"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Parham family births as shown as written in the Bristol Parish Register, Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie Counties, VA 1720-1798[i]:

phebe dat of phebe Parham  born 9th oct 1725

William  Son of Thos  & Mary Parram  Born 22d Sept 1729

sarah  Dater of Edward  & Mary Parham   Born the 2d July 1735

John, Son of John  & Mary Parham  Born 26th Sept Bapt 6th Nov 1731

Elizabeth D of Gower & Archer Parham  born 20 oct 732

anne  Dr of Edward  & Mary Parham  born 14 Mar 1732

Isham  Son of Thomas  & Mary Parham  Born 17 Sept 1732

Thomas  S of Thomas  & Mary Parham  born 22 Sept 1734

Mary  D of Gower & Archer Parham  born decr 23 1741

William  Son of Lewis  & Sarah Parham  was born April the 22d 1761

Henry , Son of Lewis Parham  (of Sussex County) & Rebecca his wife born January 28,1792

Greenville Co., VA was part of Brunswick Co. until a few months pre-Cornwallis surrender in Oct 1781.  The Greenville Co records begin with Feb 20,1 781.  Revolutionary Patriots Brunswick and Greenville Cos. were: listed:

GREEN:            Clement , Frederick , James , John , Peter
PARHAM:         Ephraim , Nicholas
LEWIS:             Wm. General Lawsom, Benjamin , Zebulon  (1st Lt.), Lt. Leho (Lebn) , Lewis
EPPES:            Phoebe ; Hannah Parham

James Parham

James Parham [ii], b. ca. 1626[iii], in England[iv]; d. after 1665, when the Charles City Co., records break[v].

James Parham  was in VA by 1655 as we see from the following entry:

On 4 Feb 1655 – Joseph Parsons  surrendereth unto James Parham  and his heirs forever all of his right and title in a parcel of land at High Peake lately purchased of William Ditty , containing 493 acres, lying in Jordan’s Parish in Bayley’s Creek[vi].

It is said that land transaction were between kinspeople, as a rule, - the widow of Joseph Parsons , Jane Parsons, married Major John Stith  before 1756, who was Burgess in 1685.  Their children, some of them, were Col. John Stith , Burgess for Charles City Co., VA 1718-22, married about 1710, Mar y, daughter of William Randolph  of Turkey Island and his wife Mary, daughter of Henry Isham  (Henry Isham m. Katherine Banks , widow of Joseph Royall ); to continue with children of Major John Stith – (2) Col. Drury Stith (died 1741 m. Susanna Bathurst, daughter of Lancelot Bathurst  (in England at an earlier day, a doughter of my Randolph ancestor, married an earlier Lancelot Bathurst) (3) Ann Stith  m. 1681 to Col. Robert Bolling .  It may be that Jane, mother of these children was a Parham….[vii]

He lived in the Lawne’s Creek Settlement[viii], VA.

1688[ix], Charles City Co., VA – Court re: orphans’ estate of mother Phoebe Parham  who had married secondly one Thomas Pluckrose, now deceased[x]. Not sure how this fits in. – JPS 10/2001

21 Apr 1690 – James Parham  and Henry King  patented a tract of land containing 824 acres, lying at or near Monkshead on the side of the great Swamp or Branch.[xi] 

James Parham  had a son:

Mathew Parham

Mathew Parham [xii], son of James Parham [xiii]b. ca. 1625, Surry Co., VA[xiv] (Lawnes Creek); d. intestate, St. Andrews Parish, now Meherrin Parish[xv]. 

On 4 Jan 1665, Charles City Co[xvi]. – Elias Holmes  of Charles City Co., VA gave Matthew, the son of James Parham , one cow called Brown and a heifer called Blossom, the female issue of for the use of said James and the male issue for the schooling of said child[xvii].  This would indicate that Elias Holmes was either the grandfather or the uncle of Matthew Parham , son of James Parham.

Mathew Parham  had three (3) children:

  1. Susanna Parham [xviii], b. 1648-1664[xix], Lawnes Creek, Surry Co., VA[xx]; d. 1717, Prince George Co., VA[xxi]; m. Prince George Co., VA[xxii] to Roger Tillman [xxiii].

  2. Edward Parham , b. ca. 1654[xxiv]-1666[xxv], Lawnes Creek, Surry Co., VA[xxvi]; d. will dated 15 Jul 1709[xxvii].  Will witnessed by Lewis Green  Sr.  & John Gilliam . ; m. Mary unknown [xxviii]. 

  3. Ephraim Parham  Sr. [xxix], b. ca. 1668, Lawnes Creek, Surry Co., VA[xxx]; d. will proved 1726[xxxi], Surry Co., VA[xxxii]; m. Frances Green [xxxiii], daughter of Lewis Green [xxxiv], b. ca. 1672[xxxv], Surry Co., VA[xxxvi].  Note[xxxvii]:  There are no Edwards or Thomases in Ephraim’s descent.  Nor are there any Phoebes.

Thought also to be the children of Mathew Parham :

  1. Thomas Parham , d. bef. Will 15 Feb 1716/17; m. Eliza (unknown).

  2. Matthew Parham , d. 1743[xxxviii]

  3. James Parham , m. bef. 1720[xxxix] to Rachel Batte [xl]

  4. probable:  Jane Parham [xli], m 1st Joseph Parsons [xlii]; m 2nd bef. 1756 to Major John Stith [xliii]

  5. probable:  Frances Parham , m. bef. 1696 to [xliv]Francis King

Edward Parham

2.  Edward Parham [xlv], son of Matthew Parham , b. 1666[xlvi]; d. will probated 5 Jul 1709[xlvii], Surry Co., VA[xlviii]; m. Mary[xlix] Gower [l].

Will of Edward Parham

dated:  12 Mar 1709[li]; Prob. 5 Jul 1709[lii].

Bequeaths:       Phebe Parham  (daughter), when of age or married one Indian girl, cow etc.
                       Ann Parham  (daughter), bed, mare, pewter dishes and spoons etc.
                       Edward Parham  (son) the Plantation where I live, with all land belonging thereto and cows, horses etc.
                       Gower Parham  (son), 100 acres of land where Robert Marlow  now lives, small chest, gun, livestock etc.i
                       Elizabeth Parke  (daughter), pewter dishes and  plates, bed, cows etc
                       Lina Parham  (daughter), bed, cows, pewter bason, dishes, plates etc. and the rest of est. to be equally divided.
                       Lewis Green  to have son, Gower, to bring him up, and use his est. until he is 21 years old.
                       Thos. Sessoms [liii] to have son, Edward Parham , until he is 21 years old, to use his est. etc., and take care of the rest of the children.
Appoints:        Thos. Sessoms , Epharaim Parham , and Lewis Green Jr.  overseers of will
Exers:              Thos. Sessoms , Epharaim Parham , and Lewis Green Jr.
Witnesses:        Lewis Green Sr. , John Guillum Jr.  

Edward  & Mary Parham  had[liv]:

2.1.        Phoebe Parham , b. under age in 1709[lv]
Ann Parham
Edward Parham , b. under 21 in 1709; m. Mary unknown .
Gower Parham , b. under 21 in 1709; m. Archer unknown.
Elizabeth Parham , m. a Parke?  [lvi]
Lina/Sina Parham

Ephraim Parham

3.  Ephraim Parham , son of Mathew Parham [lvii], b. ca. 1660[lviii]/1668[lix], Lawnes Creek, Surry Co., VA[lx]; d. will proved 1726[lxi], Surry Co., VA[lxii]; m. Frances Green [lxiii], daughter of Lewis & Susanna (Grigg) Green  II[lxiv], b. ca. 1665[lxv]-1672[lxvi], Surry Co., VA[lxvii][lxviii]; d. bet. 6 Mar 1740[lxix]-5 Apr 1744[lxx], Brunswick Co., VA[lxxi].

Will of Ephraim Parham

dated:  7 Apr 1726[lxxii]; Prob. 15 Jun 1726[lxxiii], Surry Co., VA. 
His will was written by Peter Greene [lxxiv].


v      To son, Ephraim Parham , 150 acres of Land on the south side of the Nottoway River to Flatt Swamp, bed, Troopers Arms etc., if no heir to his brother, Lewis Parham .
To son, Lewis Parham , a Plantation on the North side of Mehorrin River, 180 acres, also cows, etc. and Land upon Reedy Branch, the upper half, when 20 years old.
To wife, Frances , Negroes, household goods, etc.
To daughter, Frances, wife of Hinchey Maybury , 10 pounds current money of VA.
To granddaughter, Elizabeth Maybury , six leather chairs after the death of her grandmother.
To grandson, James Parham , one cow.
All grandchildren to have equal part of movable estate.

Executors:  sons, Matthew  and Ephraim Parham .
Witnesses:  Peter Green , John Whittington , Richard Raines .

Will of Frances Parham , widow

dated 6 Mar 1740, recorded 5 Apr 1744[lxxv]


To son, Mathew
To son, Ephraim
My daughter’s children, 20 shillings, each to be paid when they arrive at age.
Son Lewis four negroes with the reversion of them to his son Ephraim
To son Mathew’s wife, one gown
To son Ephraim’s wife, one trunk
To son Lewis , all my cattle, household goods, etc.

Executor:  Son Lewis
Witness:   Peter Tatum , William McKnight  

21 Oct 1720, a power of Attorney from James Parham  of Isle of Wight Co., [the part that probably became Brunswick and later Greenville] to Lewis Green  Jr.  to acknowledge a deed for him[lxxvi].    It is thought that this James Parham was the oldest son of Ephraim, who had inherited that High Peake land in Prince George, so not mentioned in his father’s will, or his father may have deeded it to him when he came of age; and they think he may have been the father of James, the grandson names in Ephraim’s will.[lxxvii] – NOTE: This would add, a James Parham as a son of this family. – JPS 10/2001

Ephraim  & Frances (Green) Parham  had four (4) children[lxxviii].

1.1.       Frances Parham [lxxix], b. ca. 1692[lxxx]-1697[lxxxi], Surry Co., VA[lxxxii]; d. 1749[lxxxiii]; m. ca. 1716[lxxxiv] to Hinchia[lxxxv]/Hinchey Mabry [lxxxvi]/Maybury [lxxxvii], son of Francis & Elizabeth (unknown)  Mabry [lxxxviii], b. 1697[lxxxix], Henrico Co. or Surry Co., VA[xc]; d. 1762, Brunswick Co., VA[xci].  Hinchia Mabry m 2nd 1751[xcii] to Anne C. Courtney .  No children of 2nd marriage.
Ephraim Parham  Jr.[xciii], b. ca. 1698, Surry Co., VA[xciv]; d. 1763[xcv], age 65; m. Rebecca unknown [xcvi]
Lewis Parham [xcvii], b. ca. 1696[xcviii], Surry Co., VA[xcix] - under age in 1726[c]. He had a son James Parham , of Brunswick in 1760[ci].  See PARHAM
Matthew Parham [cii]Sr.  [ciii], b. ca. 1694[civ], Albemarle Parish[cv], Surry Co., VA[cvi]; d. 18 Mar 1775[cvii], age 81[cviii]; m. Martha Wynne , daughter of Robert Wynne , b. ca. 1711[cix].

James Parham

6.  James Parham [cx], son of Matthew Parham [cxi], m bef. 1720[cxii] to Rachel Batte [cxiii], daughter of Capt. Henry  & Mary (Lound) Batte  of Henrico Co., VA.

In 1717 James Parham  was very busy in 1717 selling off real estate in Prince George Co., [suggesting that he had just come into an inheritance[cxiv]].

10 Feb 1717 – James Parham  of Prince George Co. conveyed to Joshua Poythress  of the same co for the sum of 30 pounds current money of VA a tract of land containing 200 acres lying on Bayley’s Creek adjoining Mr. Henry Batte  & John Young.  It is the tract known as High Peake lying in Westover Parish at the line of Matthew Parham , deceased[cxv], witnesses:  James Cocke , ____ Worsham. 

In 1720, James Parham  appointed Lewis Green e  Jr. as his Power of Attorney for the divison of the Batte 1200 acres; and took off for Isle of Wight County where he took out two patents in 1724 and 1732[cxvi].

By 10 Sept 1720 records state that James Parham  of Isle of Wight Co. had married Rachael, daughter of Capt. Henry Batte  (Battle, Battaile) and his wife Mary Lound  of Henrico Co[cxvii].

Found in Brunswick Co., Deed Book 1, p. 271:  James Parham  of North Carolina deeds to Francis Exum  of Isle of Wight Co., VA for five shillings 250 acres on south side of Meherrin River, Brunswick Co., on May 1, 1736[cxviii]

1 July 1740 Indenture between James Parham  of Bertie Province, NC and John Tooke (Tucker?) of Surry Co for five shillings a tract of 440 acres on the north side of Fountaine Creek, Brunswick Co. except 100 acres to Jeremiah Brown , granted by patent Feb 2, 1724 to said James Parham.  Witnesses, Batt Peterson , John Peterson , Burwell Brown , Edward Green , John Bishop , James Judkins , May 7, 1741 – released for 40 pounds[cxix]

In Brunswick Co, 2/15/1753 – James Parham  security for marriage of Mary Parham  to John Williamson .[cxx]

James  & Rachel (Batte) Parham  had a two (2) sons:

1.1.    William Parham [cxxi]
Matthew Parham [cxxii], d. 1742 intestate, Isle of Wight Co., VA[cxxiii].  Said to have been remembered in the will of John Peterson [cxxiv].

Gower Parham

2.4.  Gower Parham [cxxv], son of Edward  & Mary Parham , d. ca. 24 Aug 1767[cxxvi], Amelia Co., VA[cxxvii]; m. Archer unknown[cxxviii]. 

Gower  & Archer Parham  had[cxxix]:

2.4.1.        William Parham [cxxx], b. 2 Jul 1735, VA[cxxxi]; d. ca. 7 Dec 1797, Nottoway Co., VA[cxxxii]
Elizabeth Parham , b. 20 Oct 1732, Bristol Parish, VA; m. Charles Lewis .
Mary Parham , b. 23 Dec 1741; m. John Keith[cxxxiii].
2.4.4.        Martha Parham , b. VA; m. Thomas Clark .
James Parham , b. bef. 5 Jan 1792, VA; m. to Susannah unknown .

Frances Parham

3.1.  Frances Parham [cxxxiv], daughter of Ephraim  & Frances (Green) Parham , b. ca. 1697[cxxxv]/1702[cxxxvi], Surry Co[cxxxvii], VA[cxxxviii]; d. 1749[cxxxix]; m. ca. 1716[cxl] to Hinchia[cxli]/Hinchey Mabry [cxlii]/Maybury [cxliii], son of Francis & Elizabeth (unknown)  Mabry [cxliv], b. 1697[cxlv], Henrico Co. or Surry Co., VA[cxlvi]; d. 1762, Brunswick Co., VA[cxlvii].  Hinchia Mabry m 2nd 1751[cxlviii] to Anne C. Courtney .  No children of 2nd marriage. 

Hinchia  & Frances (Parham) Mabry  had nine (9) children:

1.1.1.        Elizabeth Bailey[cxlix] Mabry [cl], b. ca. 1717/1721[cli], Brunswick Co., VA[clii]; m. 1737[cliii]-1738 to John Pettaway [cliv].
Hinchia/Henchia[clv] Mabry Jr. [clvi], b. ca. 1723[clvii], Brunswick Co., VA[clviii]; d. 1755[clix], Brunswick Co., VA; m. Celia Evans [clx].
Hannah Mabry [clxi], b. ca. 1725[clxii], Brunswick Co., VA[clxiii]
Joel Mabry [clxiv], b. ca. 1725[clxv], Brunswick Co., VA[clxvi]; d. 1784[clxvii], Greenville Co., VA; m. Winifred Smith [clxviii] or Winnefred Matthews [clxix], d. 1804[clxx]
Ephraim Mabry [clxxi], b. ca. 1727[clxxii], Brunswick Co., VA[clxxiii]; m. Mary Poole (?)[clxxiv], d. 1808, Fairfield Co., SC[clxxv].  They moved from Lunenburg Co., VA to Fairfield Co., SC[clxxvi].
Joshua Mabry [clxxvii], b. aft. 1728[clxxviii], Brunswick Co., VA[clxxix]; d. 1791, Warren Co., NC[clxxx]; m.  W. Lucretia Jones [clxxxi].  He lived in Lunenburg Co., in 1762[clxxxii].  Then moved on to Warren Co., NC. [clxxxiii]
Nathaniel Mabry [clxxxiv], b. ca. 1729[clxxxv], Brunswick Co., VA[clxxxvi]; d. Brunswick Co., VA[clxxxvii]; m. Susannah unknown [clxxxviii].
Daniel Mabry [clxxxix], b. ca. 1729[cxc], Brunswick Co., VA[cxci]; d. Brunswick Co., VA[cxcii]; m. Elizabeth Jones [cxciii].
Ann Mabry [cxciv], b. aft. 1732[cxcv], VA; m. Mr. Jackson [cxcvi].

Ephraim Parham

3.2.  Ephraim Parham  Jr.[cxcvii], son of Ephraim  & Frances (Green) Parham , b. ca. 1698, Surry Co., VA[cxcviii]; d. 1763[cxcix], age 65; m. Rebecca unknown [cc]

Ephraim Parham  inherited 150 acres on south side of Nottoway, and that is the part that became St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick, and later part of it became Greensville Co.[cci]

In Historical Southern Families, Boddie, Vol. XV, p.160, Surry Co., VA:

9 Oct 1745 William Rose , of Albemarle Parish, in Surry Co., conveyed to:  Christopher Tatum , John Mason Jr. , Robert Wynne , James Gee , John Mason, Thomas Avent , Moses Johnson , James Campbell, Howell Briggs , Richard Blow , Richard Blunt , & Ephraim Parham , church wardens & vestry of Albemarle Parish, Surry Co. (later Sussex Co.) for the sum of 1£ 1 sh 6 pence current money of VA 2 acres of land lying on Copohonk Swamp & on the NS of Secaurees Road, for the use of the said Albemarle Parish forever.  William Rose.  Wits:  Robert Nicholson , Joel Barker , Robert Jones  Jr.[ccii]

Will of Ephraim Parham

probated 15 Sept, 1763, Sussex Co., VA

Names:        Wife:         Rebecca

       Sons:        Nathaniel Parham  

                                    William Parham

            Daughters:        Jane Thweatt

Frances Gee

Rebecca Parham

Ephraim  & Rebecca (unknown) Parham  Jr. had five (5) children:

3.2.1.        Nathaniel Parham [cciii] m.  9 Oct 1758 to Celia (Pettway) Lee

3.2.2.        Frances Parham [cciv]; m. Henry Gee Jr.  

3.2.3.        Rebecca Parham [ccv]

3.2.4.        Jane Parham [ccvi]; m. William Thweatt [ccvii], son of John & Judith (Peterson) Thweatt [ccviii], b. 1727[ccix]; d. 1763[ccx]; m 2nd to 27 Sept 1764 to John Mason Jr. , son of John Mason. [Judith Peterson , daughter of John Peterson  (d. 1732); John Thweatt , d. 1758]

3.2.5.        William Parham [ccxi]

Lewis Parham [ccxii]

3.3.  Lewis Parham [ccxiii], son of Ephraim  & Frances (Green) Parham , b. ca. 1696[ccxiv], Surry Co., VA[ccxv] - under age in 1726[ccxvi].

From VA Magazine 5-70:   Lewis Parham , Justice of Brunswick Co., June 5, 1746 Prince George Co., VA[ccxvii]

Right Family?? Brunswick Records Book 2, p. 238, 7 Oct 1742:

Lewis Parham  “for love and affection to said James Parham , his kinsman” turn over to James Parham the grist mill and one acre of land, which they had inherited jointly[ccxviii].

Lewis Parham  had a son:

3.3.1.  James Parham , of Brunswick in 1760[ccxix]. 

Capt. Mathew Parham

3.4.  Capt. Matthew Parham [ccxx],Sr. [ccxxi], son of Ephraim  & Frances (Green) Parham , b. ca. 1694[ccxxii], Surry Co., VA[ccxxiii]; d. 15[ccxxiv]/18 Mar 1775[ccxxv], age 81[ccxxvi]; m. Martha Wynne [ccxxvii], daughter of Robert Wynne [ccxxviii], b. ca. 1711[ccxxix].

Matthew & Martha Parham  appear as sponsors for Martha, dau. Of Matthew & Sarah Wynne , 1-11-1743[ccxxx]

Indenture: 16 July 1761  Matthew Parham , Senior, of Sussex County, to Lewis Parham , grandson of said Matthew Parham, 5 shillings,& 1  negro boy.  Witnesses:  William Parham , Richard Lanier , Theop. Field Jr. [ccxxxi]

Matthew  & Martha (Wynne) Parham  had five (5) children[ccxxxii]:

3.4.1.        Robert Parham [ccxxxiii], b. 27 Jan 1747 (grandchild mentioned in will of Robert Wynne )
Matthew Parham [ccxxxiv], b. 27 Feb 1750 (grandchild mentioned in will of Robert Wynne ); d. Apr 1772[ccxxxv], certified by William Wyllie , Clergyman for Albemarle Parish[ccxxxvi]; m. daughter of Robert Wynne II[ccxxxvii].

William Parham

2.4.1.  William Parham [ccxxxviii], son of Gower  & Archer Parham , b. 2 Jul 1735, VA[ccxxxix]; d. ca. 7 Dec 1797, Nottoway Co., VA[ccxl] and left heirs:        Daniel Parham  (deceased)       
John Parham  [is this the John Parham that m. Barbara Massenburg , daughter of John & Elizabeth (Eldridge) Massenburg ?[ccxli]]       
William Parham       
James Parham       
Sarah Parham       
Martha Parham , m. 1784, Amelia Co., VA to Daniel Sturdivant .       
Mary Parham       
Edith Parham , m. John Clay

Frances Parham [ccxlii]

Listings for Frances Parham

Frances Parham , daughter of James  & Eliz a, christened 10 May 1737, Surry, Albermarle Parish.
Frances Parham
, daughter of Ephraim  & Rebecca , christened 12 Jul 1741, Surry, Albermarle Parish.
Frances Parham
, daughter of William  & Mary , b. 25 Nov 1765, Sussex, Albemarle Parish

Daniel Parham  Daniel Parham [ccxliii], son of William Parham , b. ca. 1757[ccxliv]; d. ca. 1796[ccxlv], Amelia Co., VA[ccxlvi]; m 1784[ccxlvii], Amelia Co., VA[ccxlviii] to Mary Farley [ccxlix]. 

Daniel  & Mary (Farley) Parham  had two (2) daughters[ccl]:         Sarah Parham , d. Aug 1785[ccli], Trimble Co., KY[cclii]; m. ca. 1805[ccliii], VA[ccliv] to William Tooms [cclv]        
Phebe Parham , b. 2 May 1794[cclvi], Amelia Co., VA[cclvii]; d. 21 Sept 1881[cclviii], Wapello Co. IA[cclix]; m. 27 Feb 1813[cclx], Henry Co., KY[cclxi] to William Monroe [cclxii]

Nathaniel Parham [cclxiii]

3.2.1.  Nathaniel Parham [cclxiv], son of Ephraim  & Rebecca (unknown) Parham  Jr., m.  9 Oct 1758 to Celia (Pettway) Lee , daughter of Robert Pettway , as her 2nd husband.  Celia Pettway  had m 1st 16 Feb 1756[cclxv] to Peter Lee , son of Samuel Lee .

Celia Pettway  Lee is named in her father Robert Pettway ’s will in 1757[cclxvi].

Nathaniel  & Celia (Pettway)(Lee) Parham  had:         William Parham [cclxvii], named in brother, James Parham ’s will[cclxviii].       
James Parham [cclxix], d. will probated 3 Oct 1793[cclxx], Sussex Co., VA[cclxxi]; m. 18 Mar 1785[cclxxii] to Mary ‘Polly” Graves [cclxxiii] (her brother, surety[cclxxiv]).  In his will he names his wife Molly (or Mary) Parham to whom he gives his entire estate “to enable her to maintain my children until my daughter arrives at the age of 21. [cclxxv]  He does not name his other children, but mentions his brother William Parham  and his wife’s brother, John Graves , appointing them Executors of his will[cclxxvi].

Jane Parham

3.2.4.  Jane Parham [cclxxvii], daughter of Ephraim & Rebecca (unknown) Parham  Jr., m. William Thweatt [cclxxviii], son of John & Judith (Peterson) Thweatt [cclxxix], b. 1727[cclxxx]; d. 1763[cclxxxi]; m 2nd to 27 Sept 1764[cclxxxii], to John Mason Jr.  [cclxxxiii],, son of John Mason . [Judith Peterson , daughter of John Peterson  (d. 1732); John Thweatt , d. 1758]

William  & Jane (Parham) Thweatt  had children????

John  & Jane (Parham)(Thweatt) Mason  Jr. had three (3) children[cclxxxiv],:        John Raines Mason , b. 24 Apr 1770       
Elizabeth Mason , b. 20 May 1772       
Jane Mason , b. 4 Mar 1774

James Parham  

3.3.1.  James Parham , of Brunswick in 1760[cclxxxv], son of Lewis Parham , d. will dated 4 Sept 1790, recorded 2 Apr 1791; m 1st to ? Elizabeth unknown [cclxxxvi]; m 2nd Mary Parish [cclxxxvii] of Brunswick[cclxxxviii], daughter of James Parish [cclxxxix].

From Historical Southern Families, Boddie, Vol I we find:

p. 169   (p. 189)  James Thweatt  & Daniel Sturdivant , Wit.:  James Parram  to Lewis Green  8 Oct 1717.
p. 169   (p. 193)  James Thweatt , Wit., Deed, James Parram  to Lewis Green , 12 Nov 1717.
p. 170   (p. 471)  James Thweatt  Jr. & James Thweatt Sr. , Wits., Letter of Attorney, James Parham  to Lewis Green  Jr.  13 June 1721.
p.165    10 Sept 1755, 205 acres in Brunswick Co, to James Thweatt , on Occaneechy Swamp, 125 acres having been granted, 20 Feb 1733, to Robert Ellice , & adj. Wm. Batte , Eades Smith , Thos. Smith , James Parham .


29 May 1775, between James Parham  Sr. of Brunswick Co. and Peter Randolph  and Frances , his wife, for love and affection which said James Parham bears his daughter, Frances – a negro girl Fanny  – Witnesses:  Edars Yaeborough , Matthew Parham , John Turner.[ccxc] Sussex Co., VA

Will of James Parham

dated 4 Sept 1790, recorded 2 Apr 1791[ccxci]:

Names: wife:               Mary
Sons:              James Parham
                                  Ephraim Parham
                                  Lewis Parham
                                  Nathaniel Parham
Daughters:      Elizabeth Parham
                                  Susannah Parham
                                  Ann Parham
                                  Rebecca Hill
                                  Mary Duke
                                  Frances Randol  (Ranolph)
                                  Sary Atkinson
Specifically names “my five youngest children, Ephraim , Ann , Susannah , Elizabeth  and James
Executors:        Sons:    Lewis  and Nathaniel
Executors w/securities:  James Bruce , Benjamin Base , James Fletcher
Witnesses:                    John B. Goldsberry , James  and Ann Bruce

James Parham  had children eleven (11) children:    Lewis Parham [ccxcii], d. by 23 Jun 1760[ccxciii]; m. Sarah Unknown [ccxciv].   
Frances Parham , b. 6 Feb 1746/7, - godparents: Abraham Parham , Mary Lee , Sarah Heath , d. young   
James Parham   
Ephraim Parham   
Nathaniel Parham   
Elizabeth Parham   
Susannah Parham   
Ann Parham   
Rebecca Parham , m. Mr. Hill
Mary Parham , m. Mr. Duke
Sary/Sarah Parham , m. Mr. Atkinson

James  & Mary (Parish) Parham  had one (1) child:  Frances Parham [ccxcv], m. Peter Randolph , b. 1750[ccxcvi]

Lewis Parham  Lewis Parham [ccxcvii], son of James Parham , d. by 23 Jun 1760[ccxcviii]; m. Sarah unknown[ccxcix]. 

Deed from Lewis Parham  to “Couzin Lewis Parham son of James Parham , Nov. 12, 1759[ccc]

Lewis & Sarah (unknown) Parham  had a daughter:         Sarah Parham [ccci], m. William Batte [cccii].        
Lewis Parham [ccciii], d. by 1823[ccciv]; m. Mary unknown[cccv].  Lewis & Mary (unknown) Parham  had a daughter: Sally Parham [cccvi] m. Thomas Potts , of Sussex Co., VA[cccvii].

Matthew Parham

Matthew Parham [cccviii], d. will dated 2 Sept 1770[cccix]

In his will he mentions his grandson:  Robert Parham , & his mother, “my dau.-in-law Martha Parham [cccx]

Mathew Parham [cccxi]

Mathew Parham , m 1st to Susanna (Anderson?) [cccxii]; m 2nd ? Martha Wynne [cccxiii], daughter of Robert Wynne [cccxiv]

Mathew & Susannah (Anderson?) Parham  had[cccxv]:

·              Eliza/Elizabeth? Parham [cccxvi], b. 30 Jul 1739[cccxvii]; m. Stith Parham , son of William & Ann (unknown) Parham .

Mathew & Martha (Wynne) Parham  had[cccxviii]:

·              Angelica Parham , b. 1745
Robert Parham , b. 1747; d. by Sept 1772[cccxix], m. Lucretia Tucker .  Lucretia (Tucker) Parham , widow, m 2nd 2 Sept 1772[cccxx], Sussex Co., VA[cccxxi] to Stith Parham , b. of age in 1740.  They had 5 children.
? Ann Parham , m. William Wynne
? Frances Parham , m. William Sturdivant
? Martha Parham , m. Mathew  or John Sturdivant 

A Mathew Parham , Jr[cccxxii]. m. Rebecca Maclin [cccxxiii].  They have a son:

·              Ephraim Parham [cccxxiv], b. 1756[cccxxv]

William Parham [cccxxvi]

William Parham [cccxxvii], d. 1756-1758[cccxxviii]; m. Ann (unknown)[cccxxix].

William & Ann (unknown) Parham  had two (2) sons[cccxxx]:

·              Thomas Parham
Stith Parham , m. Elizabeth Parham , daughter of Mathew & Susanna (Anderson?)  Parham , b. 30 Jul 1739[cccxxxi].

Lewis Parham [cccxxxii]

Entries for Lewis Parham :

21 Nov 1792, Lewis Parham  m. Elizabeth Chappell  – James Chappel l, Surety.
2 Aug 1802, Lewis Parham  m. Polly Gibbon  – Edward Pennington , Surety.

Mathew Parham [cccxxxiii]

Matthew Parham [cccxxxiv], d. interstate, dec’d by 1756

Matthew Parham  had four (4) children[cccxxxv]:  

  1. William Parham [cccxxxvi], received legacy from father’s Matthew Parham .
  2. John Parham [cccxxxvii], received legacy from father’s Matthew Parham .
  3. James Parham [cccxxxviii], named as son.
  4. Mary Parham [cccxxxix], m. Benjamin Fernando [cccxl].

Thomas Parram

Thomas Parram [cccxli], d. 1671[cccxlii]; m. Susannah (unknown),  b. 1646[cccxliii]; d. 1716[cccxliv], Prince George Co., VA[cccxlv].  Susannah (unknown) Parram m 2nd to Roger Tillman [cccxlvi]

Will of Susannah Parram Tillman  gives as the only Parham child:  Thomas Parham [cccxlvii].

Per Mrs. Draper[cccxlviii]:  There is no discernable Greene connection to this family.

Thomas & Susannah (Unknown) Parram  had at least two (2) children:

  1. Thomas Parram , m. Eliza (unknown).

  2. Phoebe Parham /Parram

  3. Possibly Jane Parham , m. Nicholas Robinson [cccxlix]

Thomas Parham /Parram[cccl]

1.  Thomas Parham /Parram, son of Thomas & Susannah (unknown) Parram[cccli], d. bef. Will 15 Feb 1716/17, Prince George Co., VA[ccclii]; m. Eliza (unknown).

Will of Thomas Parram :

Bequests:         Nicholas Robynson – 100 acres lying between Monksnect & Cataile Run it being the land formerly belonging to George Tillman  & after to Wm. Holme .
John Tillman  – 50 acres N S of Monksneck & joining on land of George Tillman .
Wm. Pettypool , sen’r – 50 acres S S of Monksneck Crk.
Thomas Param  (son)
Wm. Parram (son) – plantation whereon I live – 100 acres
Amy Jones  (daughter)(Phillip )
Elizabeth Tucker  (daughter) (Wm .)
Foebe (Phoebe  - daughter)
Susanna  (daughter)
Jane (daughter)

Executrix:         Eliza , wife, 15 Feb 1716/17

Wits:                George Tillman
Robert Abernathy  Jr.
                        John Patteson

Thomas & Eliza (unknown) Parham  had seven (7) children [cccliii]:

1.1.        Thomas Parham /Param [cccliv]
William Parham /Parram [ccclv]
1.3.       Amey Parham [ccclvi], m. Phillip Jones [ccclvii]
Elizabeth Parham [ccclviii], m. William Tucker [ccclix]
Phebe/Peebe Parham [ccclx]
Susanna Parham , m. Capt. Nathaniel Raines /Rainey
1.7.       Jane Parham

William Parham /Parram

1.2.  William Parham /Parram , son of Thomas & Eliza (unknown) Parham .

From Prince George Co., VA Deeds, Wills & Settlements, etc. 1713-1728[ccclxi]:

p. 49     Wm. Parrum ’s land area – 126 acres.  Delivered to Phillip Jones , by order of Wm. Parrum, thru a patent issued said Jones (mrd Amy Parham ).  Platt & certificate delivered 12 Jul 1725.

            Land lying on the N S of Nottoway River, between Beaverpond Creek & bounded vizt: beginning at Matthew Sturdivant ’s corner.

Thomas Parham [ccclxii]

Thomas Parham , m. Elizabeth (unknown) [ccclxiii].

Thomas & Elizabeth (unknown)  Parham  had:

                        1.  William Parham [ccclxiv], d. 1733.

William Parham [ccclxv]

1.  William Parham , son of Thomas & Elizabeth (unknown)  Parham , d. 1733[ccclxvi].  William Parham had a son:

                        1.1.  John Parham , m. Mary Booth e[ccclxvii]

John Parham [ccclxviii]

1.1.  John Parham , son of William Parham , m. Mary Booth e[ccclxix].

John & Mary (Boothe) Parham had four (4) children[ccclxx]:

1.1.1.        Matthew Parham [ccclxxi], b. 1741
George Parham [ccclxxii]
John Parham [ccclxxiii]
Thomas Parham [ccclxxiv]

Stith Parham [ccclxxv]

Stith Parham , d. will prob. 5 Sept 1793.

Stith Parham  had two sons:

  1. Stith Parham [ccclxxvi], d. 1809, Baldwin Co., GA; m Elizabeth unknown .

  2. Matthew Anderson Parham [ccclxxvii]

Stith Parham [ccclxxviii]

1.  Stith Parham [ccclxxix], son of Stith Parham, d. 1809, Baldwin Co., GA; m Elizabeth unknown .

Stith & Elizabeth (unknown)  Parham  had three (3) children:

1.1.  Elizabeth Parham
 Thomas Stith Parham
 Robert Parham

Stith Parham [ccclxxx]

Stith Parham , d. will dated 15 Jan 1806, recorded 6 Feb 1806, Sussex Co., VA[ccclxxxi]; m 1st Martha Unknown; m 2nd to Betsy Ragsdale.

Will of Stith Parham

Sussex Co., VA, dated 15 Jan 1806, recorded 6 Feb 1806:

Bequests:         Sally Hanson Garrettson , $100.00
                       Anne Winfield  & Mary Winfield  $50.00 each if they give Edward Lee  a clear title for the land that I sold to him.
                       Son, Smith land, bought of son Thomas.
                       Son, Stith  to be schooled, also dau. Nancy
                       Son, John  land – Nathaniel Chambliss , Theodoric Chambliss  William Parham  Sr. & Joshua Owen  shall value this land.
                       Son, William  land – above mentioned to value this.
                       $50.00 to Trustees of Jones Meeting House for repairs.
                       Edmund Jones  & Hill Jones  all my claim to the negroes belonging to est. of Collier Hill. 

I desire the remaining part of my estate to be sold, & be equally divided between all my children, only Anne Jones , William , Thomas  & John  to account for what they have received of me, agreeable to accounts on my books, Smith to account for $1200.00 for land I gave him.

Exors:              Sons:  William, Thomas & John
Wits:                Theodorick Chambliss, Nicholas Howard, Drury Owen , Ephraim Owen
Signed:             Stith Parham

Stith & Martha (unknown) Parham  had at least one (1) child:[ccclxxxii]

  1. Thomas Parham [ccclxxxiii] (son), m 1st 18 Oct 1799 to Elizabeth Moody ; m 2nd to Susan (Raines) Jones .  6 children by Elizabeth Moody.

Stith Parham  & his wives had nine (9) additional children:[ccclxxxiv]

2.             William Parham [ccclxxxv] (son), m 1st to Nancy Rives ; m 2nd to Betsy Hill .  2 children by Nancy Rives; 1 child by Betsy Hill.
John Parham [ccclxxxvi] (son), m 1st to Nancy Jones ; m 2nd to Barbara Massenburg .
4.             Smith Parham [ccclxxxvii] (son), m 1st to Clara Bland ; m 2nd to Harriet Bland .  5 children by each wife.
Stith Parham [ccclxxxviii] (son), m. Eliza Massenburg .  6 children.
6.             Anna Parham [ccclxxxix] (child), m 20 Dec 1792 to George Jones .  10 children.
Nancy Parham [cccxc] (daughter)
? Sally Parham [cccxci], m 1st Mr. Hanson [cccxcii], m 2nd Mr. Garrettson [cccxciii]
Anne Parham [cccxciv], m ? Mr. Winfield
? Mary Parham [cccxcv], m ? Mr. Winfield

Thomas Parham

1.  Thomas Parham [cccxcvi] son of Stith & Martha (unknown)  Parham , b. 5 May 1749[cccxcvii]; d. ante 1785[cccxcviii]; m 1st 18 Oct 1799 to Elizabeth Moody [cccxcix], daughter of Henry Moody [cd]; m 2nd to Susan (Raines) Jones .  Elizabeth (Moody) Parham  m 2nd to James Banks [cdi].

Thomas  & Elizabeth (Moody) Parham  had a son:

1.1.  Henry Virginius Parham , m. Adeline Elizabeth Boisseau

Henry Virginius Parham [cdii]

1.1.  Henry Virginius Parham , son of Thomas & Elizabeth (Moody) Parham , m. Adeline Elizabeth Boisseau .

Henry  & Adeline (Boisseau) Parham  had two (2) children:

1.1.1.        William Henry Parham , m 1st to Miss Vaughn ; m 2nd to Frances Collier , b. 1847; d. 14 Nov 1895.
Virginius Parham