Researched by Velma Ann Rogers Tower

In Hotten's Book on Ye Original Person's of Quality in Virginia, I found what I assume to be the beginning of our Lawson line in America.  My Grandmother Rogers was Alcy Lawson .  Papa spelled her name Alcy, but J.L. David, Aunt Mahala Ann Rogers  husband, spelled it Ailcy.  Spelling, quite often, gets changed by different people and isn't too important.  Due to the name, Alcy, I think that I found our American beginning.

On page 174 of Hotten's book, Christopher Lawson  is listed in the list of the living on Ye Old Plantation over against James Citte.

"February 16, 1623, Living on Ye Plantation over against James Citte:

Capt. Roger Smith

Mrs. Smith

Elizabeth Salter

Sara Macocke

Eizabeth Rolfe

Christopher Lawson

Uxor Eius  (his wife)

Francis Fouller  (Fowler )

Henry Booth

On another page, some of the same people are listed but some of the spelling is different.  The comments say they are the same people.

Francis Fowler  (Fouller) age 23

Christopher Lawson  -- no age given

Alce Lawson  (his wife)--no age given

Christopher Redhead --age 24

Stephen Webb --age 25

John Butterfield --age 23

William Baker  --age 24

Richard Alford --age 26

Thomas Harvie --age 24

Thomas Nollon --age 25

Feb. 16, 1623- List of the Dead on the Plantation near James Citte:

Thomas Lawson

William Dier  (Dyer)

Mary Dier  (Dyer)

Since my Great Grandfather Lawson was named Dyer Lawson , I assumed there had been an alliance between a Dyer and a Lawson.  This shows them in close proximity as early as 1623.  In the Census reports on Great Grandfather Lawson, he is listed as Dyer, Dier, and Dire Lawson .  As I said before, the spelling depends on the person who took the Census.  They quite often spelled the name as it sounded to them.

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