Appendix A

Morris Baker ’s Father


Subj: Morris' Father
Date: 7/23/01 5:58:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (David Baker
To: (Byron Brown

When I initially researched the Bakers I listed James as the father of Morris. But later changed my opinion to Andrew. The Wade Eller collection, which I have found to be extensive and accurate listed Morris as Morris Baker
, the son of ______, in other words he couldn't determine the father of Morris. His information is available on microfilm at the Ashe County Library. Eleanor Baker  Reeves listed James Baker  as the father of Morris Bake r but gave no proof for the relationship, simply stating "James Baker  was the first white man to hold title to land in what was to become Ashe County in the year 1773.  "Eleanor did a Genealogy of the Cox Family but the Bakers listed in this book only go back to James Baker and Annie Cox . The individual that pointed me in the direction of Andrew Baker  as the father of Morris Baker was Frieda Sims Nelson [i]. Frieda died2/14/94. Her daughter Koleen Hassey  wrote to me…"I’m sorry to say her research died with her.  "I will send a copy of one of her letters showing some of her conclusions. Consider the following possibility…From The Land of Wilkes by Johnson J. Hayes , pages 29-31 the author is referring to the convening of the court in June 1778… (page 29)  "On Tuesday, June 2, 1778, court met a the Mulberry Fields Meeting House according to adjournment, wit Benjamin Cleveland , Charles, Gordon, John Brown , and Joseph Herndon  present. A commission from the Governor was presented appointing as additional justices of the peace, John Barton , John Witherspoon , Andrew Baker, James Tomkins , Micajah Pennington , and Abner Smalley , Esq."(pages 30-31)  "The taxation system appears to be a sane and fair method to equalize the usually unpleasant tax burden, for we find no record of complaint or dissatisfaction in its operation. Each district had a Constable to summons the taxable persons and a Justice of the Peace to take the list and three men appraise it. The persons to whom these duties were assigned were reliable and substantial citizens who have left descendents, some of who still remain among us. We are unable to find any record which defines the boundaries of any districts but the names may suggest to the reader the general area involved.


The first official list follows:


(Beaver Creek in Ashe County )(South Fork of New River) 1st part(8)

Captain Baker’s  District                             Daniel Richardson

William Colvard , Esq.                                Andrew Baker  Jr.

William Ray , Constable                             William Clay  


(Northern part of Ashe)(North Fork of New River) 2nd part

Micajah Pennington  Esq .                         Beverly Watkins

Benjamin Pennington , Constable                 James Ward  


Abijah Pennington The locations were determined by a study of the Land Entry book which indicates the location of the land where these men lived.” The book refers to Andrew Baker  Jr., Rev. Andrew Baker  had a son named Andrew b. in 1777. His son would have been too young to be appointed to this taxation committee. Was Andrew Baker, Jr.  the Rev. Andrew Baker? It would be great to have some hard evidence concerning Morris’ father. I hope we can find it. Warmest regards,  Dave

[i] c/o Koleen Hasseey, 4010 Inspiration Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80917