WILL of PIETTER [Peter] STALLCOP (1664-1710)



The last Will & Testament of Pietter Stallcop  he being as yett in good memory and understanding though very sick of body.

First I doe recommend my soul unto God Almighty who hath created and given me life and likeness unto Jesus Christ my Savior who hath redeemed me with his most precious blood in whom I hope for Mercy & Salvation. I doe secondly order this my Last Will & Testament, which has been formerly by me been made & signed, after my decease.

I would have my body decently buried and when my funeral charges and just debts are paid and discharged the rest of my leaving estate both real & personall I order as followeth:

I doe after my decease ordain & make my deare & well beloved wife my whole & sole executrix together with my son-in-law the Reverend Minister Erick Biork
 and my son John Stallcop , but this to be understood, although I have made my son John an executor together with my loveing wife & Minister Biork that he shall have nothing to say or have any full power until he shall come of age.

Item, it is my Will & Testament that my loveing wife shall live unmolested on my now dwelling plantation so long as she liveth.

Item, I doe give and bequesth unto my son John after my & my wife's decease my now dwelling plantation with all ye cleared land, housing, & outhousing and half of ye land which is about 300 acres of land for him to have and to hold & enjoy for him & his heirs forever.

Item, I doe give & bequeath unto my son Andrew 300 acres of land that is to begin at the little fall creek where James Davis
 formerly lived and to take it up the marsh land to Red Clay Creek that course and said Andrew to have his full complement of 300 acres of land and to hold this said majesty he and his heirs forever.

Item, it is my Last Will & Testament that the Reverend Minister Mag. Ericus Biork
 shall have the chamber where he now liveth and a place adjoining by the side for a garden and likewise he shall have the cleared land which lyeth against the bad stone over ye little run and all ye land that lyeth betwixt ye said run & the plantation where John Hane Spelman formerly lived he the said Mr. Biork  to enjoy ye aforesaid premises he & his heirs forever.

Item, Mr. Biork
 shall have he & his heirs free privilege to cut timber upon the land adjoining unto it nearest Red Clay Creek where I have given him and that without any manner of notes taken whether it shall be upon my son Johns or Andrews land.

Item, it is my will that my son John shall help his brother Andrew when he shall come of age to build & finish a good dwelling house upon upon his land and ye said John to clear & fence fifteen acres of land for his brother Andrew and that upon Johns own cost and charge.

Item, it is my will that my two sons John & Andrew shall give unto my daughter Margarett when she shall be married or come to age, then is to give her ten pounds silver money.

Item, it is my will that, if either of my two sons John or Andrew should die before they come of age or have any children that then the land which I have given shall fall to the next succeeding heir.

Item, I have granted & given unto my son-in-law, John Justasson
, four or five acres of land for a conveniecy of his fence, where he now is clearing, which land is to be taken out of my son Andrew's part.

Item, it is my will that whereas there is a certain tract of land in contest betwixt me and Thomas Pearson
, which said tract if it can be recovered by due course of law I doe give and bequeath unto my son-in-law John Justasson , but he the said John to bear all charge what ye land may accrue.

Now, this my Last Will & Testament I will have interchangeably kept as witness my hand & seale this 3rd of Sep. 1709.

The presence of William Sisbey
, Henry Johnson , Charles Springer  Pietter Stallcop

Will of Pietter Stallcop

Dated Sept. 3, 17 09

Proved May 16, 17 10