said Rives.  (Trial is held on 28 Nov 1739; Martin is found guilty and sentenced to be hanged.  General Assembly is requested to pay Wm. Rives Jr. , 75 pounds, the value of said Martin).

Land Grants Issued to Lewis Green/Lewis Green Jr.

·         22 Feb 1724, Surry Co., VA [400 acres on the North side of Nottaway River . Beginning at the mouth of Stony Creek on the North side the river.  Land Office Patents No. 12, 1724-1726, p. 169 (Reel 11)  

·         28 Sept 1732, Surry Co., VA [235 acres on the South side of Nottaway River .  Beginning and extending on the North East side of Cheteraw Swamp .  Adjoins land of Matt Parham . Land Office Patents No. 14, 1728-1732 (pt. 1 & 2), p. 517 (Reel 11).

·         1 Aug 1734, Prince George Co., VA [300 acres between Blackwater, and the Second Swamp ]. Land Office Patents No, 15 1732-1735 (v.1 & 2 p. 1-522, p. 246 (Reel 13)

In 1739 Lewis Jr.  referred to himself as son and heir-at-law of Lewis Sr.  when he sold 200 acres[xxiii], the remainder of a 400 acre tract[xxiv], to William Gilliam  of Surry who had married Susanna Green , daughter of Lewis Sr.  

On 27 Aug 1739, At the Courthouse in the county of Prince George .  Tryall of Nutty , a negro woman slave, belonging to Lewis Green , murdered Sam , a negro boy slave belonging to Burrell Green .[xxv]

Lewis Green  of Prince George Co sold to William Gilliam  of Surry Co. 200 acres on n. side of Nottoway Riv.  Dated 5 Sept 1739; Recorded 21 May 1740[xxvi]

By 1740 Lewis Jr.  referred to himself as Lewis Sr.  when deeding land to two sons[xxvii]:

(1)     … for love and affection .. to Burrill, 390 acres on southside of Nottoway River …; dtd 16 May 1740.  Wit: Jno Sturdivant , James Sturdivant , William Sturdivant .  P. 169 Surry Co. Willis & C, Book #3,  1738-1754.

(2)     …for love and affection .. to son James , 390 acres adjoining land given to Burrill; part of land borders on Chetekoraw (present spelling Chetacco) Swamp not far from Stony Creek.  dtd 16 May 1740.  Wit: Jno Sturdivant , James Sturdivant , William Sturdivant .  P. 169 Surry Co. Willis & C, Book #3,  1738-1754.

1 May 1747 Lewis Green  Jr.  sold to Thomas Eldridge  of parish of Martin ’s Brandon of Prince George Co for £72 s6 150 acres.  Land was devised by Lewis Green of Prince George Co., grand-father to said present Lewis Green.  Recorded: 16 May 1747[xxviii]

1 May 1747 Lewis Green  Jr.  of Albemarles Parish in Surry Co., sold to Edward Pettway  for £35, 50 acres, being part of 100 acres devised by will and testament of Lewis Green, deceased, to said Lewis Green and his brother Burrell which was by the said Green devised to be the said Lewis and Burrell.  Recorded: 17 may 1747[xxix].

1749[xxx]:  Lewis Green  is listed with:  Tithes – 1     Scalps & Heads - 6      
1750[xxxi]:  Lewis Green
 is listed with:  Tithes – 1

The location of the lands owned and occupied by Lewis Green  Sr.  and Jr., were partially identified in a land transaction that takes place on 3 Jun 1788.  [See Burwell Geen].  The area known as   Broadway/Broadway Landing was one of the earliest settlements in present Prince George County and was near City Creek.  According to p. 51 of The Prince George-Hopewell Story, by Lutz, the Huguenots who settled at Manakin first landed at Broadway and were then taken to the area in present Chesterfield County that had been set aside for them.

Lewis & Sarah (Unknown) Green  Jr. (III) had at least three (3) children: 

1.10.1.    Lewis Green (IV) [xxxii] , b. 1710[xxxiii] - went to Washington County , VA
Burrwell/Burwell  Green [xxxiv], b. ca. 1714[xxxv]
Sarah Green [xxxvi], b. ca. 1712[xxxvii]; m. Miles Thweatt [xxxviii]

Lewis & Susanna (Unknown) Green  Jr. (III) had a daughter:

1.10.4.    Susanna Green , b. 14 Jul 1723[xxxix], Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA[xl]; bapt 21 Oct 1723; m to Mathew Ligon . 
Daniel Green [xli], b. 10 Jun 1721, Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA[xlii] ’ bapt 30 Jul 1721[xliii].

In order to settle for once and all the date of birth of Lewis Green IV , was born in 1710 not 1724 as previously published in the Stallard Connection.  He was a vestryman and married to Sarah .  They had three children:  Lewis  who went to Southwest VA ; Burrell ; and Sarah  who m. Miles Thweatt . [Emily Mills Staubauch ]  Ardath Jo Green  inquired to Nancy Clark Baker , one on the compilers of the Stallard Connection, as to the source of the birth date of 1724 for Lewis Green III .  It was stated that information was received from various sources and just tossed into a box without indication as to where the information was obtained.  Simply there is no documented source for the information.

Lewis Green Sr. (IV)  - LONGHUNTER

1.10.1.  Lewis Green Sr., son of Lewis & Sarah (unknown) Green Jr. (III) , b. ca. 1710[xliv], Prince George[xlv], VA; d. Oct 1786, on the Blue Springs Road, near Glasgow, Lincoln Co., VA (presently Barren Co, KY)[xlvi] on his way to Nashville, Tennessee; m. ca. 1740[xlvii],  VA to Sarah (unknown)[xlviii] .

Lewis Green IV of Washington County inherited land in Sussex Co., VA.

There is a survey for Lewis Green  recorded on 4 Oct 1742 for 400 acres, the exact location is unknown. 

On 1 May 1747 Lewis Green Jr.  (IV) of Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., sold to Edward Pettway  for £35, 50 acres, being part of 100 acres devised by will and testament of Lewis Green, deceased, to said Lewis Green and his brother, Burrell, which was by the said Green devised to the said Lewis and Burrell.  Surry Co. DB 1746-1749, p. 44[xlix].

On 1 May 1747 Lewis Green Jr.  sold to Thomas Eldridge  of parish of Martin ’s Brandon of Prince George Co., for £72/s6, 150 acres.  Land was devised by Lewis Green  of Prince George Co., grandfather to said present Lewis Green.  Surry Co. DB 1746-1749, p. 72[l]

After selling the land that he inherited from his grandfather, Lewis Green  moved with a group of friends and relatives to Lunenburg County where he is on the tithable list in Lunenburg Co., VA in 1749[li].  Lewis Green was a one of the unique individuals known as longhunters, as was his son Lewis Green (V) .  Lewis Green Sr.  settled near Porter’s Fort, in the Clinch, about 1772.  He is shown in early Court records, as of March 1774, as owning 41 acres of land adjacent to Porter’s Fort.  Lewis Green , was a vestryman in the church at Kilgore Station in Scott County, VA, before Lewis Green Jr. , came to Harlan County .  In his will he mentions only his son Zachariah , by name but the estate is equally divided among his children.  The will was probated 16 Aug 1783.  His estate is appraised in Hardy Co., West VA.

From the Draper Collection of Manuscripts:

1881  Twitty, W. L . of Brittain , NC                                                            Feb 16 (7DD109)  Major Green ’s Escape

Lewis Green  and the Bear

It appears that at some point, close bonds were formed with Zachariah Green  the Quaker – possibly even a marriage between the two families.  Lewis Green  named a son Zachariah (b. 1760?) and Zachariah the Quaker had sons that (I think-AJG) included a Lewis as well as a Zachariah the Younger[lii].

It also appears that Lewis lived in North Carolina for a while (Orange Co.?) and became acquainted with the Paynes (Quakers from PA), Kilgores, Boones (Quaker background from PA) and other families that moved to the area of the Clinch in the early 1770’s.  It is possible that they were connected with the Regulators – a group in NC that violently resisted paying taxes[liii].


In 1765 the ‘Regulators’ were organized, led by influential dissenters from various sections of the Carolinas, who used every means, legal and forceful to have their grievances aired in the case of ‘taxation without representation’.


Following the Battle of Alamance, at which the Regulators were defeated by the colonial forces, a proclamation was issued by Governor Tryon  pardoning all Regulators who were willing to ‘come in . . . lay down their arms, take the oath of allegiance and promise to pay all taxes.’  However, he excluded from this amnesty ‘all the outlaws, the prisoners in the camp, and the undersigned person . . .’ naming forteen individuals.

Draper’s MSS – 1xx 24 –

Will of Lewis Green [lvi]:  dated 9 Jan 1784.

Names son Zachariah Green , a bed, 3 cows, all the pewter, Dutch oven and firetongs . . . rest to be sold & equally divided among all my children.

                                                Lewis Green  (his mark)

Testimony Concerning the Noncupative Will made by Lewis Green Sr. , dec’d.[lvii]

Sarah Payne  daughter of the decsd and wife of Josiah Payne  of full age deposeth that her father the Testator made his abode in Washington County on the Clinch River with her and her husband and while he lived with them made a written will.  As the Testor told her in which he bequeathed a certain negro fellow named Charles  to be sold and the money to be divided among all his children.  That sometime afterward in the month of October last her father the Testator and all her husband’s family removed to the settlement on the Cumberland before her father left Clinch (about eighteen months before) he left the written will with Benjamin Nichols ; and not long before this removed gave the said Nichols a charge not to make any use of this will until he heard from him the testor; for when he got to the Cumberland he should alter it and hand this negro to his son Zachariah Green  because all his other children were married and so gone from him; and had moreover gotten the portion that he allotted them all but his son Zachariah.  That on the road to Cumberland at the place called the Blue Springs her father was very sick.  He called up the most of the graven people that were encamped with them and after asking this deponent if she were willing her brother Zachariah should have the Negro and being answered in the affirmative declared before the deponent and sundry other persons particularly Mary Payne , her mother-in-law and George Payne  her brother-in-law and John Payne .  That the said negro Charles should be his son Zachariah’s and should serve no other person and that this son Zachariah should pay all his debts that would have been put in this witing at the time but there was no materials to write on in the Camp And in about three days afterward her father the Testor died and further said not Which was subscribed by the mark of the said Sarah Payne.


Mary Payne , wife of Matthew Payne  of full age deposeth and saith that she did for a long time live as a neighbor to Lewis Green .  The Testator was acquainted with this making the written will and was present when he made the nuncupative will and knows that what her daughter-in-law Sarah Payne  deposed above is the truth and further saith not.  Subscribed by Mary Payne .


Taken before us magistrates for Davidson County at the request of Zachariah Green  by Josiah Payne  who was to act for him in his absence.  This 7th day of April 1785[lviii].

Lewis Sr. (IV)  & Sarah Green  had children:     Lewis Green Jr.  (V), b.  5 May 1751, VA; d. c. 1835, Harlan, Harlan Co, KY; m. 1782, Washington Co, VA to Ester/Easter Kilgore .    
Sarah Green , b. 1761; d. 1814, Davidson, TN; m. ca. 1806, Davidson Co., TN[lix] to Josiah Payne , son of Matthew  & Mary (unknown)  Payne [lx], d. ca. 1826[lxi], Davidson Co., TN[lxii].    
Thomas Green [lxiii], b. 1759, possibly Glasgow , KY.    
Zachariah Green , b. 1760[lxiv], VA; d. 12 Aug 1840, Sumner Co, TN; m. to Sarah McKain[lxv].  He was a surveyor and went with Daniel Boone  on one of his first expeditions as far as the Ohio River [lxvi].    
John Green [lxvii], b. 1765, possibly Glasgow , KY ; d. 1820.

NOTE:  According to research done by Ardath Jo Green , some of the children listed as belonging to Lewis Sr . may have belonged to James Green  {see Miscellaneous Green section}.  Jesse almost certainly did and probably Nancy as well[lxviii].     Jesse Green [lxix], b. ca. 1747 - 1767[lxx], Dinwiddie Co, VA.    
Nancy Susannah[lxxi] Green [lxxii], b. 1745[lxxiii]-1763, VA; d. aft. 1820, Scott Co., VA[lxxiv]; m. 1770[lxxv], Culpepper Co., VA[lxxvi] to Peter Hutchinson , son of James  & Hannah (Howerton) Hutchinson [lxxvii]; b. ca. 1748; d. aft. 1820, Scott Co., VA[lxxviii].    
James Green Sr. , b. 1757, VA; d. 31 Dec 1782, Wise Co., VA; m. ca. 1782, VA to Jane Porter , daughter of Patrick  & Susannah (Walker) Porter , b. 9 Sept 1761, Orange Co., NC; d. 25 Sept 1842, Scott Co., VA.

Burrell Green

1.10.2.  Burrell Green , son of Lewis  & Susan Green [lxxix].

Surry Co. D.B. 1746-1749, p. 450,  Burrell Green  of Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA, sells 100 acres, land devised by will of Lewis Green , of Prince George Co., who is dec. grandfather of sd. Burrell and his brother Lewis Green, whereon was a Water*Mill.  July 28, 1749” This is 47 years after the Mill was built[lxxx].

On 28 Jul 1749, Burrell Green  of Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., for £35 current money, sold to Edward Pettaway  100 acres of land in Surry and Parish of Albemarle, on both sides of a swamp called and known by the name of Jones Hold.  It being a moiety (half) of land devised by will of Lewis Green  (II) of Prince George Co. who is deceased, grandfather of sd. Burrell and his brother Lewis Green, whereon was a water mill. Surry Co. DB 1746-1749, p. 450[lxxxi].

There are several births listed in a book in the County Clerk ’s office, Surry Court House that list the following children as being born to Burrel  & Susanna Green .  Whether they belong to this particular Burrell  or not I do not know at the present time, but am placing them here as they seem to fit the timeline for now. – JPS 10/2001

·         Benjamin Green , b. 21 Aug 1753, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [lxxxii]
Drury Green , b. 26 Mar 1758, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [lxxxiii]
Elizabeth Green , b. 26 May 1769, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [lxxxiv]
J. (son) Green , b. 27 Jul 1755, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [lxxxv]
James Green , b. 4 Feb 1760, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [lxxxvi]; bapt 13 Apr 1760, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [lxxxvii]. Noted as godparents: Jos. Richardson , Thos. Wynne Jr. , Agnes Freeman .[lxxxviii]

Sarah Green

1.10.3.  Sarah Green [lxxxix], daughter of Lewis & Susan (Unknown) Green  Jr. (III); b. ca. 1712[xc]; m. to Miles Thweatt [xci]. 

Land entries from a loose page found in the notes of Jo Green  – it is numbered as page 170-171:

Ų       p. 719.  James Thweatt  & Miles Thweatt , Wit., Let. Of Atty., John Clay  of N.C. to Maj. Robt. Munford , to sell land in Pr. George to Henry Thweatt , 9/illeg, although single digit/1723.”
p. 690.  Jas. Thweatt  & Miles Thweatt , Wit., Deed, Edw. Mitchell  to Sam Jordan , 3/10/1723 24.”
p. 983.  “James Thweatt  & Miles Thweatt , Wit., L. & R., Edw. Mitchell , etax Margaret, to Samuel Jordan , 5/9/1727.”

Lewis Green Pension Application This is the only information found on this particular Lewis Green.


Ų       pp. 114-117:  “Miles Thweatt , etux Sarah, sold 360 acres, 5/11/1738-5/12/1738 to Wm. Jordan , all of Pr. Geo. County, on S. side, Little Nottoway River, adj. Sam’l Jordan  (which seems to be the land patented 11/5/1730 in Brunswick by James Thweatt  Jr.”

Miles & Sarah (Green) Thweatt  had five (5) children[xcii]:

10.3.1.          Miles Thweatt , Jr[xciii].
Alexander Thweatt [xciv]
Martha Thweatt [xcv], m. Mr. Wilkins .
   Burwell Thweatt , b. 1732[xcvi]; d.   1823[xcvii]
William Thweatt , b. 1734[xcviii]

Susannah Green

1.10.5.  Susanna Green , daughter of Lewis  & Susanna Green  Jr. (III), b. 14 Jul 1723; bapt 21 Oct 1723; m to Mathew Ligon . 

In 1740 there is this entry in the court records of Prince George County :  Suit in Chancery brought by Mathew Ligon  and Susanna, his wife, agst. Lewis Green , William Green  & Peter Green , exers. Of Lewis Green, dec’d.  Date: 19 May 1740[xcix].   This Susanna was probably the daughter of Lewis Jr. who felt that she was being cheated out of an inheritance from her grandfather; or she could have been the niece of Lewis Sr., the daughter of his sister Susanna  who married William Grigg .  The executors named were, in all probability, three sons of Lewis Sr.[c]

Lewis Green Jr. (V) LONGHUNTER  Lewis Green Jr. (V) , son of Lewis & Susan Green , b. 5 May 1751; d. ca. 1835, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY[ci]; m. 1782, Washington Co., VA to Ester/Easter Kilgore , daughter of Robert  & Winnifred (Clayton) Kilgore  [he was killed by Indians], b. 1750, Washington Co, VA; d. ca. 1825[cii], Calloway, Harlan Co., KY[ciii]

Lewis Green Jr.  was a deeply religious man.  The Meetin’ House Branch was a log church, built on the land of Lewis Green and his wife Easter/Ester Kilgore Green , in Harlan County, Kentucky.  It was stated that he would allow nothing to interfere with his religious observances[civ].  It is believed that Lewis Green preached at this church. 

A bit of information needs to be corrected here:  In “A History of Harlan County, KY”, by Mabel Green Condon  is the statement:  ‘I have been told that the father of Lewis Green  was a vestryman at Kilgore’s Station in Scott Co. before Lewis Green the Rev. soldier came to Harlan Co.’

There is no record of a Kilgore’s Station in Scott Co; in the article on the Boren family of SW VA [cv] there is a mention of a fort called Kilgore’s Station erected in 1783 on a fork of the Red River (TN).  I believe that Lewis Jr. (V)  had been told that his grandfather had been a vestryman at one time. {Lewis Jr. (III)  of Prince George was a vestryman of Bristol Parish} and that this fact became distorted with the re-telling over a long period of time.

The graves of both Lewis & Ester (Kilgore) Green  were marked with a slab, as were practically all graves at that time.  In 1933 a government regulation tombstone was erected on the grave of Lewis Green Jr. , Revolutionary soldier.

Lewis Green  was one of the unique individuals known as longhunters, as was his father Lewis Green Sr.  (IV). 

Lewis Green Jr.  was both a longhunter and a Revolutionary war soldier. 


Pension records show that he enlisted in the spring of 1775 at Blackman’s Fort[cvi] on the Clinch River, Russell, then Washington County , and served throughout the war, a total of 7 years, in companies under Gen. Isaac Shelby , and his father Gen. Evan Shelby , and as a scout, guarding the frontier from the Indians.  He was a partner of Daniel Boone  in 1775 on an expedition to the interior of Kentucky , and went with another party as far as Harrod’s Fort .[cvii].  

Lewis Green  applied for his pension on 4 Nov 1833, aged 82 from Cumberland River, Harlan Co., Ky.   He enlisted in the spring of 1776[cviii] in Russell Co., VA about 9 mi. form the county seat under Capt John Blackmore , Lt. Wm. Moore , Ens. Joseph Moore , (bro of Lt. Wm ) and Col. Isaac Shelby ; he served 7 years guarding the frontier; was continually employed from Blachamond’s Ft. and Duncuml’s Ft. as a spy against the Indians.[cix] [The fort names mentions are most likely misspellings of Blackmore Ft. and Duncan ’s Ft., Russell Co., was formed from Washington Co. in 1785.] 

Declaration of Service

On 10 Dec 1833, in Harlan Co., KY Lewis Green , Pvt VA Line appears on List of Bounty Recip. Of Va. Line in Revolutionary Army, at this time he is listed as age 83.[cxi]

In 1775 he was one of the partners with Daniel Boone  on an expedition to the interior of Kentucky .  He served for seven (7) years during the American Revolution under General Isaac Shelby  and General Evan Shelby .

Following the Revolutionary War, he settled a large tract of land located in present day Bell and Harlan Counties , Kentucky .  It is there on Tanyard Hill in Bell County that he established, what is thought to be the first tannery west of the Appalachians .[cxii]

Revolutionary War Service:        Soldier

Lewis  & Ester (Kilgore) Green  had ten (10) children[cxiii]:           James Green , b. 15 Mar 1783[cxiv], Washington Co, VA or Culpepper Co, VA; d. after 1860, Harlan Co., KY[cxv]; m. Nancy[cxvi] Arnett [cxvii], daughter of David  & Letitia (Unknown) Arnett [cxviii], b. 16 Oct 1787[cxix] - 1788, VA[cxx]; d. after 1860[cxxi].          
Elijah H. Green [Colonel] , b. 3 Oct 1786[cxxii], Russell Co, VA; d. 15 Apr 1854, Harlan Co[cxxiii]., KY; m. Sarah Hendrickson [cxxiv], daughter of Ezekiel  & Jemima (Unknown) Hendrickson [cxxv] [or Sarah Salyers [cxxvi]], b. 4 Jun 1786, VA[cxxvii]; d. aft. 1870[cxxviii]fs          
Mary Ruth ‘Ruthy[cxxix]’ Green , b. 1785/1790[cxxx], Washington Co, VA; d. 7 Dec 1876, Bell Co., KY[cxxxi]; m. 15 Dec 1806, Knox Co, KY to Richard D. Wilson  Jr, son of Richard  & Mary (Rodgers) Wilson , b. ca. 1780, NC[cxxxii]; d. bef. 14 Apr 1851, Harlan Co., KY[cxxxiii].          
William Green (Col.[cxxxiv]) , b. 1791, Washington Co, VA; d. 1869, Harlan Co, KY; bur. 1869, Tanyard Hill, Harlan Co, KY; m. Nancy[cxxxv] Agnes McGeorge [cxxxvi], daughter of James  & Ann (Laforce) McGeorge [cxxxvii], b. ca. 1795[cxxxviii], VA[cxxxix].          
Elisha Green , b. 1788[cxl]/1794, Washington Co, VA; d. shown as dec’d in Harlan Co., KY 15 May 1854, age 67 years[cxli] - bef. 30 Sept 1865[cxlii], Mason Co. [cxliii], KY[cxliv]; m. 1 Jun 1813, Knox Co, KY to Nancy Bingham , b. ca. 1788, VA[cxlv]; d. bef. 30 Sept 1865, Harlan Co., KY[cxlvi]; m 2nd ca. 1830 to Mary ‘Polly’ Britton [cxlvii], b. ca. 1780, NC[cxlviii].          
Sarah[cxlix]/Sally Green , b. 1793[cl]/1795, Knox Co, KY or 1794-1800[cli], in Porter’s Fort, Russell Co., VA[clii]; d. Harlan Co, KY; m 1st 21 Nov 1815, Knox Co., KY[cliii] to William Bingham , son of John A . & Deborah (Phipps) Bingham [cliv], b. ca. 1794-1800[clv]; d. Harlan Co., KY[clvi]; Sarah Green m 2nd to John Hendricks/Hendrickson[clvii]. [clviii]/ Henderson [clix]. [clx].          
Elizabeth Green , b. 1780/1795[clxi]/1798[clxii], Breathitt, KY; d. 7 Jul 1855, Breathitt, KY; m. James Howard ; m 2nd to Joseph Stapleton [clxiii].          
Esther [clxiv]/Ester /Easter[clxv] Green[clxvi]. , b. 1801, Davidson , TN or KY[clxvii] ; d. after 1850-1889[clxviii], Harlan Co, KY; bur. After 1850, Harlan Co, KY; m. Elijah Bingham [clxix], son of John  & Deborah (Phipps) Bingham [clxx], b. ca. 1795[clxxi], Albemarle [clxxii], VA [clxxiii]; d. aft. 1870[clxxiv], KY[clxxv].          
Lewis Green Jr.  (VI), b. 1804[clxxvi], Bell Co, KY; m. 26 Jan 1826[clxxvii], Harlan Co., KY[clxxviii] to Tabitha/Telitha[clxxix] “Letty” Arnett [clxxx], b. ca. 1806[clxxxi], KY[clxxxii].  He had a son James Lee Green , b. 1838[clxxxiii]       
Robert M.[clxxxiv] Green , b. 1808, Harlan Co, KY; m 1st 27 Jan 1825[clxxxv], Harlan Co., KY[clxxxvi] to (D)Ely Ann Drake, b. ca. 1795[clxxxvii], VA ; m 2nd ca. 1860[clxxxviii] to Comfort Howard .

Sarah Green  Sarah Green , daughter of Lewis  & Susan Green , b. 1761, VA[clxxxix]; d. 1814/1824[cxc], Davidson, TN; m. ca. 1806[cxci], Davidson, TN[cxcii] to Josiah Payne , d. ca. 1826[cxciii], Davidson Co., TN[cxciv].

Josiah  & Sarah (Green) Payne  had eight (8) children:     William Payne [cxcv], m. 10 Jun 1796, Davidson Co., TN to Elizabeth Payne [cxcvi].    
Squire Payne [cxcvii], d. 1816, Davidson Co., TN; m. 16 Mar 1805, Davidson Co., TN to Sallie Hannah [cxcviii].    
Minerva Payne [cxcix], m. 2 Nov 1818 to Robert Booth [cc].    
Ann Payne [cci], b. 20 Feb 1777; d. 10 Apr 1864 – age 87; bur. Maury Co; m. 22 Jan 1803, Davidson Co., TN to Gideon Pillow [ccii].    
Greenwood Payne [cciii], b. ca. 1783, NC[cciv]; d. 19 Set 1863, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN; bur. Old City Cemetery, Nashville, TN[ccv]; m. 14 Dec 1805, Davidson Co., TN to Martha ‘Patsy’ Payne [ccvi].    
George Washington Payne [ccvii], b . 1793; d. 1813, Davidson Co., TN[ccviii]; m. 4 Aug 1812, Davidson Co., TN[ccix] to Mary Ann Iredell [ccx].    
Spencer Payne [ccxi], b. 1794, TN[ccxii]; m. Aug 1827[ccxiii], Haywood Co., TN[ccxiv] to Matilda Thweatt [ccxv], . ca. 1809[ccxvi], TN[ccxvii].    
Zachariah Payne , b. 14 Mar 1794, Davidson Co., TN[ccxviii]; d. 14 Mar 1870[ccxix], Colorado Co., X[ccxx] age 76; bur. Clear Creek Cemetery, TX[ccxxi]; m 4 Oct 1821[ccxxii], Davidson Co., TN[ccxxiii] to Nancy Turner [ccxxiv].

Zachariah Green Zachariah Green , son of Lewis  & Susan Green , b. 1760[ccxxv]-1769[ccxxvi], VA; d. 12 Aug 1840, Sumner  Co, TN; m. to Sarah McKain[ccxxvii].

 Additional Zachariah Green Note

He was a surveyor and went with Daniel Boone  on one of his first expeditions as far as the Ohio River [ccxxviii]. 

Zachariah & Sarah ((McKain) Green  had seven (7) children:     Lewis Green    
William G. Green    
Zachariah Green Jr. , b. 8 Oct[ccxxix] 1783[ccxxx]; d. 21 Dec 1847[ccxxxi]; m. by 1781[ccxxxii] to Fanny Duncan [ccxxxiii] , d. 1864[ccxxxiv] [possibly a 2nd marriage to Mary Ellis [ccxxxv], b. Pennsylvania [ccxxxvi]].    
Elizabeth Green , m. Mr. Hudson .    
James M. Green , b. ca. 1775-1779, TN; d. aft. 1830, TN; m. ca. 1812 to Sophronia Dodson .    
Peggy Green , b. 1793; m 1st Mr. Hardin ; m 2nd 19 May 1812 to Robert Moore .    
Nancy Green [ccxxxvii], b. ca. 1816[ccxxxviii], Scott Co., VA[ccxxxix]

Sarah Green

1.10.3.  Sarah Green [ccxl], daughter of Lewis & Sarah Green  Jr. (III), b. ca. 1712[ccxli]; m. Miles Thweatt [ccxlii]

Lewis  & Frances Green  Jr. (III) had a son:     Peter Green [ccxliii], b. 12 Jun 1720[ccxliv] or 16 Oct 1720[ccxlv], Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA[ccxlvi]; bapt. 20 Oct 1721[ccxlvii].  According to Charles Barker , he most likely d. young.[ccxlviii]

Nancy Susannah Green  Nancy Susannah[ccxlix] Green [ccl], daughter of Lewis Green Sr.  or James Green , b. 1745[ccli]-1763, VA; d. aft. 1820, Scott Co., VA[cclii]; m. 1770[ccliii], Culpepper Co., VA[ccliv] to Peter Hutchinson Sr. , son of James & Hannah (Howerton) Hutchinson [cclv]; b. ca. 1748; d. aft. 1820, Scott Co., VA[cclvi].

Peter  & Nancy Susannah (Green) Hutchinson  had ten (10) children[cclvii]:     Hannah Hutchinson    
Nancy Hutchinson
, d. aft. 1880, Wise Co., VA; m. to John Ritchie .    
Martha Patsy Hutchinson
, b. 1771, Washington Co., VA; d. 31 Jan 1884, Floyd Co., KY.    
Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson
, b. 1773, Washington Co., VA; m. ca. 1792, Washington Co., VA to Rawley Duncan Stallard Sr. , son of Samuel  & Jael (Duncan) Stallard , b. 30 Jan 1771, Culpepper Co., VA; d. 26 Nov 1856, Scott Co., VA[cclviii].    
James Harve Hutchinson
, b. 1775.    
David C. Hutchinson
, b. 1777.    
John A. Hutchinson
, b. 1780.    
Susannah Hutchinson
, b. 1780, Washington Co., VA; d.1862, Floyd Co., KY; m. 28 Sept 1797 to Richard Wells , b. 11 Feb 1760, Philadelphia, PA; d. 28 Mar 1838, Floyd Co., KY.    
Emanuel C. Hutchinson
, b. 1784; m 1st 28 Sept 1823, Scott Co., VA  to Nancy Carter ; m 2nd 18 May 1834, Scott Co., VA to Nancy Coody ; m 3rd 15 Jun 1840, Scott Co., VA to Margaret Davis . 
Peter Hutchinson Jr.
, b. ca. 1789, VA; d. ca. 1865, Morgan Co., KY; m. 7 Feb 1818, Scott Co., VA to Elizabeth Mason [cclix], daughter of Jesse  & Sally (Todd) Mason , d. Jun 1860, Morgan Co., KY.

James Green  James Green , son of Lewis Jr.  & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 15 Mar 1783, Washington Co, VA or Culpepper Co, VA; d. after 1860, Harlan Co., KY[cclx]; m. Nancy[cclxi] Arnett [cclxii], daughter of David  & Letitia (Unknown) Arnett [cclxiii], b. 16 Oct 1787[cclxiv] or ca. 1788, VA[cclxv]; d. after 1860[cclxvi].

James  & Nancy (Arnett) Green  had five (5) children[cclxvii]:     David Green [cclxviii], b. ca. 1807; d. bef. 1870, Bell Co., KY; m. Ruth Unknown , b. ca. 1806; d. aft. 1870, Bell Co., KY.    
Lewis Green Sr. , b. Jun 1812[cclxix], KY; d. 5 Aug 1903[cclxx], Harlan Co., KY[cclxxi]; m. 22 Feb 1831, Harlan Co., KY to Virginia Caroline LaForce [cclxxii], b. 1811[cclxxiii]/22 Feb 1813[cclxxiv], TN[cclxxv]; d. 18 Jul 1903[cclxxvi], Harlan Co., KY[cclxxvii].    
Letitia Green [cclxxviii], b. ca. 1813, Knox Co., KY; d. 1 Oct 1878, Bell Co., KY; . 31 Aug 1826, Harlan Co., KY to John McGeorge , son of James  & Ann (Laforce) McGeorge , b. ca. 1804, VA.    
Elizabeth Green [cclxxix], b. 1814, Harlan Co., KY    
Sarah Green [cclxxx], b. 18 Apr 1815, Harlan Co., KY; d. 1 Jul 1880, Laurel  Co., KY; m 1st 11 Dec 1831, Harlan Co., KY to John Jackson Jones Jr , b. 7 Dec 1806, Harlan Co., KY; d. ca. 1875, Laurel Co., KY.  Sarah (Green) Jones  m 2nd bef. 1833 to Samuel Howard , b. 1809, KY.

Marriage From Scott County

Elijah Green  Elijah H. Green [Colonel] , son of Lewis Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green ; b. 3 Oct 1786[cclxxxi], Russell Co, VA; d. 15 Apr 1854, KY; m. Sarah Hendrickson [cclxxxii] or Sarah Salyers [cclxxxiii], daughter of Ezekiel  & Jemima (Unknown) Hendrickson [cclxxxiv], b. 4 Jun 1786, VA[cclxxxv]; d. aft. 1870. 

He is deeded land by Lewis & Ester but deed 22 Jul 1821 (Harlan Co., records). 

Elijah  & Sarah (Hendrickson) Green  had four (4) children[cclxxxvi]:      Catherine Green, b. ca. 1810[cclxxxvii] .  She is mentioned in the will of Lewis Green , “granddaughter, Catherine, daughter of Elijah, to inherit thirteen dollars and two shillings.”     
Child Green , b. ca. 1814, KY     
Esther Green , b. 1816, KY     
Nancy C. Green , b. 1820, KY; d. 1906, Bell Co., KY; m. 4 Jan 1838, Harlan Co., KY to Jacob Pursifull , son of Joseph  & Rebecca (Jones) Pursifull , b. 25 Aug 1811, Bell Co., KY; d. 8 Aug 1885, Bell Co., KY.

Mary Rutha Green   Mary Rutha Green , daughter of Lewis Jr.  & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 1785[cclxxxviii], Hawkins Co., TN[cclxxxix]; d. 7 Dec 1876, Bell Co., KY[ccxc]; m. 15 Dec 1806, Knox Co., KY to Richard Wilson , son of Richard & Mary (Rodgers) Wilson , b. ca. 1780, NC; d. bef. 14 Apr 1851, Harlan Co., KY. 

The Knox County area would later become Harlan and Bell Counties .

Richard & Mary Rutha (Green) Wilson  had fourteen (14) children[ccxci]:      John Wilson     
Isisah Josiah Wilson , b. ca. 1806, KY; m. 3 Jul 1833, Harlan Co., KY to Julia Slusher .     
Simeon Wilson , b. 1807.     
Cynthia Wilson , b. ca. 1808, KY; m. to Joseph Pittman , b. ca. 1807, NC.     
Henry Wilson , b. ca. 1809, Knox Fork, Knox Co., KY; d. Bell Co., KY; m. to Margaret Sparks , b. ca. 1807.     
William Wilson , b. ca. 1813; m 1st 19 Apr 1838 to Sarah Bull , daughter of Jesse  & Jane (Daniel) Bull , b. ca. 1820, Harlan Co., KY; d. ca. 1851, Harlan Co., KY; m 2nd aft. 1840 to Elizabeth Short .     
Nancy Wilson , b. 1813; m. 19 Oct 1836 to William Miracle , son of James  & Arpha (Holt) Miracle , b. ca. 1816.     
Mary Jane Wilson , b. 1814.     
James Wilson , b. ca. 1816; m. 15 Apr 1840, Harlan Co., KY to Rosannah Bull , b. ca. 1825, Harlan Co., KY. 
Sarah Wilson , b. ca. 1819; m. to Richard Risener . 
Robert Wilson , b. Jan 1820, Knox Co., KY; m 1st Elizabeth Barnett ; m 2nd 17 Mar 1853, Harlan Co., KY to Agnes Hardin , daughter of Isaac  & Shelby (Crawford) Hardin ; m 3rd 1879 to Ann Miracle , daughter of Elijah  & Elizabeth (Hoskins) Miracle ; m 4th 30 Oct 1881 to Telitha Arnett , daughter of Barnett  & Julia (Sparks) Arnett , b. 28 Feb 1835; d. 22 Jan 1915. 
Rutha Wilson , b. ca. 1827; m 1st to James Crowe Miracle ; m 2nd to Marshall Goodin . 
Richard Wilson III , b. 1828, KY; m 1st to Ruta Luken ; m 2nd to Ellender Hurst . 
Elisha Green Wilson Sr. , b. 6 Jan 1833, Harlan Co., KY; d. 9 Oct 1911; m 1 May 1851, Knox Co., KY to Elizabeth Hurst , daughter  of William  & Johanna (Baker) Hurst , b. 4 Jul 1833, Harlan Co., KY; d. 19 Feb 1916, Bell Co., KY.

Col. William Green  Col. William Green , son of Lewis Jr.  & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 1791, Washington Co, VA; d. 1869, Harlan Co, KY; bur. 1869, Tanyard Hill, Harlan Co, KY; m. Nancy[ccxcii] Agnes McGeorge [ccxciii], daughter of James  & Ann (Laforce) McGeorge [ccxciv], b. ca. 1795[ccxcv], VA[ccxcvi]. 

Military Service

William Green  served as a Colonel in the War of 1812.

William  & Nancy Agnes (McGeorge) Green  had five (5) children[ccxcvii]:    Henderson M. Green , b. 1819, Tan Yard Hill, Bell Co., KY.   
Elijah F. Green , b. 1821, Tan Yard Hill, Bell Co., KY; m. ca. 1843, Breathitt Co., KY to Artha Allen , b. ca 1821.   
Nancy Catherine Green , b. 26 Nov 1822, Tan Yard Hill, Harlan Co., KY; d. 3 Aug 1903, Bell Co., KY; m. ca. 1841, Harlan Co., KY to James B. Hoskins , son of Levi  & Sarah (Miracle) Hoskins , b. 11 May 1817, Harlan Co., KY; d. 8 Apr 1893, Bell Co., KY.   
Caroline Green , b. 1825, Tan Yard Hill, Bell Co., KY.   
John McGeorge Green , b. May 1829, Tan Yard Hill, Bell Co., KY; d. aft. 1910; m. to Mary Miracle , daughter of Alfred  & Narcissus (Salyer) Miracle , b. 1867, Bell Co., KY.

Elisha Green  Elisha Green , son of Lewis Jr.  & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 1788[ccxcviii]/1794, Washington Co, VA; d. shown as dec’d in Harlan Co., KY 15 May 1854, age 67 years[ccxcix] - bef. 30 Sept 1865[ccc], KY[ccci]; m 1st 1 Jun 1813, Knox Co, KY to Nancy Bingham , b. ca. 1788[cccii], VA[ccciii]; d. bef. 30 Sept 1865, Harlan Co., KY[ccciv]; m 2nd ca. 1830 to Mary ‘Polly’ Britton [cccv], b. ca. 1780, NC[cccvi] or 1805, VA[cccvii]. 

Under the terms of Elisha ’s will his wife, Nancy , and their sons inherit property. 

Elisha  & Nancy (Bingham) Green  had ten (10) children[cccviii]:      James H. Green ,  b. 1814     
Elizabeth H. Green , b. 6 Nov 1815, Knox Co., KY; d. 26 Jul 1888, Bell Co., KY.     
Easter Green , b. 11 Sept 1818, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY; d. 20 Apr 1906, Laurel Co., KY.     
William Hogan Green , b. ca. 1819, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY; d. 5 Dec 1893, Laurel Co., KY; m. 3 Sept 1842, Harlan Co., KY to Elizabeth Farmer , b. 9 Dec 1824, Harlan Co., KY; d. 30 Oct 1913, Laurel Co., KY.     
Nancy Green , b. 1822, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY; d. Texas .     
Deborah Green , b. 1826, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY.      Robert Mattison Green , twin of John M., b. 23 Sept 1829, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY; d. 22 Apr 1891, Madison Co., KY; m. to Matilda Jackson , b. ca. 1834, Bledsoe, KY.     
John McGeorge Green , twin of Robert M., b. 23 Sept 1829, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY; d. Pineville, Bell Co., KY; m. to Emily Laforce , daughter of James  & Ruth (Hoskins) Laforce , b. 1830, Harlan Co., KY.     
Agnes Green , b. 1833, Calloway, Harlan Co., KY; d. 1912. 
William Moses Green , b. 6 May 1846; d. 11 Nov 1927.

Sarah/Sally Green  Sarah[cccix]/Sally Green , daughter of Lewis Jr.  & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 1793[cccx]/1795, Knox Co, KY or 1794-1800[cccxi], Porter’s Fort, Russell Co., VA[cccxii]; d. Harlan Co, KY; m 1st a Hendricks /Hendrickson [cccxiii]/Henderson [cccxiv]; m 2nd 21 Nov 1815, Knox Co., KY[cccxv] to William Bingham , son of John A. & Deborah (Phipps) Bingham [cccxvi], b. ca. 1794-1800[cccxvii], Knox Co., KY[cccxviii]; d. Harlan Co., KY[cccxix].

William  & Sarah (Green) Bingham  had a (1) daughter:    Lucinda Bingham [cccxx], b. 15 Mar 1829; d. 6 Nov 1886.

Elizabeth Green  Elizabeth Green , daughter of Lewis Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. ca. 1755[cccxxi], VA[cccxxii]; d. 7 Jul 1855[cccxxiii], Breathitt Co., KY[cccxxiv]; m 1st to James Howard , son of John Howard , b. 13 Sept 1752[cccxxv], Wilkes Co., GA[cccxxvi]; d. 11 Jan 1857[cccxxvii], Breathitt Co., KY[cccxxviii].  Elizabeth (Green) Howard [cccxxix] m 2nd bef. 1771[cccxxx], VA[cccxxxi] to Moses Foley Sr. [cccxxxii], b. ca. 1738[cccxxxiii], VA; d. ca. 1823[cccxxxiv], KY[cccxxxv].  They raised a large family in the Quicksand section of Brethitt Co., KY.

James  & Elizabeth (Green) Howard  had a (1) child:    Sarah Howard , b. 1790; m. Michael Risener Jr [cccxxxvi], son of Michael  & Catherine (Unknown) Risener , b. 1790, VA; d. 1861[cccxxxvii].

Moses  & Elizabeth (Green)( Howard ) Foley Sr.  had twelve (12) children[cccxxxviii]:            Merian Foley           
Leah Foley           
Rachel Foley           
Winifred Foley           
Elijah Foley Sr. , b. 4 Sept 1771, VA; d. 17 Apr 1848, Davies Co., MO; m 1st to Elizabeth Nordyke , d. bef. 1829; m 2nd to Nancy Brown .           
Ginna Foley , b. 2 Jan 1772, New River, Montgomery Co., VA; m. Benajah Nordyke , b. 6 Jan 1776, Burlington, Burlington Co., NJ.           
James Foley , b. 7 Feb 1777, VA; m. Jane Byrd .           
Moses Foley Jr. , b. 7 Feb 1777, Washington Co., VA; d. 6 Nov 1858, Lincoln Co., KY; m. 2 Mar 1797 to Hannah Williams , b. ca. 1781, Washington Co., VA; d. Lincoln Co., KY.       
Elizabeth Foley , b. 13 Feb 1779, VA; m. Prestly Rodgers       
Nancy Foley , b. 2 Apr 1781, VA       
Thomas Foley , b. 5 Apr 1783, VA; d. 16 May 1858, Grayson Co., KY; m. 24 Feb 1807, VA to Leanna Rector , b. 5 Oct 1787, VA; 28 Sept  1851, Whitley Co., KY       
Spencer Foley , b. 4 Oct 1785, VA; d. bef. 1850, KY; m. 27 Jan 1807, Grayson Co., KY to Nancy Rector , b. ca. 1790, Rowan Co., NC; d. aft. 1850, Russell Co., KY

Esther Green  Esther[cccxxxix]/Ester/Easter[cccxl] Green[cccxli]. , b. 1801, Davidson , TN or KY[cccxlii] ; d. after 1850-1889[cccxliii], Harlan Co, KY; bur. After 1850, Harlan Co, KY; m. ca. 1819[cccxliv], Bell Co., KY[cccxlv] to Elijah Bingham [cccxlvi], son of John  & Deborah (Phipps) Bingham [cccxlvii], b. ca. 1795[cccxlviii], Albemarle[cccxlix], VA[cccl]; d. aft. 1870[cccli], KY[ccclii].

Elijah  & Esther (Green) Bingham  had ten (10) children[cccliii]:      Elisha Green Bingham , b. 1818, Brownies Creek, Harlan Co., KY; d. Harlan Co., KY; m. Apr 1839, Harlan Co., KY to Sarah Howard , daughter of Benjamin  & Julia (Slusher) Howard , b. ca. 1825.     
Devans Bingham
, b. 1821, Bell Co., KY     
Robert Bingham
, b. 1822, Harlan Co., KY; d. 1881, Bell Co., KY; m. 21 May 1852, Harlan Co., KY to Nancy Davis , b. 1826, Knox Co., KY; d. bef. 1870, Bell Co., KY.     
Betsy Bingham
, b. 1827, Bell Co., KY     
Calvania Bingham
, b. Aug 1829.     
Sylvania Bingham
,  b. 1832; m. to  Mr. Leforce .     
Mary Bingham
, b. 1835, Bell Co., KY     
Mila Bingham
, b. 1837, Bell Co., KY     
Ewing Bingham
, b. 1839, Bell Co., KY 
Hiram Bingham
, b. 1840, Harlan Co., KY; d. 15 Jul 1854, Harlan Co., KY.

Lewis Green Jr.  Lewis Green Jr. , son of Lewis Jr. & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 1804[cccliv], Bell Co, KY; m. 26 Jan 1826[ccclv], Harlan Co., KY[ccclvi] to Tabitha[ccclvii] “Letty” Arnett [ccclviii], b. ca. 1806[ccclix], KY[ccclx]; m 2nd 20 Jan 1831, Harlan Co., KY to Carline Ledford .  

Lewis Green  had ten (10) children[ccclxi]:      James Lee Green , b. 1838[ccclxii]     
Juttia Green [ccclxiii], b. 1827, Harlan Co., KY     
Barnett Green [ccclxiv], b. 1828, Harlan Co., KY; d. 1878, Biglow, Holt Co., MO.     
Elizabeth Green [ccclxv], b. 1832, Harlan Co., KY; m. 1 Sept 1854, Harlan Co., KY to William Wilder .     
William P. Green [ccclxvi], b. 1836, Harlan Co., KY; m. Elizabeth Miracle , b. 1838, KY; d. 1920.     
Elias Green [ccclxvii], b. 1839, Harlan Co., KY.     
Wilkinson Green [ccclxviii], b. 1842, Harlan Co., KY     
Malinda J. Green [ccclxix], b. 1844, Harlan Co., KY; m. 1865 to John Miracle , son of Andrew  & Rhoda (Wilder) Miracle , b. Oct 1844, Harlan Co.,  KY; d.  18 Aug 1927, Stanford, Lincoln Co., KY.     
Lerena Green [ccclxx], b. 1847 
Robert Green [ccclxxi], b. 1850.

Robert Green  Robert M.[ccclxxii] Green , son of Lewis Jr.  & Ester (Kilgore) Green , b. 1808, Harlan Co., KY; d. ca. 1870-1880, Bell Co., KY; m 1st 27 Jan 1825, Harlan Co., KY to Ely Ann Drake , b. c. 1800, Josh Bell County, KY; m 2nd ca. 1860 to Comfort Howard , b. 1826.

Sometime during 1831 Robert  & Ely Ann Green  moved to Lee County, VA.  At the time of the 1860 Census Robert & Ely Ann Green were back in Harlan County, Kentucky with their youngest son William.  Robert & Ely Ann Green appear together in the 1860 Harlan County, Kentucky Census.  In the court record of Harlan County, Kentucky we find the following entry regarding Robert Green  and Comfort.

Harlan Court Record

Robert  & Ely Ann (Drake) Green  had eight (8) children[ccclxxiii]:  Michael Green , b. 1825, Harlan Co., KY 
John Green , b. 1827, Harlan Co., KY; m. bef. 1850, Lee Co., VA to Hettie Blankenship , daughter of Arthur  & Lavina (Woodward) Blankenship , b. ca. 1829; d. Union Co., TN.  They moved to Union Co., TN during the 1850’s, never to return to Lee County . 
Elisha Green , b. 1829, Harlan Co., KY 
Jehu Green , b. 2 Jan 1831, Harlan Co., KY; d. 20 Sept 1901, Lee Co., VA; m. Elizabeth Harber . 
Margaret Green , b. 1832, Lee Co., VA 
Mary A. Green , b. 1834, Lee Co., VA 
Hiram Green , b. 1837, Lee Co., VA 
William Green , b. 1840, Lee Co., VA

Ely Ann Green  must have died shortly after the 1860 census because in the 1870 Josh Bell County Census we find:

Green,  Robert                           62 , KY
Comfort                         44, KY
Daniel                            12, KY
Ester                                9, KY
Lucindy                            5, KY
Elizabeth                          1, KY

Robert  & Comfort (Howard) Green  had five (5) children:        Daniel Green [ccclxxiv], b. 1858, Kentucky.  Daniel was born prior to Robert Green  & Comfort Howard  legally marrying; m. ca. 1880[ccclxxv] to Jalaney (Laforce?).   It is said that they moved west, following the census, to Kansas (?), where Daniel is said to have become wealthy[ccclxxvi].  Daniel had two daughters living in the 1930’s (names unknown) [ccclxxvii].       
Ester Green , b. 1861, KY       
Nance Green , b. 1863, KY       
Lucindy Green , b. 1865, KY       
Elizabeth Green , b. 1869, KY

Jehu Green

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Jehu Green  Jehu Green , son of Robert & Ely Ann (Drake) Green , b. 2 Jan 1831, Harlan Co., KY; d. 20 Sep 1901, Lee County, VA; m 1st 6 Nov 1856, Elizabeth Harber , daughter of Elias & Elizabeth (Blankenship) Harber , b. ca. 1833, Lee County, VA; d. in 1880’s, Lee Co., VA.

Jehu Green  was a farmer and blacksmith.

Jehu & Elizabeth (Harber) Green  had eight (8) children:     Mary Anne Green , b. 1855; d. 25 Aug 1885.    
George W. Green , b. 1859; went to Texas; d. ante 89 Jul 1896.    
Martha Green , b. 1862; d. as a young child.    
Harvey ‘Henry’ Green , b. 1865; d. as a young child.    
John Wallace Green , b. 1867; d. 7 Jan 1937; m 1st Nancy V. Smith ; m 2nd Roxie Smith ; m 3rd Susan “Etta” Ellison .    
Doloris E. “Dora” Green , b. 1869    
VA ‘Jennie’ Florence Green , b. c. 1871; d. as a young child.    
Nathan Green , b. 1873; d. as an infant.

Daniel Green  Daniel Green , son of Robert  & Comfort (Howard) Green , b. 1858, Kentucky.  Daniel was born prior to Robert Green  & Comfort Howard  legally marrying; m. ca. 1880 to Jalaney (Laforce?).

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Picture in front of Green's Jewelry Shop.
L to R:  Ardath Jo Green, two unknown boys, and John Wallace Green.  John Wallace Green , son of Jehu  & Elizabeth (Harber) Green , b. 1867, Cedar Hill, Lee County, VA; d. 7 Jan 1937, Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA.  He married three times.  M 1st 15 Jul 1887, Nancy V. Smith , daughter of W.C.  & E. Smith , b. Lee Co., VA; m 2nd 7 Nov 1914, Roxie Smith .  Roxie Smith was a first cousin of his first wife Nancy V. Smith; m 3rd 20 May 1922, Kingsport, TN to Susan ‘Etta’ Ellison , b. 23 Oct 1886, Hancock Co., TN; d. 14 Jun 1980, Hopewell, VA.

John Wallace Green  was a silversmith, jeweler, an active Mason, former Mayor of Pennington Gap, VA.  He was named for his Uncles John  & Wallace Harber .

John & Nancy (Smith) Green  (1st Marriage) had seven (7) children:         Emmett Green , b. ca. 1889; d. 3 Feb 1957; m 19 Apr 1918, Mamie H. Wheeler .        
Estell Green , b. 4 Jan 1890; unmarried.        
Ada Elen Green , b. 30 Apr 1900; d. 12 Apr 1984, Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA; m. McKinney Stapleton .        
Mossie Elizabeth Green , b. 8 Mar 1894; d. 12 Jan 1959; unmarried.        
Claude Green , b. ca. 1896; d. as a young man.        
Katherine 'Kate’ Green , b. 22 Jun 1904, Jonesville, VA; m. Apr 1943, Mr. Russell  (occupation-plumber); divorced; remarried her husband, Unknown Russell.        
Cornie Etta Green , d. infant.

Ada Green
John  & Roxie (Smith) Green  (2nd Marriage) had two (2) children:         John ’Little John’ Wallace Green Jr. , b. ca. 1915, Pennington Gap, VA; d. while hunting alone and accidentally shot himself        
Robert Green , d. infant.

John  & Etta (Ellison) Green  (3rd Marriage) had two (2) children:     Ardath Jo Green , b. 24 Jun 1923, Pennington Gap, VA (Never married.)    
Fred Hamilton Green , b. 1 Sept 1930, Pennington Gap, VA; d. 20 Nov 1989, Hopewell, VA. (Never married).

Ada Elen Green  Ada Elen Green , daughter of John  & Nancy V. (Smith) Green , b. 30 Apr 1900; d. 12 Apr 1984, Pennington Gap, VA; m. 5 Apr 1943 to McKinney Stapleton , son of Elbert & Mary (Hedrick) Stapleton , b. 5 Apr 1889; d. 5 Apr 1947, Lee Co., VA.  McKinney & Ada (Green) Stapleton had twelve (12) children.  See Stapleton

Ardath Jo Green  Ardath Jo Green , daughter of John  & Etta (Ellison) Green , b. 24 Jun 1923, Pennington Gap, VA.  (Never Married). 

Jo’s Career in the Navy includes a number of firsts for Women in the Military.  Jo’s Naval Career began when she joined the WAVES, at the age of twenty.  [It is interesting to note that at that time her parents were required to give their consent for her to join.]  During WW II,  Jo served in the dispersing office at Bainbridge Maryland, insuring that sailors going overseas were properly uniformed and equipped. 

Jo’s Naval service continued when in 1948, she became one of the first two women to be inducted in the Regular Navy.  Jo served another tour in Bainbridge Maryland molding navel enlisted female recruits for service.  She achieved the Rank of E-7 “Chief” (absolutely unheard of for a woman) and retired after twenty four years of distinguished Military Service from the U.S. Navy in 1967. 

After retiring she began her own tax preparation service operating in Prince George, VA.

Jo Green  is very active in many genealogical organizations, such as:  National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution; Colonial Dames; Charlemagne Society.  She has served two terms as Regent of the Frances Bland Chapter NSDAR.