Appendix A


Kilgore Notes

William "le Hardi" , Lord of Douglas [i]

William "le Hardi" , third from his namesake William de Duglas , was a prominent baron at the time of William Wallace . He is most notable for being the first Lord to join Wallace in his revolt against English rule. Ronald McNair Scott , in his book "Robert the Bruce : King of Scots", writes about William "le Hardi's" eager alliance with Wallace,

"The gesture of Sir William ( Douglas )  was typical of the man. Crusader, warrior, egoist, he had gone his own throughout life with very little regard for anyone else. He had flouted the guardians of the interregnum and insulted the authority of King Edward  by abducting and forcibly marrying Eleanor de Ferrers , an English widow, while she was staying with relatives in Scotland ."

He was captured by the English and executed. He had three sons; Sir James "The Good" , Hugh "The Dull" , and Archibald , who became the first Regent of Scotland.  

[i] Clan Douglas Society of North America, Ltd.