de Stapleton, de Staplelton, Stapilton, Stapylton, Stepelton

The Stapleton family has been traced as far back as 600 B.C. The first use of the name was in 1052 A.D. in England at that time the spelling was Stapylton. The Stapleton family is of English origin in the 11th Century A.D.

The original name of Stapleton is derived from an old English term which signifies "farm with a prominent pillar" The surname dates back to 1166 - Randulf Stapeltuna . Mention is made to a Robert de Stapiltun  of Leicesterchire in 1327. William Stapulton  was a resident of Northumberland in 1460. He founded Exeter College , Oxford . He was beheaded by Queen Regent Isabella . Sir Robert Stapleton  was an English author and nobleman who translated many classics, and fought alongside Charles I  at the battle of Edgehill in 1642[i]. 

Stapleton in Gaelic is "Mac an ghaell" and translated means "Son of the foreigner” and originated in Scandinavia of Celtic or Viking background. I have read this in several books on the Stapleton name in Ireland .

Heryon  or Herman  was seized of The Manor or Lordship of Stapylton upon Tyes ( Tee River ). Heryon Stapleton  b. abt. 1025 was a Norman Seigneur  granted lands through the Norman Conquest of England by William the Conqueror . The family was of Carlton , Wighill and Myton.  The first Stapleton family was Norman but soon intermarried heavily with the Angles and Saxons.

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[i] Gwen Stapleton of Dublin , Ireland , now in Bunbury Western Australia