Peter Green

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

Peter Green

1.9.  Peter Green [i], son of Lewis Green  I I,  b. ca. 1681[ii], Surry Co[iii]. , VA ; d. 17 Dec[iv] 1745[v], Surry Co., VA; m. ca. 1730[vi] to Mary (unknown)  [vii]/ Mary ‘Mildend’ Coleman [viii].  Mary (Coleman?) Green , m. 2nd ca. 21 May 1751[ix], Surry Co., VA to Robert Farrington [x], d. will dated 9 Nov 1757[xi].  Mary (Coleman?)(Green) Farrington  may have m 3rd ca. 1752 to Amos Love .

In 1726, Peter Green , with his wife Mary , was living in Prince George Co., VA.  He and his wife Mary are given in the Bristol Parish Register with daughter Martha, b. May 27, 1728.  In 1732 Peter Green and wife Mary have a son listed in the Albemarle Parish Register of Surry Co., VA – having moved some time between 1728-1732[xii].

Peter Green  is shown by deed to be in Prince George as late as 1730, {his first two children could have been born there}.  Most of the Prince George records were destroyed.  “Mary Green  reported the death of Eliz Parker  on 14 Nov 1748”, this could have been her daughter, although there is no proof[xiii].

On July 1741, Robert Farington   Appt. Clerk and Peter Green , Sexton of St. Mark’s Church.  Peter Green, Sexton 300 lbs tobacco to perform his duties of office.  Oct. 10 1744, Peter Green as Sexton of St. Marks 50 lbs tobacco[xiv].

Among the first orders in the Albemarle Vestry Book is one dated 16 Nov 1742, for the construction of a new chapel in the upper end of the parish above the mouth of Stoney Creek on the land of Peter Green  on the N side of the Nottoway River, convenient to the best water, 48 x 24 feet in the clear, 11 feet pitch to the spring of the arch[xv].

Indenture, Feb. 10 1743-4.  Peter Green  sells to John Mason , James Gee , Thomas Blunt , Burwell Briggs , Robert Wynne , James Chappel , Richard Blunt , Moses Johnson , Chis. Tatum , Richard Blow , John Mason Jr.  and Ephraim Parham , church wardens and Vestery men for the time being of the Parish of Albemarle, land northside of Nottoway River containing two acres – a seat for a church. Also for a burying place, provided within a time of seven years a church or chapel is built on the same.  Signed and witnessed by John Nicholson  and David Jones .  Acknowledged at Court, Surry Co., VA 21 Ma 1743-4[xvi]

Will and testament of Peter Green  of Albemarle Parish in Surry Co[xvii].

Dated:  17 Dec 1740                  Proved:            19 Mar 1745

Exrx:    son Nathaniel Green , to get 180 acre on North side of Woodyard Swamp and a parcel of land surveyed with Wm. Wynne  also stock; slaves[xviii].

                        daughter Elizabeth Green , one negro and pewter dishes
                        sons Frederick  and Peter Green , 1100 acres jointly at the head of Southwestern Swamp to be equally divided.
daughter Jane Green , one negro
                        son Mildend Green , the Plantation where I now live and 50 acres in the fork of Woodyard Swamp .

      Exrx:    wife Mary Green  -  2 negroes and the use of my plantation for life at her death to my 

three children, Mary , Olive  and Mildend , when 21 years old or married.

            Wit:      Robert Farrington , Nathaniel Green  and Rebecca Epps

            Peter Signed.

Inventory of estate of Peter Green , Gent dec’d taken on Tues. 21 8ber 1746.  Appraisers:  Henry Freeman , William Winfield , George Robertson [xix].

Robert Farrington  was the guardian of Jane , Mary  and Olive Green .[xx]  Nathaniel Green , elder brother of and Heir, Appointed guardian to Peter Green  and Frederick Green , orphans of Peter Green, dec’d.[xxi]

Peter & Mary Green  had ten (10) children:

1.9.1.        Elizabeth Green [xxii], not listed in Albemarle Parish, but named in will.[xxiii]
Nathaniel Green [xxiv], m Phoebe Parham [xxv].  He was not named in Albemarle Parish, but named in will[xxvi]
Frederick Green [xxvii], b. 10 Nov 1732, no godparents given[xxviii], Albemarle Parish, VA[xxix].
Peter Green [xxx] Jr., b. 22 May 1734[xxxi] or 1725[xxxii], Albemarle Parish, VA[xxxiii]; d. 1809[xxxiv]; m. Judith Love [xxxv]. 
William Green [xxxvi], b. 10 May 1737[xxxvii], Albemarle Parish, VA.  He was not in Peter’s will[xxxviii]
Jane Green [xxxix], b. 29 Mar 1739[xl], Albemarle Parish, VA[xli]; m to Robert Wynne Raines [xlii].
Mary Green [xliii], b. 24 Apr 1741[xliv], Albemarle Parish, VA[xlv]; m. Robert Tucker [xlvi].
Olive Green [xlvii], b. 10 Dec 1744[xlviii], Albemarle Parish, VA[xlix]; m. ca. 1760[l] to Peter Randall , b. 29 May 1740.  Peter & Olive (Green) Randall  had:  Nancy Randall ; Frances Randall ; John Randall ; Elizabeth Randall , m. 1804 to Thomas Eppes .
Mildend Green [li], b. 10 Dec 1744[lii], Albemarle Parish, VA[liii]; d. by time mother m 2nd to Robert Farrington [liv].  Mildend’s god-parents were named as[lv]: Wm Yarbrough , Nathaniel Green , Rebecca Epps .
Martha Green [lvi], b. 27 May 1728[lvii], Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA[lviii]; bapt 2 Jun 1728[lix]

Robert  & Mary (Green) Farrington  had two (2) children:

1.9.11.    Amy Farrington , b. 24 Feb 1752, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA, godparents, Nathaniel Green , Phoebe Green , and Judith Love.

Amos & Mary (Green)(Farrington) Love  had:

1.9.12.    Mary Love , b. 21 Mar 1753, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA, godparents, Peter Green , Judith Green , Jane  and Mary Green .

Nathaniel Green

1.9.2.  Nathaniel Green [lx], son of Peter & Mary Green , m Phoebe Parham [lxi], she could be the daughter of Edward  & Mary Parham , b. under age in 1709[lxii]. 

On 26 Aug 1747, Nathaniel Green  is found on a listing of Proprietors, in the Vestry Book of Surry & Sussex Co., VA, p. 49.

Indenture:  12 Apr 1756 between Nathaniel Green  (of Brunswick Co.) & wife Phebe to Lewis Parham  (of Pr. George).  Witnesses:  John Martin , Matthew Parham , Ephraim Parham , William Wyche , John Pettaway  [John Pettaway m. 1737 to Elizabeth Mabry , daughter of Hinchia  & Frances (Parham) Maybury ][lxiii]

They are on record in the Albemarle Parish Register.  Later he and his family moved to Brunswick Co., VA.  They soon disappear from the country records, and their trail has not been found[lxiv].

Nathaniel  & Phoebe (Parham) Green  had four (4) children, all born in Albemarle Parish, VA[lxv]:        Elizabeth Green [lxvi]; b. 25 Dec 1748[lxvii], god-parents:  Robert Farrington , Mary Green , Phoebe Parham [lxviii].       
Mildend Green [lxix], b. 19 Dec 1750[lxx], god-parents:  Edward Powell , Fred. Green , Mildred Robinson [lxxi]       
Sterling Green [lxxii], b. 13 Feb 1761[lxxiii]; m. 24 Sept 1787[lxxiv], Brunswick Co., VA[lxxv]to Amy Eaves [lxxvi].  Sterling ’s god-parents were Mathew Parham   Jr. , Peter Green , Rebecca Richardson [lxxvii].       
James Green [lxxviii], b. 15 Mar 1764[lxxix], god-parents: Jos. Ingram , Geo Randall , E. Ruth Randolph [lxxx]

Frederick Green

1.9.3.  Frederick Green [lxxxi], son of Peter & Mary Green , d.  will recorded 23 Apr 1785[lxxxii], Brunswick Co., VA; m 1st to Letitia Hancock [lxxxiii], daughter of Clement & Anthany (unknown) Hancock [lxxxiv]; m 2nd to Frances Crittenden [lxxxv], d. will dated 16 Sept 1797[lxxxvi] and proved 24 Apr 1797, Brunswick Co., VA[lxxxvii].  Frederick & Letitia Green  are found in the Albemarle Parish Register[lxxxviii].  He is later found with his 2nd wife Frances in Brunswick Co., VA[lxxxix].

Will of Frederick Green , dated 23 Apr 1785, probated 22 Jan 1787, Brunswick Co., VA[xc]:  He names wife: Frances; sons: 1) Clement ; 2) Tho. ; 3) Fred . ; 4) Mark ; 5) Rawleigh ; 6) John ; 7) Benj. ; 8) Wm ; 9) Robert ; 10) Henry ; 11) Jane Peebles [xci]

Frederick  & Letitia (Hancock) Green  had six (6) children[xcii] (this family found in Albemarle Parish records):         Frederick Green , b. 10 Mar 1764, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [xciii].  It is noted that the godparents were: Francis Eppes , Peter Randall , Lucy Mitchell . [xciv]       
Thomas Green [xcv], b. 13 Jul 1762[xcvi], godparents: Robert Tucker , Henry Jackson , Mary Farrington [xcvii].       
Clement Green , bapt 15 Jun 1760, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [xcviii], godparents: Wm Mitchell , Robert Wynne  Raines , Mary Prichard ; d. bef. 1843[xcix], Brunswick Co., VA[c]; m. 14 Feb 1783[ci], Brunswick Co., VA[cii] to Frances Parham [ciii], daughter of William Parham [civ].  Clement  & Frances (Parham) Green  had a son:  Allen J. Green , d. Oct 1842, Brunswick Co., VA to Martha Ann unknown [cv].       
Allen Green , b. 4 Nov 1755[cvi], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[cvii]. Not mentioned in Will[cviii].       
Jane Green , b. 26 Jul 1757 or 4 Jul 1757[cix], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [cx]; bapt 4 Sept 1757, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [cxi]. Noted as godparents: Peter Green , Judy Green , Mary Green .       
Mark Green [cxii], b. 7 Aug 1767, godparents: Wm Parham, Tho. Hunt , Mary Hancock [cxiii]; m 1st 23 Apr 1792[cxiv], Brunswick Co., VA to Ann Barber Claiborne [cxv]; m 2nd 15 Dec 1797, Brunswick Co., VA to Patsy Warwick [cxvi]

Fredrick  & Frances (Crittenden) Green  had six (6) children[cxvii] (this family is found in Brunswick Co., VA):         Rawleigh Green [cxviii]       
John Green [cxix]       
Benjamin Green [cxx]    
William Green [cxxi]    
Robert Green [cxxii]    
Henry Green [cxxiii]    
Jane Green [cxxiv], m. Mr. Peebles [cxxv]

Peter Green

1.9.4.  Peter Green [cxxvi], son of Peter & Mary Green , b. 1725[cxxvii]/22 May 1734[cxxviii], Albemarle Parish, VA[cxxix]; d. 1795[cxxx]/1809[cxxxi], Brunswick Co., VA[cxxxii]; m. ca. 1752-1753[cxxxiii] to Judith Love [cxxxiv]. 

Peter Green  was granted by Patent No. 33, 1756-1761, p. 660.  Granting 1100 acres of land in Sussex County , VA. [cxxxv]

On 14 Nov 1773, Peter Green  of Brunswick County , VA to Ephraim Parham  of Sussex County , VA sells land on both sides of Southwestern Swamp , Sussex .  Signed Peter Green [cxxxvi].

Ishmal Dunn  and wife Mildred  to Peter Green , all of Brunswick Co., Va for 150 lbs., 300 acres, St. Andews Parish, South Court House Road to Totaro Creek to Penningtons Pond. Acknowledged 23 Apr 1792.  No witnesses.[cxxxvii]

This family moved from Sussex Co., to Brunswick Co., VA., then to Hancock Co., Georgia ..  Peter’s will dated 24 Jan 1795, proved 1795, Brunswick Co., VA[cxxxviii].  Following the death of Peter, the family moved from Hancock Co., Georgia[cxxxix] back to Brunswick Co., VA[cxl]

Peter Green  left no will, however an Inventory and Appraisal of his estate was made in 1781[cxli]

Peter  & Judith (Love) Green  had seven/eight (7/8) children[cxlii]:        Sarah Ann Green [cxliii], b. 27 Apr 1753[cxliv], Surry Co., VA[cxlv]; d. 2 Sept 1758, age 5[cxlvi]. Godparents: Amos Love , Mary Farrington , Francina Ingram [cxlvii]       
James William Green [cxlviii], b. 28 Feb 1756, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [cxlix], godparents: Geo. Randall , Wm. Hunt, Marge Prichard [cl]; bapt. 21 Mar 1756, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[cli].  (Noted as godparents:  George Randall , Wm. Hurt  (?), Margt. Pritchet .[clii]); m. 25 Apr 1781, Brunswick Co., VA[cliii] to Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Bass [cliv], daughter of Thomas Bass [clv].       
Elizabeth Green , b. 24 May 1758, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [clvi], godparents: Jos. Ingram , Laticia Green , Anne Harper [clvii]; d. 4 Feb 1769[clviii], as a child, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [clix]       
Peter Green /Greene [clx], III[clxi] (twin of Judith), b. 14 Dec 1760[clxii], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA, godparents: Tho. Wade , Robert Wynne  Raines , Anne Adams [clxiii]; d. will dated 21 Jan 1795[clxiv], pro. 1795, will & invt. 1795[clxv], Brunswick Co., VA[clxvi]; m. 23 Oct 1786[clxvii], Brunswick Co., VA[clxviii] to Dolly Foster [clxix], daughter of Anthony & Anne (unknown) Foster [clxx].  In all records given in VA on this family the name was spelled GREEN except in a few for Peter.  In one record it was spelled GREENE.       
Judith Green  (twin of Peter), b. 14 Dec 1760, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [clxxi], godparents: Fred. Green , Mary Tucker , Lucy Mangum [clxxii]; bapt 15 Mar 1761, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [clxxiii]. Noted as godparents: Fred. Green, Mary Tucker, Lucy Mangum.[clxxiv]       
Alexander Green , b. 1 Sept 1764, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [clxxv]; m 25 Sept 1786[clxxvi], Brunswick Co., VA[clxxvii] to Sarah Atkins [clxxviii], daughter of John & Sarah (unknown) Atkins [clxxix].       
Possible:  Jean Green , b. 29 Apr 1739, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [clxxx]       
Rev. Miles/Myles [clxxxi] Green [clxxxii], b. 6 Jun 1767[clxxxiii], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[clxxxiv], godparents: Tho. Love , Peter Randall , Susanna Kelly [clxxxv]; m. 29 Oct 1789[clxxxvi], Greenville Co., VA[clxxxvii] to Elizabeth Hunt [clxxxviii]; m 2nd after 1790[clxxxix] to Nancy Bass [cxc], b. 1779[cxci]; d. 26 Jan 1832[cxcii], Millegeville, Georgia[cxciii]; m 3rd aft 1832[cxciv] to Mary McGehee  of Ft. Valley, Georgia[cxcv].

Jane Green

1.9.6.  Jane Green [cxcvi], daughter of Peter & Mary Green , b. 29 Mar 1739[cxcvii], Albemarle Parish, VA[cxcviii]; m to Robert Wynne Raines [cxcix].

Her god-parents were named as:  Jno. Farrington , Mary Randall , Mary Brooks [cc].

Robert Wynne  & Jane (Green) Raines  had three (3) children[cci]:        Peter Green  Raines [ccii], b. 28 Aug 1760.       
William Raines [cciii], b. 10 Feb 1762.       
Littleton Raines [cciv], b. 26 Jan 1766

Mary Green [ccv]

1.9.7.  Mary Green [ccvi], daughter of Peter & Mary Green, b. 24 Apr 1741[ccvii], Albemarle Parish, VA[ccviii]; d. 1772[ccix]; m. Robert Tucker [ccx].

She was a minor when her father died in 1745, and her step-father, Robert Farrington  was made her guardian.  Her brother Nathaniel Green  was guardian for Frederick  and Peter Green , the two surviving sons.  Mary’s mother Mary  married Robert Farrington later and had Amy Farrington  on 24 Feb 1752.  While there is no marriage of Robert Tucker  to Mary Green  later records and events leave no reason for doubt[ccxi].

This family moved to Dinwiddie County , VA [ccxii].

Robert  & Mary (Green) Tucker  had ten (10) children[ccxiii]:         Lucretia Tucker [ccxiv], b. 23 Dec 1759[ccxv], Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA[ccxvi]; d. will Aug 1826, Brunswick Co., VA[ccxvii]; m 1775[ccxviii] to Ephraim Jackson [ccxix], b. 1748[ccxx]; d. will 28 Sept 1825[ccxxi], Brunswick Co., VA[ccxxii].  They had 14 children of which a daughter Lucretia Jackson  m. Ephriam Jackson  of Brunswick Co., VA.  Ephraim & Lucretia (Jackson) Jackson  had a son, Green Jackson , after his death his widow and children went to Fayette Co., TN.  Later she and several of her children and their families went to Tenn Colony, Texas . They later lived in Palestine , Texas (the town that was formed by Robert Jackson , Green’s brother, and his family lived and died in Fayette Co., TN at La Grange and Somerville .  They all were large land owners there.[ccxxiii]       
Colson Tucker [ccxxiv], b. 15 Feb 1762[ccxxv], Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA[ccxxvi]; d. bef. 1829[ccxxvii], Dinwiddie Co., VA[ccxxviii]; m.  Jane unknown [ccxxix], d. left will, Dinwiddie Co., VA[ccxxx].  They had 8 children.       
Hannah Tucker [ccxxxi], b. 15 Feb 1769[ccxxxii], Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA[ccxxxiii]; d. will 23 Nov 1836, Dinwiddie Co., VA[ccxxxiv], m. 1784[ccxxxv], Sussex Co., VA[ccxxxvi] to Reuben Jackson [ccxxxvii] of Sussex Co., VA, b. 5 Jun 1753[ccxxxviii], Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA[ccxxxix]; d. will 16 Sept 1829[ccxl], Sussex Co., VA[ccxli].  They had twelve (12) children[ccxlii].       
Stith Tucker [ccxliii], b. 14 Jun 1771, Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., VA[ccxliv]; d. will 1841[ccxlv], Dinwiddie Co., VA[ccxlvi]; m. 10 Apr 1801[ccxlvii], Southampton Co., VA[ccxlviii] to Mary ‘Polly’ Gilliam [ccxlix] of Southampton Co., VA, b. 1780[ccl]; d. 1864[ccli], Dinwiddie Co., VA[cclii].       
Frederick Tucker [ccliii], b. 6 Sept 1764[ccliv]; m. 23 Dec 1786[cclv] to Mary Crower [cclvi], daughter of Marker Crower [cclvii], b. 17 Dec 1767[cclviii].       
Lavina Tucker [cclix], d. will 1842, Dinwiddie Co., VA[cclx]       
Martha Tucker [cclxi], d. will 1843, Dinwiddie Co., VA[cclxii]       
Olive Green  Tucker , d. will 1852, Dinwiddie Co., VA[cclxiii]       
Coleman Tucker [cclxiv], m. Elizabeth Pettipool [cclxv].    
(Peter?) Williams Tucker [cclxvi]

Olive Green

1.9.8.  Olive Green [cclxvii], daughter of Peter & Mary Green , b. 10 Dec 1744[cclxviii], Albemarle Parish, VA[cclxix]; m. ca. 1760[cclxx] to Peter Randall , b. 29 May 1740.  Her god-parents were named as[cclxxi]: Mr. Green Jr. , Eliz Green , Eliz Green .

Peter & Olive (Green) Randall  had five (5) children:         Mary Randall [cclxxii], b. 15 Jan 1761[cclxxiii]       
John Randall , b. 7 Oct 1764[cclxxiv]       
Frances Randall , b. 29 Dec 1766[cclxxv]       
Elizabeth Randall , b. 18 mar 1771[cclxxvi]; m. 1804 to Thomas Eppes       
Nancy “Polly[cclxxvii]“ Randall , b. 3 Sept 1773[cclxxviii]

James William Green [cclxxix]  James William Green , son of Peter & Judith (Love) Green , b. 28 Feb 1756, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [cclxxx]; bapt. 21 Mar 1756, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [cclxxxi] {Noted as godparents:  George Randall , Wm. Hurt  (?), Margt. Pritchet .[cclxxxii]} d. 5 Jan 1806[cclxxxiii], Hancock Co., Georgia [cclxxxiv]; m. 25 Apr 1781[cclxxxv], Brunswick Co., VA[cclxxxvi] to Elizabeth Betsy ’ Bass [cclxxxvii], daughter of Thomas Bass [cclxxxviii].

James William Green  and wf. Elizabeth  of Brunswick to William Jones  of Northampton Co., NC for 175 lbs., 350 acres in Brunswick Co., VA.  Signed by both – James W. Green  and Betsy Green , 1-11-1791. Pr. 1-24-1791 [This is the last year that the family paid taxes in Brunswick County where they lived.  They are next found in Hancock Co., Georgia.][cclxxxix]

James William Green  and wife Elizabeth  left Brunswick Co., VA after 1791 and moved to Hancock Co., Georgia.  There he had large land grants, and was engaged in the mercantile business under the name of Allen, Greene & Co.

James William  & Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (Bass) Green  had ten (10) children[ccxc]:         Patience Green [ccxci], m. William Davenport [ccxcii]        
Polly Green [ccxciii], m. Ransom Sweeny [ccxciv]        
Burwell Green [ccxcv], m. Patience Drummond [ccxcvi]        
Temperance Green [ccxcvii], m. John Butts [ccxcviii]        
Thomas Green [ccxcix], m. Patience Wyche [ccc]        
Hartwell Green [ccci], m. Lucinda Wyche [cccii]        
James Williams Green Jr.  [ccciii], m. his 1st cousin, Sarah Green [ccciv]        
Dorothy ‘Dolly’ Green [cccv], m. Tillman D. Oxford [cccvi]        
Elizabeth Green [cccvii]    
Allen Green [cccviii], b. 1782[cccix], Brunswick Co., VA[cccx]; m. Nancy Porter Hunt [cccxi].

Alexander Green  Alexander Green , son of Peter  & Judith (Love) Green , b. 1 Sept 1764, Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA [cccxii]; m 25 Sept 1786, Brunswick Co., VA[cccxiii] to Sarah Atkins [cccxiv], daughter of John  & Sarah (unknown) Atkins [cccxv].

Will Book 14, p. 516, Brunswick County, Va: (Alexander) Ellick Green  and wife Sarah , Miles Green  and Judith Green , widow and relict of Peter Green , dec’d., all of Brunswick Co., to Thomas Claibourne  for 200 lbs., 188 acres on Meherrin River, etc. Signed 7-25-1789, Alexander Green , Sarah X Green, Judith X Green, Miles Green. Pr. 7-27-1789[cccxvi] 

Alex Green  and wife Sarah , Miles Green  and wife Eliz and Judith Green  all of Brunswick CO.,VA to William Wilkerson  for 10,000 lbs tobacco, 115 acres of land in Brunswick Co., VA on Meherrin River to Thos. Claiborne ’s to Sarah Hancock  to Mark Jackson .  Signed by all, 22 Nov 1790 and acknowledged same day.[cccxvii]

Allen Green  Allen Green [cccxviii], son of John Williams  & Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (Bass) Green , b. 1782[cccxix], Brunswick Co., VA[cccxx]; m. Nancy Porter Hunt [cccxxi].

Allen  & Nancy Porter (Hunt) Green  had five (5) children[cccxxii]:         Martha Batte Green [cccxxiii], m. John C. Bowin [cccxxiv]        
James Lawrence Green [cccxxv], m. Sarah Hendrick[cccxxvi].        
William Allen Green [cccxxvii], d. Texas [cccxxviii], Unmarried[cccxxix].        
Carolyn Amandon Green [cccxxx], m. James Williams Barnes [cccxxxi].        
Elizabeth Bass Green [cccxxxii], b. 27 Aug 1807[cccxxxiii], Hancock Co., GA[cccxxxiv]; d. 27 Aug 1854[cccxxxv], Savannah, GA, age 47[cccxxxvi]; m. 28 Jul 1825[cccxxxvii] to William Duggan Etheridge [cccxxxviii].

Rev. Miles/Myles Green  Rev. Miles/Myles[cccxxxix] Green [cccxl], son of Peter & Judith (Love) Green , b. 6 Jun 1767[cccxli], Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA[cccxlii], godparents: Tho. Love , Peter Randall , Susanna Kelly [cccxliii]; m. 29 Oct 1789[cccxliv], Greenville Co., VA[cccxlv] to Elizabeth Hunt [cccxlvi]; m 2nd after 1790[cccxlvii] to Nancy Bass [cccxlviii], b. 1779[cccxlix]; d. 26 Jan 1832[cccl], Millegeville, Georgia[cccli]; m 3rd aft 1832[ccclii] to Mary McGehee  of Ft. Valley, Georgia[cccliii].

Rev. Myles  & Nancy (Bass) Green  had a son:         Frederick Judkin Green , b. 22 Jan 1806; d. 22 Aug 1885; m. Mary Ann Hill .

Frederick Judkin Green  Frederick Judkin Green , son of Rev. Myles  & Nancy (Bass) Green , b. 22 Jan 1806; d. 22 Aug 1885; m. Mary Ann Hill . 

Frederick  & Mary (Hill) Green  had a daughter:   Caroline Green , b. 11 Jan 1856, Schley Co., GA; d. 3 Sept 1832, Shellman , GA ; m. Frank Crittenden . 

Caroline Green  Caroline Green , daughter of Frederick  & Mary (Hill) Green , b. 11 Jan 1856, Schley Co., GA; d. 3 Sept 1832, Shellman, GA; m. Frank Crittenden . 

Frank & Caroline (Green) Crittenden  had:          Mary Ada Crittenden , b. 1879, Terrell Co., GA; dec’d.

 Many Georgia Greens are of the opinion that there is a connection between these VA Greens and the Rhode Island Greenes.  So far the researchers of the above Green family have found no connection.  While this belief has been stated no proof has been offered.  There are many fine books written on the Rhode Island Greenes the best is, The Greenes of Rhode Island, with Historical Records of the English Ancestry 1534-1903, compiled by Louise Brewnelle , member of the New York Genealogical Society and the Long Island Historical Society, NY for the descendants of John Green e [cccliv].