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Ralph Wallen

Ralph Wallen , b. ca. 1598-1603; m. before 1620; d. ca. 1633-34, Plymouth Colony; m. Joyce Unknown , d. after 1643.  They arrived at Plymouth Plantation aboard the Anne on 10 Jul 1623. 

Ralph  & Joyce Wallen  had four (4) children:

1.       Ann Wallen , b. after Nov 1620, Plymouth , Massachusetts
Jane Wallen , b. Plymouth , Massachusetts
Thomas Wallen , b. Plymouth , Massachusetts
Richard Wallen , b. Plymouth , Massachusetts

Thomas Wallen

3.  Thomas Wallen , son of Ralph & Joyce Wallen , b. 1627, Plymouth Colony; d. 19 Jul 1674, Providence, Rhode Island; m 1st spring 1651 to Mary Abbott , daughter of Daniel Abbott , b. 13 Dec 1629, Providence, Rhode Island; d. 1669, Providence, Rhode Island.  Thomas Wallen  m 2nd 19 Jun 1669 to Margaret White Colwell .

Thomas & Mary (Abbott) Wallen  had a son:

Thomas Wallen II

3.1.  Thomas Wallen II , son of Thomas  & Mary (Abbott) Wallen , b. 22 Oct 1662, Providence, Rhode Island; d. will proved 22 Oct 1724, Cohansey, Salem Co., New Jersey; m. 20 May 1695, Providence, Rhode Island to Sarah Elwell , daughter of Thomas  & Sarah (Bassett) Elwell , b. 24 Aug 1676, Gloucester, Massachusetts; d. 1724, Salem Co., New Jersey. 

Thomas  & Sarah (Elwell) Wallen  II had twelve (12) children:

3.1.1.         Thomas Wallen II I
James Wallen
William Wallen
Mr. Wallen
Mr. Wallen
Mr. Wallen
Mr. Wallen
Elisha Wallen  I, b. 26 Jul 1708, Salem Co., New Jersey; d. 1785, Henry Co., VA[i]; m. ca. 1730, Prince George Co., Maryland[ii] to Mary Blevins , daughter of William Blevins , b. 1710. 
Child Wallen
Child Wallen
Child Wallen
3.1.12.      Child Wallen

Elisha Wallen  I

3.1. 8.  Elisha Wallen I , son of Thomas & Sarah (Elwell) Wallen , b. 26 Jul 1708, Salem Co., New Jersey; d. 1785, Henry Co.,

VA[iii]; m. ca. 1730, Prince George Co., Maryland [iv] to Mary Blevins , daughter of Captain William Blevins  (the Longhunter) &

Agnes Bunch, b. 1710. 

On 27 Feb 1783, Elisha Wallen  is recorded as supplying one beef to the Continental Army.

Elisha  & Mary (Blevins) Wallen  had eight (8) children:    Thomas Wallen  IV, b. ca. 1731, Maryland ; d. ca. 1801, Lee Co., VA; m. Mary  Cox[v].   
Elisha Wallen Jr. (II) , b. 1732, Prince George Co., Maryland - LONGHUNTER; d. Jan 1814, Washington Co., Missouri.   
Elizabeth[vi] "Betsy" Wallen , b. ca. 1733; m. ca. 1750, probably in Lunenburg Co., VA to William Roberts [vii], b. ca. 1730   
Joseph Wallen , b. ca. 1735, Prince George Co., Maryland - LONGHUNTER; d. 1792, Kentucky .   
Sarah Wallen , b. ca. 1742; m. Clement Lee [viii]   
James Wallen , b. ca. 1746; m. Mary White[ix]??   
Margery Wallen, b. ca. 1748; m. Pittsylvania Co., VA to Isaac Rice [x].   
John Wallen , b. 27 Jul 1750, Lunenberg Co., VA; d. 22 Apr 1836, McMinn Co., Tennessee[xi]; m 1st to Frances Hale [xii]; m 2nd 18 Feb 1786, Lee Co., VA to Elizabeth Roberts [xiii]. 

The sons of Elisha Wallen I  were an adventurous lot.  Growing up on the frontier of Virginia they and others of like minds joined together for extended hunts.  These hunts lasted upwards of eighteen months in length, during which time they hunted and explored the land, which would later become the states of Tennessee and Kentucky .  They became known as longhunters due to these long excursions into the wilderness.  Once in the wilderness they would make a base camp from which hunt.  The groups separate into smaller groups of two or three men and went out to hunt over a large area. 

In 1761 they established a station camp at Wallen Creek.  Some of the men who participated in this hunt were Daniel Boone , William Car , Isaac Bledsoe , Jack Blevins , William Blevins , Michael Stone r , James Harrod , Elisha Wallen .

Elisha Wallen  Jr. (II)  Elisha Wallen Jr. (II) , son of Elisha  II & Mary (Blevins) Wallen , b. 1732, Prince George, Maryland; d. 1814, Washington Co., Missouri; m. Catherine Elizabeth Blevins , daughter of John Blevins , d. 1814, Washington Co., Missouri.

Once again in 1763 Elisha Wallen  led another group of hunters an expedition.  This time they made their way into the Cumberland and Ohio River basins .  In June 1769, a great party rendezvoused on the New River, eight miles from Fort Chiswell to hunt in Tennessee .  This was to be one of the last great hunts, although individual hunters would continue on alone or in smaller parties for years afterwards.

Elisha  & Catherine (Blevins) Wallen  had seven (7) children:     William B. Wallen , b. 1759[xiv]; d. 1850    
Catherine Wallen , b. 1776.    
Berryman Wallen , b. ca. 1770[xv]; d. before 1797.    
John Wallen , b. ca. 1780[xvi]; d. before 1852.    
Elizabeth Wallen , b. 1793; d. 1852    
Lucy Wallen , b. 1795    
Elisha Wallen III , b. 30 Nov 1795[xvii]; d. 1872; m. Mary Hughs [xviii].

Joseph Wallen  Joseph Wallen , son of Elisha , Jr. (II ) & Mary (Blevins) Wallen , b. ca. 1735, Prince George Co., Maryland; d. 1792, Kentucky[xix]; m. ca. 1767, Pittsylvania Co., VA[xx] to Millicent[xxi] (Mildred "Milly") Jones , daughter of Thomas  & Diana Jones , b. Feb 1750; d. 1820. 

Joseph  & Milly (Jones) Wallen  had eight (8) children:           Elizabeth Wallen , b. 2 Apr 1769, Pittsylvania Co., VA[xxii]; m. Littleton Brooks , son of Castleton Brooks  - Longhunter.          
James Carr Wallen , b. 18 Mar 1771, Montgomery Co., VA[xxiii]; d. 27 Oct 1845, Hawkins Co., TN; m. Mary Johnson .  Both are buried in the Wallen Cemetery .  James Carr Wallen was named for one of the longhunter of the same name.          
Nancy Wallen [xxiv], b. 29 May 1773[xxv]; m 1st 1790, Lee Co., VA[xxvi] to Elias Weddle [xxvii]; m 2nd 1814, Hawkins Co., VA[xxviii] to Elijah Curry [xxix].          
Rosamond Wallen [xxx], b. 2 Apr 1777[xxxi], Grayson Co., VA[xxxii]; d. Brown Co., Indiana[xxxiii]; m. 1796, Hawkins Co., TN[xxxiv] to Thomas Weddle [xxxv].     Susannah Wallen
[xxxvi], b. 11 Oct 1778, Grayson Co., VA[xxxvii]; d. 11 Jan 1841, Sparta, Tennessee[xxxviii]; m 1st 1794, Hawkins Co., TN[xxxix] to John Herd ; m 2nd 1807, Hawkins Co., TN[xl] to William Rogers ,  son of Doswell Rogers .  See Also Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Cowne, Gough and Associated Families, Vol. 2, page 385.          
Mary Wallen [xli], b. 12 Mar 1782 ; m. ca. 1798, Hawkins Co., TN[xlii] to Daniel Weddle [xliii]          
Morning Wallen [xliv], b. 29 Mar 1784, Hawkins Co., TN[xlv]; m. Stephen Wilburn .          
Thomas Wallen [xlvi], d. 1792, Kentucky [xlvii]

James Carr  Wallen  James Carr Wallen , son of Joseph & Millicent (Jones) Wallen b. 18 Mar 1771, Montgomery Co., VA[xlviii]; d. 27 Oct 1845, Hawkins Co., TN[xlix]; m. 3 Mar 1791, Hawkins Co., TN[l] to Mary Johnson , daughter of Moses & Sarah (unknown)  Johnson .  Both are buried in the Wallen Cemetery . 

James Carr Wallen  was named for one of the longhunter of the same name.

James Carr  & Mary (Johnson) Wallen  had eleven (11) children:      Nancy Wallen [li], b. 25 Nov 1791[lii]; m. 31 May 1812, Hawkins Co., TN[liii] to Thomas Lawson [liv]     
Elizabeth Wallen [lv], b. 1 Jun 1793, Hawkins Co., TN[lvi]; d. 1852, Hancock Co., TN; m. 10 Oct 1810, Hawkins Co., TN[lvii] to William Baker .  See also Window Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Cowne, Gough & Associated Families, Vol. 2, p. 354.     
John J. Wallen [lviii], b. 30 Dec 1794, Hawkins Co., TN ; d. Missouri ; m. 7 Mar 1813, Hawkins Co., TN  to Elizabeth Wallen [lix].     
Millicent Wallen [lx], b. 4 Jan 1797[lxi]; m. 12 Dec 1816[lxii] to Abraham Bledsoe [lxiii], son of Thomas Bledsoe  - LONGHUNTER.     
Joseph Wallen [lxiv], b. 26 Sept 1798, Hawkins Co., TN[lxv]; d. 2 Mar 1852, Barry Co., Missouri[lxvi]; m. 16 Dec 1819[lxvii] to Elender Nellie Baker [lxviii].     
Susannah Wallen [lxix],, b. 8 Jan 1804, Hawkins Co., TN[lxx]; d. 1875[lxxi].     
James F. Wallen [lxxii], b. 1809, Hawkins Co., TN[lxxiii]; d. 1864, Hancock Co., TN[lxxiv]     
Henry Wallen [lxxv], b. ca. 1811[lxxvi].     
Hannah Wallen [lxxvii], b. ca. 1813[lxxviii]  
William J. Wallen [lxxix], b. 14 Jul 1816, Hawkins Co., TN[lxxx]; d. 7 Sept 1886[lxxxi].  
Jesse Wallen [lxxxii], b. 24 Nov 1819, Hawkins Co., TN[lxxxiii]; m. 19 Feb 1843, White Co., TN[lxxxiv] to Susan Roberts [lxxxv].

Susannah Wallen  Susannah Wallen [lxxxvi], daughter of James Carr & Mary (Johnson) Wallen , b. 8 Jan 1804, Hawkins Co., TN[lxxxvii]; d. 1875[lxxxviii]; m. 27 May 1825[lxxxix] to John Simpson Baker [xc], son of Wiliam  & Melissa (Wallen) Baker .

John S . & Susannah (Wallen) Baker  had eleven (11) children:      William Baker [xci], b. 17 Jan 1826[xcii].     
James Baker , b. Sept. 1827[xciii].  Eldest. The age difference between he and his younger brother Noah , would be enough so that one might think that James was his father.  He was known as one-armed Jim .  He was shot 41 times in the head as punishment for a murder that he did not commit. His brother, Noah, sought out the true killers and punished them justly for their actions[xciv].     
Elizabeth Baker [xcv], b. 31 May 1829[xcvi].     
John Elijah Baker , b. 22 Apr 1831[xcvii], TN.     
Susannah[xcviii] "Susan" Baker, b. 10 Apr 1833[xcix], TN     
Nancy Baker , b. 13 Sept. 1835[c], TN      Wallen W. Baker , b. 9 Sept 1837[ci], TN.     
Ely Baker , b. 25 Oct 1839[cii], TN     
Manily[ciii] "Melina" Baker, b. 2 Feb[civ] 1842, TN  
Mary Baker , b. 2 Apr[cv] 1844, TN  
Noah Testerman Baker [cvi], b. 19 Oct 1846[cvii], TN[cviii]; d. 1905, Pineville, Kentucky[cix]; m. 1867[cx], Pulaski Co., TN[cxi] to Lucy Gibson [cxii], d. during a gunfight in which their home was riddled with bullets, Hancock Co., TN[cxiii].

James F. Wallen  James F. Wallen [cxiv], son of James Carr  & Mary (Johnson) Wallen , b. 1809, Hawkins Co., TN[cxv]; d. 1864, Hancock Co., TN[cxvi]; m. 5 Apr 1832, Hawkins Co., TN[cxvii] to Margaret Robinson [cxviii].  He may have m. to 2nd to Susannah (Shue/Shoe) Rogers ,  widow of Joseph Rogers [cxix].

James F.  & Margaret (Robinson) Wallen  had two (2) children:    Hannah Wallen , b. 1852, Hancock Co., TN; d. Mar 1912, Hancock Co., TN; m. ca. 1873, Hancock Co., TN to John Wesley Fannon [cxx].   
Alfred Wallen , b. 1843; d. 1912.  He had issue[cxxi]. 

William J. Wallen  William J. Wallen [cxxii], son of James Carr  & Mary (Johnson) Wallen , b. 14 Jul 1816, Hawkins Co., TN[cxxiii]; d. 7 Sept 1886[cxxiv]; m. 9 Jun 1836 to June Banks .

William went by the nickname of "Big Sandy" [cxxv].   He was a farmer, blacksmith, and preacher[cxxvi].  He served in both the Union and Confederate Armies during the Civil War[cxxvii]. 

Wiliam J.  & June (Banks) Wallen  had a son:    Joseph B. Wallen , b. 18 Feb 1840[cxxviii]; d. 12 Aug 1912[cxxix]; m 1st to Susan Baker ; m 2nd aft. 1868 to Eliza Tignor .

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Navada Heflin (jrheflin@erols.com) - 2/1999; 6/5/2001 according to notes that I have received that were produced by Deena Thompson, 1481 W. Gail dr. Chandler, Arizona 85224 – she states that according to family tradition William Roberts  was a longhunter, although his name has yet to be found on a list of hunters.  Upon further reading of notes – it is thought that the William Roberts who m. Elizabeth  Wallings is also the same William Roberts who m. Catherine Rogers .
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Navada Heflin (jrheflin@erols.com) - 2/1999