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"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Information compiled by Ardath Jo Green  dated Apr 23, 1984, p. 5 - 7

“Beginning in the 1740’s, branches of the Green family from Prince George/Surry move to other counties in VA (or had newly created counties form out of the areas where they were living) and from there some go on to other states, NC, GA, etc.  From that point on, duplication of names, lost records, and members of other, unrelated, Green families being in the same area during the same period of time, make it most difficult to follow any one particular family line.  In addition to the Lewis Green s previously mentioned there are these Lewis Greens mentioned in various published sources:  

[1]  1749 & 1750 – as a tithable in Lunenberg Co., list of Cornelius Cargill .  This list covered a very large area in the southern and western part of the original Lunenburg out of which Halifax, Pittsylvania, Franklin, and Henry/Patrick Counties would later be created.  A John Green  was on this list in 1748; a John and Henry Green  in 1749 and in 1750 Thos. Wynn , Col. Wm. Wynn & Wm. Wynne Jr . who had owned land on Stoney Creek and who were related to the Greens by marriage.  From “Sunlight on the Southside”, by L. C. Bell .

[2]  17--  A Lewis Green  married in Lunenburg Co., (in info. Compiled by Mrs. M. G. Ward ).

[3]  1754/1755 – Lewis Green  Pvt. in Robert McKenzies  Co., French and Indian War; enlisted in Dinwiddie Co., listed as age 30, 5’10” tall and a carpenter by trade; awarded certificate #48 which reads:  “Henry Steele  and Patrick Finley  proved that John Kelsey , Edwd Pascal , Lewis Green  and Peter Huff  were soldiers in the Virga Regiment under the command of Genl Braddock  in the year 1755 which is ordered certified. /s/ Gabriel Jones  C Ck.  Land was not actually granted for service in the French and Indian War until 1779.  The entitlement of Lewis Green for 50 acres of land (which would have been in the western part of VA) …”By Bill of Sale transferred to Abram Hite  (?) assignee of Lewis Green  issued 10 of Oct 1779 to Abraham Hite ”. (from records and microfilm in the VA State Library, Richmond , VA. ).

[4] 12 May 1759 – Lewis Green  purchased for ten shillings 100 acres on south side of Dan River in Lunenburg Co. adjoining county line (Patents 34, p. 217).  12 May 1759, Lunenburg Co., VA [100 acres on the southside of Dan River adjoining the County line]. Land Office Patents No. 34, 1756-1765, p. 217 (Reel 33-34).

NOTE:  On 10 August 1759 a Zachariah Green  (who later joined the Quaker Church in Orange (Alamance Co., NC) paid 35 shillings for land in Halifax Co. on south side of Staunton River adjoining Joseph Collins . (Patents 34, p. 398).  This land was sold in 1763 to John Chisum .

[5] 1764 – A Lewis Green  and father, William , of Sussex Co., VA buy 120 acres of land on south side of Nottoway River from Wm. Connally  and wife of Brunswick Co., VA.  This branch of the Green family was in Caswell Co., NC by 1777.  In 1787 Lewis Green sold the same 120 acres of land to Benj. Owen  of Sussex Co., VA.  This Lewis Green married Elizabeth Caddel l in Caswell Co. 26 Dec 1789 and died there in 1795, leaving two daughters.  Mrs. M. G. Ward , 11030 Southwest 52nd Ct. , Fort Lauderdale , Florida 33328 , has extensively researched this line.  Mrs. Ward  has sent me (AJG) a wealth of compiled information on the Green family, which has helped immeasurably with my Green research.  Mrs. Ward believes that this William was the son of William, son of Lewis Sr.

[6]  6 Nov 1764, Orange Co., NC Ct. Min I . . . Road from Lewis Green ’s ford on Dan River to Boyd’s Mill, Haw River.  (The border between VA and North Carolina was in question for a number of years and it is possible that the land acquired by Lewis Green [4] was later decided to be in NC).

[7]  Nov. 1766. . . proposed ferry from land of John Dix  on north side of Dan River in Halifax Co. across the said river to the land of Lewis Green .  Henings Statutes, Vol. VIII , p. 193; also SWEM Index 8H193.

[8]  1767 – Lewis Green  and William Green  – 2 tithables and 100 a. land, Pittsylvania Co., Va 24V87 (From info. Compiled by Miss Lake Compton  who also has done – and shared – a great deal of valuable Green research.).  Believe these are the same as in [5] – AJG.

[9]  1780 – William Wills  Green and wife, Martha , made a deed in Mecklenburg which was witnessed by Lewis Green  and Joseph Green .  Tyler ’s Quarterly, Vol. 6, p. 38.  (There is reason to believe that a William Green , grandson of Lewis Sr. married a descendent of Thomas ‘Seagul’ Green ; the line of ‘Seagull’ Green included a William  and Abraham /Abram  who were in Prince George Co. (& Bristol Parish) at the same time as the Lewis Greens before going on to Amelia County.

[10]  1787 – appraisals made of estates of Lewis  and Mary Green , Hardy Co., VA (now WV) 24V187.  BELIEVE THIS WAS THE LEWIS GREEN  WHO FOUGHT IN THE FRENCH & INDIAN WAR. AJG

[11] 1789 *& 1790 – Lewis Green  shown as head of household, Hampshire Co., Va (now WV).  My guess would be that he was a son of [10].  My inquiry in the Nov ’83 issue of the DAR Magazine stated that I wished to correspond with descendents of these Lewis Greens but there was no response. AJG

[12] 1811 – Lewis Green  named in will of brother, Abram Green , in Mecklenburg ; Lewis also acts as administrator of will.

Added 10/2001 by JPS: 

[13]   In Lewis of Warner hall, p. 490 is found:  Ann Lewis Thorp , b. Nov 20 1801; d. 27 Sept 1882; m. Col. Lewis Green , b. 8 Jun 1787; d. 21 Aug 1839.  They are listed with 9 children: #1William Willis Green , b. 1 Aug 1822; d. 17 Aug 1883; m 1st to Margaret N. Perry ; m 2nd to Lavinia Perry .