William Green – Martins Brandon Parish

"Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families, Volume 6", compiled by Judy Parsons Smith © 2005

William Green

William Green , d. bet. 8 Mar 1790 – 13 Apr 1790, Martins Brandon Parish, Prince George Co., VA; m. Elizabeth Unknown .

Will of William Green  of Martins Brandon Parish, dated 8 Mar 1790; Recorded 13 Apr 1790[i].

The plantation where I formerly lived and the land on which the church stands to be sold to pay debts

Bequests:   Chappel Binford, the tract I sold him, 40 ¼ acres

Edmund Ruffin , land Nottoway River I sold him, he paying balance of same

Wife all the rest for her lifetime, and at her death equally divided between by son Frederick  and daughter Ann Green ; the land to go to Frederick .

Exec:           wife and friend Francis Burwell Green

Wit:             John Batte , George Ruffin , Wm. Ragsdale

On 13 May 1790 – Elizabeth Green  and Francis B. Green , Executors of William Green , dec’d, to William Poythress  Jr.  296 acres bounded by Robert Batte , the Mill Pond, Col Peter Epes , being all the land William Green, dec’d, held in that tract except for ½ acre reserved for a burying place.  Wit. John Hamlin , Frederick Green , Edmund Ruffin Jr.   Recorded 8 Jun 1790[ii].

William  & Elizabeth Green  had[iii]:

·         Frederick Green
Ann Green

Information on William Green  taken from Prince George County, VA Records 1733-1792, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III .  I do not know which William Green that these records belong at this time they are included here for informational purposes. – JPS 10/2001

William Green :

¯        9 May 1785 – Estate of Thomas Littlewood  appraised by Edmund Ruffin  and William Green .  Inventory and appraisal recorded 13 Feb 1787.

¯        10 Oct 1782 – division of estate of Richard Bland , dec’d, made by Edmund Ruffin  Jr., William Green , and William Poythress .  Recorded 17 Mar 1787.

¯        9 Mary 1787 – three part deed between Josiah Gary  and John Baird  of Pr. Geo Co. and Joseph Westmore  of Town of Petersburg; Gary owes money to Baird and to secure this debt, deed 104 acres to Westmore; land is between Blackwater and Second Swamps and land was purchased of Agnes Lewis  after paying Instance Hall  and William Green  £60 as security. . . Wit: Edward Marks , David Irving , Lancelot Stone , David Rinny .  Recorded 11 Sept 1787.

¯        24 May 1788 – William Ragsdale , in order to secure a debts, deeds 300 acres to Robert Harrison  Sr., the land being where said Ragsdale lives and adjoining lands of Edmund Ruffin , William Wilkins , William Green , George Ruffin , and David Goodgame .  Wit: Robert Harrison Jr. , Edmund Ruffin Jr. , Wm. Epes .  Recorded 14 Oct 1788.

NOTE:  The Edmund Ruffin  mentioned here was known as ‘the patriot’ and lived at Coggins Point, in the area of Powell’s Creek.  At the time of the Civil War it was another Edmund Ruffin from Pr. Geo. Co. who fired the opening shot of the War at Fort Sumpter .

¯        8 Apr 1789 – Patsey Linear  of Pr. Geo. Co. to Instance Hall  of same, for £300, ½ or equal portion of a tract on City Creek adjacent to land of Henry Batte , dec’d, Theodorick Bland , John Sturdivant , Thomas Dunn  and Lucy his wife, and said Instance Hall; it being half o f the tract devised by James Green  to be equally divided between his sisters Patsey  and Lucy Green  by his will dtd 14 Jan 1781.  Patsey Linear sells her half, bounded by lands of estate of Nathaniel Harrison , dec’d, Thomas Dunn , and said Hall .  Wit: Wm. Ragsdale , William Green , Francis Epes .  Recorded 13 May 1789.

¯        28 May 1789 – Accounts of estate of Thomas Littlewood  names Dr. Isaac Hall , Wm. Epes , Col. Edmund Ruffin , William Green , and others.

¯        Tobacco notes at Blandford Warehouse 1 Oct 1788 to Sept 8 1789 mentions Wm Green  among others.

¯        29 Jun 1790 – Inventory and account of sales of estate of William Green , dec’d Isaac Hall , Rev. Mr. Spooner , Fred . Green , Inst. Hall executor of William Green. [NOTE:  this must be another William Green – possible the one mentioned in a Tripartite Deed date 11 Nov 1789], Chappell Binford , estate of B. Green.  Examined by Edmund Harrison , William Poythress , and John Bland .  Recorded 12 July 1791.

¯        Accounts of the estate of Robert Harrison  1788 & 1789, names William Green  among many others.  Examined 4 Aug 1791 by Edmund Ruffin , Edward Bland , Richard Bland .  Recorded 10 Aug 1791.

[i] Prince George County , VA Records 1733-1792, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III
Prince George County , VA Records 1733-1792, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III
Prince George County , VA Records 1733-1792, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III